Music Videos of The Week 2

I wish I could be more consistent with this feature but life gets in the way. Maybe other members would like to lend their music choices. Time to meet new musicians that might have a spot in your playlist. Share your recent favorites and open up your heart to other talents. 🙂

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Cast of ‘Osozaki no Himawari’ on VS Arashi Episode 196

Someone’s on Toma’s lap and he’s lookin too happy.

YADA! All (if not most) of my favorite Jboys together in one place! For those who don’t know, VS Arashi is a variety show hosted by Arashi, a Japanese boyband, and every week they compete in various games with actors and comedians. This is the first Japanese variety show that I’ve watched more than 5 episodes, thanks to drug dealer XY. 😛

This week, we have the castmates of drama Osozaki no Himawari competing against Arashi. It’s a tough battle because they challenge the boys at every turn. Knowing me, I cannot spazz by myself, so am spreading the virus to local drifters. Hop on if you’re interested!

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