Official Promos gear up for China’s We Are In Love Season 2

It’s been two months and yet my heart and brain still can’t wrap a grip around the happening that is We Are In Love Season 2 with three confirmed couples: Bolin Chen X Song Ji Hyo, Zhou Dong Yu x Shawn Yue, and Wei Da Xun x Li Qin. The only salvation for me is to let you guys follow and watch it. Lol.

Thank-you for suffering in my stead! Premiering in just a few days 2/28/16.

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We Are In Love Season 2 confirms Bolin Chen and Song Ji Hyo

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! How many more sad news must I take? I better go off grid and not read any news today. It’s just not my day. Korean news sites have confirmed one of the first couples for Season 2 of We Are In Love (Chinese Version of We Got Married). And it’s none other than Korean actress Song Ji Hyo and Taiwanese Actor Bolin Chen. I should stop falling for variety show couples…. they never end well for my heart. T____T Gary, what are we gonna do with chu? I know.. I know…

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Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 9, 11]

I watched these two shows in the middle of the night so forgive if I don’t recall all the details. It’s a hectic week!

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Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 7, 9]

Keane here. You thought you saw the last of me in Chat Station Episode 5? Muahahaha~

Finally, We Are In Love returns to schedule, loaded with a sound stage catered for a discussion panel with a hostess, two professional relationship counselors, and a hand full of bachelors and bachelorettes ready for love. Are you ready? TO PANEL, OR NOT TO PANEL? Keepers or Not? Let’s find out.

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