Our Ten Years has a premiere date and first trailer

Refreshing your mind, Our Ten Years or Days of Our Own is a campus film featuring the hot young stars of Zhao Li Ying, Gui Gui, and Kimi Qiao in an epic love triangle. I knew it! Girl crush against girl crush. What to do? Who to ship? Can I ship the best friends instead? ‘Cause any boy who comes between a pair of friends are gonna get side-eyed by me!

Our Ten Years follows the most beautiful time of youth (what film isn’t?) in the time of college and fluttering hormones. Zhao Li Ying plays a tomboy, Kimi plays a science guy with a few words, and Gui Gui is the piano goddess on campus.


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You player!!

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  • That is one intense kissing scene between Gui Gui and Kimi. To think they were King and a maid in Female Prime Minister a few years ago. hehe.
  • Directing are Joe Ma (Sweet Summer Love, The Lion Roars 2, Feel 100%) and Liu Hai. Our Ten Years premieres in theaters on August 7th this summer.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Our Ten Years has a premiere date and first trailer

    Wonder if zlys tomboy portrayal in here will different from than her performance in the new one with Zhang han. Gui Gui is the third leg and wow that kiss is quite intimate. Xu Lu should watch it! Lol

  2. 2 thoughts on “Our Ten Years has a premiere date and first trailer

    as you said, ship your two girl crushes with each other!

    wow, zhao li ying is super cute with her short tomboy hair.

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