Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

Nope, I don’t know what’s going on here! Lol.

We Are In Love Episode 8:

  • Ruby X Ren Zhong Segment: They have a date with the dolphins. You know I like sea animals…FROM AFAR. No way would I jump in a pool with one. LOL. Ruby side-eying the dolphin. HA. I would be screaming bloody hell if I saw any shape of fin coming out of the water. Hehe.
  • Ren Zhong takes this opportunity to show off his manly side with a water ride on Mr. Dolphin. He finally found something that Ruby is afraid of! When she does the same, he holds onto her tiny waist….hahaha OMG. Him swallowing his saliva! You pervert! 😀 Cutest part is when he puckers his lips and asks for a kiss too and Ruby blows him one. Why are they so cute?
  • Afterwards, he blindfolds her with a hello kitty blind and takes her to Hello Kitty Island. I kid you not, I didn’t even know a Hello Kitty Hotel exists until last episode! I don’t get the charm of HK but many girls do so good for them. Lol. Miss Hello Kitty be sitting at home and counting the ching-ching he earns from boyfriends. XD
  • Uh Oh…they stumble upon the toy machine and I foresee hours of money down the drain. After I don’t know how many bills, he successfully picks one up. 🙂 Then Ren Zhong disappears in the theater and the film rolls the behind-the-scenes of him preparing the room for her last week and Ruby watches with a small smile.
  • The the screen splits in half and in comes a huge Hello Kitty stuff animal waving at her. Of course, it’s controlled by Ren Zhong. Awww, did he ask whether she likes Ren Zhong? She says I do and steps onstage to thank him. Brimming with emotions, he bends down to kiss her on the forehead.
  • Liu Wen XSiwon Segment (ENG SUB HERE): I think after a month away from this couple, I can come back fresh. Continuing from last week, our model couple try on Korean wedding outfits and some time after shooting, Liu Wen falls sick. Siwon describes her feeling dizzy and even throwing up! So they stop filming and she’s able to spend a night at the ER. Aw. Poor girl!
  • No worries, Oppa can visit and bring her good food! Wait, cross that out, he brings a cactus? Plants are always needed for fresh air. Lol. Liu Wen is embarrassed to face Siwon because he saw her at her worst – stumbling sick and helpless. She asks him, “Was I ugly yesterday?” Siwon doesn’t understand and she says it in her best grumpy voice in ENGLISH: “UGLY…??” LOL! Girl, how could anyone look at you and use the word ugly?
  • He tells her his dad was also worried about her. Aww Papa Choi. Siwon: “Oppa, good man!” haha She knows Siwon, she knows. She can’t stop grinning when you’re around!
  • Siwon plays doctor and tells her to take care and don’t fall sick. After she drinks from a bottle, Siwon also tries to drink from the same bottle, to her dismay, because she’s sick. He says its not a cold and takes a sip. EWWWW! You nasty. Lol.
  • Then Siwon pulls her closer to him and she decides to nap on this manly thigh.
  • Next date: visiting a Korean High School. When Siwon confesses that he was in a mix school, Liu Wen teases that many girls must have fallen for him. It’s a secret he won’t tell. They get a mission card to change into school uniforms. I swear Koreans have an obsession with couples in school uniforms!
  • DANG THESE TWO. PROM QUEEN AND KING. Look so good. Suddenly, we have guests! It’s Henry and Yewon from the Korean We Got Married. The young couple put on their best poker faces to chide the older couple for arriving late to class but Siwon ain’t having any of it, grabbing a ruler quickly to show them who’s boss. HA! It’s basically Henry trying to play devil and provoking the couple, but they aren’t easy and don’t fall for the tricks. It becomes a game of making a fool out of Henry instead. heh.
  • XuLu x Kimi Segment (ENG SUB HERE): The theme for our youngest couple is not very different. Dressed in their school uniform, they revisit the innocent days of college.
  • He drives her around campus on a bike, they wave outside of classrooms to interrupt students, before secretly entering one classroom to wreak havoc on the next generation of talents. =D The man is his old professor and they share a hug.
  • They visit a construction class? Xu Lu looks suscious and wary of her boyfriend playing around with sharp objects. Kimi takes this chance and climbs behind her to hug her close while they create bouncy wires together. Like the scene from Ghost.
  • While I’m not smitten by this couple, Xu Lu always surprises me of her receptive attitude towards Kimi’s flamboyant nature.
  • Next, they climb on a boat for a romantic ride. Not much excitement from this couple this week.

Run Brother Episode 10:

  • Run Brother this week has Wallace Chung, Boran Jing, and Bai Bai He as guests. They are in the same movie, Monster Hunt.
  • In the morning, they each step out to the themesong of Wong Fei Hung. Is that Yang Mi’s purple costume from Legend of the Ancient Sword on Bao Bei Er? LOL! Princess Wallace doesn’t like the sun very much. Ha!
  • First game is the three-legged jog along the Great Wall of China. What a crazy combination it is to have Wong Cho Lam, Jerry, and Deng Chao on the same team. I don’t think his feet touch the ground at all. XD
  • Second game: Catching as much water as possible with a bowl tied to your stomach. This is not the game to win, it’s the game to tease everyone. Deng Chan and Jerry try to bribe the water blower man, calling him Oppa and saying I love yous. He doesn’t relent one bit. When it’s Wallace and Boran’s turn, it’s such an image transformation. What kind of pose is that Wallace!!? Then he grabs errrr his….errr…extra clothes to prevent his pants from falling off. Gosh!
  • Don’t understand much of the last game, but the intense nametag battle between Wallace and Cho Lam is worth the watch. Cho Lam is so close to winning. Poor lad.
  • Boran is the one to look out for because he’s fierce and fast! He beats Ryan in a short battle.
  • Last battle between the two teams: Boran, Bai Bai, and Wallace VS Jerry, Deng Chao, and Angela. INTENSE! Boran rips Jerry’s nametag!! WHAT! But Angela reads a card she obtained and is able to bring him back. Boran screams his lungs out. HAHAH. A few seconds later, Jerry removes Wallace out of the game and oblivious Deng Chao gets outed easily by Boran who is hiding behind him. Epic.
  • Now it’s a one-on-one battle with Jerry Vs Boran round 2 and Bai Bai VS Angela. Jerry wins but his time back is also completed. The ladies are fighting hard, inserting random laughs in between breaths. Angela wins but Bai Bai has a trick up her sleeves, she has the mirror reflection under her nametag! Or something like that. Angela can only gape…
  • Next week, we have Tang Yan and Ada Liu Yan as guests!
  1. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Tbh as big of a fan of Ruby and Ren, I’m getting a little tired of the Hello Kitty theme that all their dates revolve around, lol. I’m still surprised that Ruby squeals like a little girl seeing Hello Kitty. It’s so girly and so far her personality doesn’t seem like the super girly type. Although she did reveal that she likes Hello Kitty so much because she doesn’t have a mouth, so she gives Ruby the feeling that she’s a really good listener. So when Ruby was younger, she liked to tell HK a bunch of different things. So that was pretty cute. Another reason I can’t wait for them to go to Taiwan is that then it’ll be Ruby planning the dates and bringing Ren around. Seems likes it’s always been Ren trying to make Ruby happy so far. We barely know anything about what Ren likes and doesn’t like!

    Liu Wen and Siwon seemed more genuine to me this week. The part with Henry seemed dry and awkward to me though, I cringed through most of it, haha. And I’m a little surprised because I thought Henry’s Chinese was a bit more fluent.

    • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

      I’m thinking he might have a Hello Kitty Planet hidden somewhere and that would be their last date with the kitty. Lol. On a serious note, thanks for the tidbit about Ruby’s affection towards Hello Kitty. That’s a good reason. Like a habit that you can’t get out of.

      Looking forward to Ruby planning the dates!

  2. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    I have a confession, I squealed when I saw RZ puppeteering that giant Princess Hello Kitty. Someone gave me a giant pink gorilla but nothing as more adorable as HK. I have a gap to fulfill just like Ruby so I can relate, this happens when you’re forced to mature before your time. You go back reliving a part of your childhood to fill that void in your adulthood. At least she’s not obsessed like one of her BFFs who decorate her house pink with Sanrio stuff just like that hotel floor. I’m surprised Jeju Island has a Hello Kitty Museum. I know they have a teddy bear museum from watching Goong however this is new to me.

    I can’t wait till RxR goes to TW too. Isn’t RZ from TW though? I don’t recall which episode but he said so himself he’s from there.

    It was a total waste of time seeing Henry x Yewon try to provoke Dimples Couple. C’mon, Henry is Siwon’s junior at SME, even I wouldn’t take that crap from my lower classman. I was laughing all the time watching Henry struggle with his Mandarin. Like that saying, “use it or lose it”. That’s what happens when you live too long in SK not practicing your Chinese, Henry. He seems to be stuck speaking Hangul in all his recordings and English with his buddy, Amber. This episode was all about Siwon proving his manhood. A bit boring for me because the show edit so much of it out, probaby for Liu Wen’s sake and reserving her reputation. I just couldn’t connect with this couple like before.

    And Kimi x Xu Lu couple were even more boring. I keep cringing when I see Xu Lu in short skirts sitting down without something to cover over her thighs. That other episode when she was wearing a denim skirt in her hotel room was horrible. I saw her panties showing; I didn’t like that episode at all.

    The Non-Celeb Couple was simply a sad event. It was nice to see the guy show his girl around his workplace, however the guy lacked so much as a man-friend. No wonder why those are called ‘boyfriends’. I was fine when the GF had to take the first two photos for those grads, after that it was too much. The BF needed to step up and say enough is enough using his woman, that he shoulda ordered the other kids to take over the camera. Then again, from all her kind tolerance of the kids teasing she got to finally wear a cap and gown to fulfill one of her wishes. No pain, no gain. They should be holding hands by the end of this episode, however the guy, again, lack the confidence to complete the task. He didn’t even acknowledge her as his GF introducing her to his students. WTH! Someone needs to sit him down and remind him how this show is catered. This show offers an advanced placement for a romantic relationship. This couple needs to get with the program. Darn frustrating, and yet I can see some similarities here with this couple vs RxR couple. It took a few episodes for RZ to earn Ruby’s trust to hold her hand so… oh well, if the guy is suppose to be an ordinary version of RZ then I should keep my cool and be more tolerable.

    • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

      Giant gorilla! Lol.

      Yea, I’m not sure why they need to be provoked since they are the “cool” type of couple, we need one couple more mature to tease them. Felt like a filler!

      I didn’t watch the non-celebrity. Out of time. Need more sleep to cover up these panda eyes!

    • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

      Really? I don’t remember anywhere where Ren Zhong said he’s from Taiwan. His accent doesn’t really sound like he’s from there. I only remember Ruby saying how they should show each around their hometowns, and she was excited to show him around Taipei.

      Yeah, the part with Henry, it was just a cycle of Henry trying to embarrass Siwon and Siwon intimidating Henry. It was fun maybe the first time, but they just kept recycling it. Then you had Yewon and Liu Wen awkardly off to the side either a) not fluent in Chinese, or b) not knowing quite what to do. I get their whole sunbae/hoobae culture, but personally I like how it’s not quite as big a deal in Chinese culture.

      And I haven’t watched Xu Lu/Kimi segments for the last 2 episodes, lol. Haven’t checked out the non-celebrity couple yet either..

  3. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Hola Kaptain A: I am losing words to write upon reading all your posts here. Our group here must admit that for each episode, we only saw the segment for Ren and Ruby.
    Hello Kitty is our favourite . . . that even the 30 year old daughter of our friend started collecting of anything about Hello Kitty . . . So adorable collections! It makes you a young girl again – back to those days of innocence and many dreams .
    That Ren kissing the forehead of Ruby is one cute scene . . Ren now earned the trust of Ruby .. what a long process to do so . . Researching Ren, I read that he had a Taiwanese affinity but grew up in China . .
    Can’ wait for their coming to Taiwan . . .

    • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

      Oooh, that might be it about Ren. That sounds vaguely familiar.

      I’m not a particularly big fan of hello kitty, but I remember collecting these 7/11 hello kitty magnets one summer visiting Taiwan.

  4. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Funny thing is one of the ruby’s Nickname is “Dolphin”.
    THx for summary my favorite show We are In Love 🙂

  5. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Thanks for the recaps. Sure helped me to catch up on what happened in the 2 months I was away! So… what are the dramas everyone is waiting on at the moment?

    • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

      Starting a wall of text Aryael!? Too many to list. It’s never-ending. Knowing me I can only focus on a few dramas (uploading-wise).

      Destined to Love You is already at episode 15 or so this week. Journey of Flower has my attention because of Zhao Li Ying and her harem. If you like dark and eerie places, fans are joining Li Yi Feng‘s tomb-raiding adventures in The Lost Tomb too. Many are looking forward to Taekwondo Girl and Tang Yan‘s Diamond Lover in two weeks.

      Take your pick, at least one will capture your attention! Need help? There’s the handy-dandy list of Premiering dramas at your fingertips.

      • 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

        Thanks Kap! 😉

  6. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    I totally squealed when I saw those Hello Kitty things in the past 3 episodes. I confess I am a huge Hello Kitty fan, I had pretty much the same reaction as Ruby when I went to Puroland to meet Hello Kitty last year. My mom always told me I’ll grow out of it but I am 27 now and still haven’t changed. Lol
    Watching Henry speak Chinese is so funny, Liu Wen has to constantly correct him.

    What part of the Great Wall were they on ? There was no tourists there !
    My favorite part of this episode was when Wallace was asked “why do people call you Xiao Wa?” His answer was “because when people see me they go Waaaa(wow).” Is that really the reason? That’s pretty funny.

  7. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Run Brother has easily become the top variety show in China with its success in rating, so many A-listers go on the show to promote their projects.

  8. 14 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 8, 10]

    Apparently, this ep of “Run, brother” featuring Wallace Chung is the show’s highest rating yet in it’s entire airing ep. Now after looking at that picture of Wallace, I understand why.

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