Zheng Kai, Huang Ren De lead drama version of The Left Ear

In light of the drama version news, I finally sat down to watch Alec Su‘s directorial debut of the movie adaptation and I’m left emotionally unmoved. The plot moved so quickly without a moment for the characters to breathe and for repercussions to sting, leaving me without a connection to the characters. It didn’t help that the characters were pretty unlikable. Lol. I think a drama version would’ve been better road to take. The Left Ear is a Chinese novel about teenage love and regrets written by Rao Xue Man. Our heroine, Li Er, is a 17-year old high-school student with a deaf left ear. She has a crush on the top kid at school and befriends a rebellious bar girl of the same age. Her world takes a turn when the said bar girl is tasked by the boy’s half brother to ruin him. The bar girl accomplishes her mission but at a great price.

Let’s meet the drama cast!

Mi Mi as our female lead, Li Er. A total new face. She’s a graduate from the music school, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, in China.

 photo Ear 13.jpg

Male lead Zhang Yang is played by Zheng Kai 2 (I added 2 because we have Run Brother‘s Ryan Zheng Kai as well). He’s not a new face and you might remember him as the hot general in Ruby Lin’s Qing Shi Huang Fei and recently in Huang Xiao Ming’s My Sunshine movie. A hottie indeed. 😉

 photo Ear 12.jpg

 photo Ear 10.jpg

Ma Yin Yin as the second female lead, Li Ba La, aka bar girl. She’s new but not unrecognizable. If you follow music shows, she’s one of the top contestants in The Voice Of China this season. Listen to one of her song rendition below.

 photo Ear 11.jpg

 photo Ear 9.jpg

Huang Ren De (The Four Horsemen) as the second male lead, Xu Yi, whose life is ruined by the bar girl. The role was played by Yang Yang in the movie.

 photo Ear 2.jpg

 photo Ear 1.jpg

Zhou You as You Ta, female lead’s protective cousin.

 photo Ear 3.jpg

Amelie Xu Ling Yue as Jiang Jiao, the girl who provides money flow to our poor hero and acts like a possessive girlfriend. Amelie participated in 2012’s 61st Miss Universe China and was a runner-up. She is really pretty, with a nice smile.

 photo Ear 8.jpg

 photo Ear 7.jpg

Irena Liu Yu Jia as a popular idol singer.

 photo Ear 14.jpg

 photo Ear 15.jpg

Promo Posters.

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 photo Ear 5.jpg

 photo Ear 4.jpg

Booting ceremony held today to introduce the cast and production team.

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 photo Ear 17.jpg

 photo Ear 21.jpg

Are we doing synchronized crossing of the legs?

 photo Ear 26.jpg

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 photo Ear 25.jpg

 photo Ear 22.jpg

 photo Ear 24.jpg

 photo Ear 23.jpg

Produced by Ciwen Media (The Journey of Flower, Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate Love), The Left Ear drama is directed by Chen Hui Ling (Autumn’s Concerto, Le Jun Kai) and edited by the novel writer, Rao Xue Man.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Zheng Kai, Huang Ren De lead drama version of The Left Ear

    I was also quite disappointed with the Left Ear, particularly because I had been so looking forward to it. It was disjointed and unmemorable. However, I really like Sandra Ma’s portrayal of Ba La, and I think she and Yang Yang were the best parts of the movie. (Sandra was also praised by the critics)

    I’m feeling lukewarm towards the drama adaptation. Ba La is a complex character, and I’m not sure a newcomer will be able to pull it off. I’m curious, though, if the drama will expand the cousin’s role. He barely says anything in the movie!

    • 4 thoughts on “Zheng Kai, Huang Ren De lead drama version of The Left Ear

      Sadly, only Sandra’s performance stood out. I blame the script for making everyone unlikable. Yang Yang’s character kinda disappeared and then reappear; I didn’t like his character very much either.

      I’m surprised at the bold move of picking mostly new faces but that’s good news as well – we can’t have the same people starring in novel-to-drama adaptations. Giving new people a chance is always risky but refreshing! And you’ll never know the talents you might get! ^_^

  2. 4 thoughts on “Zheng Kai, Huang Ren De lead drama version of The Left Ear

    I’m with you ladies, the movie was god awful. I was looking forward to it for the longest time and got disappointed terribly. The directing wasn’t even special and Alec got so many friends to promote it too. Sigh.

    A lot of new faces in the drama version! I only recognize Huang Ren De, an okay actor. The ladies look pretty though!

    • 4 thoughts on “Zheng Kai, Huang Ren De lead drama version of The Left Ear

      Alec got his friends working hard for sure. Lol.

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