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I wish I could be more consistent with this feature but life gets in the way. Maybe other members would like to lend their music choices. Time to meet new musicians that might have a spot in your playlist. Share your recent favorites and open up your heart to other talents. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hebe Tian – Insignificance. Gorgeous, breath-taking music video. The song benefits from the scenery. I wonder if she was freezing while filming this mv because she only had on some long bird feathers and that’s it.

Show Luo – Lion Roars. That is one huge bird cage to house a catty Show. Don’t know how I feel about the concept but G-Dragon would fit right in….

Anthony Neely – I’m Yours. Awww. I’m smiling like an idiot at Anthony being hung on a hangar, waiting to be picked up by his girl. He’s so cute.

Arashi – Paradox. I’m dying. Nino’s butt shake slays all. Jun’s stylist needs to give some hair gel to Aiba, he looks so normal for the performance. Sho’s hair is too long. The crab-gliding-across-the-stage looks funny to me because Jun is in the center and he’s so skinny.

Mayday & Flumpool – Belief. A collaboration between Taiwanese band, Mayday, and Japanese rock band, Flumpool. Another beautiful mv.

Seven Sense – Five Tone Scale. A cute mv. Always like their mixture of modern beats with traditional elements. Doremisolla la solasola.

Kana Nishino – Sayonara. Stumbled upon her live performance on youtube. The girl can sing and she sounds very good. Her latest single is Sayonara (Goodbye). The piano version by this youtuber makes me wanna cry. She plays it beautifully.

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years. This song is from the winning soundtrack of CW’s latest hit show, Reign. I can’t believe I’m falling head over heels for this teenybopper show. I’m ashamed to admit that I marathoned the first five episodes just last night. The story revolves around the young Queen of Scotland, Mary, and her engagement days with the future King of France, Francis. They were engaged since the age of 6 but were separated because her life was threatened by England and she needed to be protected in a faraway convent. And unlike a certain drama heroine, our 15-year old Queen is sharp and brave when she returns to France, ready to wed Prince Francis. However, young Francis has other ladies waiting to serve him. In arrives the third leg of our love triangle, Francis’ half brother, Sebastian, the King’s bastard son. He who has gorgeous eyes finds the dog for Mary in episode 1 right after her krappy day with assy Francis and hurtful words from her friends (ladies-in-waiting). To make matters worst, Mary’s future mother-in-law, Queen Catherine, will do anything to stop their marriage, thanks to the future vision of her trusted seer, Nostradamus. He sees that Mary’s marriage to Francis will cost him his life.

Well, if you know anything about history. King Francis II did die a few years after marrying Queen of Scotland. A word of warning, this show is far away from historical accuracy. So if you don’t let those elements (clothes, behavior, etc) bother you, I believe you’ll enjoy its modern take on the ups and downs of our OTP. It’s fast-paced and quite passionate. It knows that it’s not the Game of Thrones and never tries to be.

The best thing about this show? The luminous soundtrack. If I could, I would eat up all the music pieces. Stunning. 2nd best thing? Our heroine. I freakin love her so MUCH. She’s awesome, way better than the drama heroines we have been seeing in dramaland (ahum). This girl will not take your crap and dare to say to the future King of France that “Respect goes both ways, I’ll not be like your mom!” BURNNNN. You got my heart girl.

Two other songs from Reign.

The Lumineers – Scotland. A great band. Lovely song.

Alpines – Empire. This song has been on repeat. It’s perfect for this show.

Have I convinced you to watch this teenybopper with me? ๐Ÿ˜›

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    Loved the Belief song and vid.. and yeah, Nino’s butt shake was a nice touch.. hehe..

  2. 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

    okay…i think you kinda convinced me to give reign, aka teenybopper show a try. i usually don’t watch CW shows, only nikita! =DDDD

    but what the heck is show’s mv about? LOL@gdragon comment. he would fit right in. colorful and weird. i rarely like his mvs. he’s just cute to watch on shows.

    one last comment: anthony can hangout in my closet ANY DAY. PERIOD. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

    I love Reign too!
    I am so glad that I found someone with similar interest that also fell for Reign.

  4. 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

    oozzeee, I don’t understand the lyrics so the butt shake was random. And yet…I can’t stop replaying it… haha!


    Daeci, hey there! Glad to see a partner in crime for Reign!! I think it’s doing pretty well in modernizing the story. The stakes are high and feelings are developing at rapid speed. Heck, I even ship the kitchen boy with Lola (is that her name?) He’s so cute being cheeky about her dress in episode 5. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

    Whoa…! I am watching Reign too! Aside from Ravenswood, Heirs,MHIYD(some other dramas)…Haha, what pleasant surprise Kappy is also watching it too <3

    • 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

      I have stopped watching all the Korean dramas atm. Need something different and Reign serves this purpose. There’s something nice about seeing kisses being…real kisses (ahum!) ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. 7 thoughts on “Music Videos of The Week 2

    I obviously have not checked AVV very much. ><

    Yay for Paradox making the list! :DD And flumpool! Didnt know you've started listening to flumpool too! Have you heard OAOA? Originally Mayday's, but flumpool changed the lyrics to Japanese and tweaked it a little. I love their version! There's no PV of it, but there are live performances of them performing that song floating around.

    An artist you might like to check out is Ieiri Leo. She's quite new, but she's pretty good. Composes her new songs and all, and I like them quite very much. A couple other bands I've gotten into this year are Sekai no Owari, SPYAIR, and you might like to check out Yuzu and Ikimonogakari too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Nishino Kana, the first song I heard of hers is because it was the opening song for Nino's drama. ๐Ÿ˜› Downloaded an album of her afterwards, but her all songs started sounding similar so I stopped listening to her. She's still remained pretty popular though.

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