Running Man: Episode 172 “Suspicious Big Bear…”

Is there a rule somewhere that the bigger the man, the softer he is? Or maybe it’s because of his crush? Yea. That’s the answer. After one year (really?!! A year really flashed by…), the big teddy bear joins Running Man again. They love him enough to do a 3-episode special, and this is the second part. Exo boys also have a cameo part in the nametag game. Exo’s fans, forgive me, as I no longer follow Kpop so their names escape me (Boy 1, Boy 2, it is. Seriously, 11 boys?!! Oh SM…) The nation’s first love also comes to visit, playing and laughing along with the PD’s matchmaking skills.

Continuing from last episode, 2 EXO boys lure our Yoo Jae Suk into the elevator, thinking that they could hold him off for 15 seconds before the switch. Now, either they don’t watch RM or they underestimated Yoo Bond’s agility and strength. He’s one of the stronger RIPPERS in the RM family. See the muscles on his arm?

 photo RM172-1.jpg

EXO boys become offense once again and eliminate Impala and KwangSoo. Not sure why Gwang Soo runs into a store because I truly believe that his 8-foot long legs can outrun the teen boys easily. You doofus, Giraffe!

A contrasting image, no? 2 of EXO for 1 RM member vs Jae Suk taking down two EXO members. Experience is key!

 photo RM172-3.jpg

And how cute are these two EXO boys snapping a shot with Gwang Soo after tearing off his nametag?

 photo RM172-4.jpg

Jaesuk is the man today ain’t he? Eliminating one in the pottery store (who has been his fan since X-man days!) and another one in snack cafe (lol, the kid basically alerts JS to his location by closing the door when he’s standing right outside. Babo. xD)

 photo RM172-5.jpg

haha, you’re not in a horror segment, little one.

 photo RM172-6.jpg

One of the Exo boys tries to trespass HAHA’s grip but his nametag is ripped even before he touches the ground. Then Haha eliminates another boy in the locker room. Am I the only one grinning like an idiot at the lightning reflexes of our Ripper Family?

 photo RM172-7.jpg

 photo RM172-8.jpg

The last Exo boys positively says to the cameraman that he could take down Jae Suk and Ji Hyo if he makes it to the next round. heh. These baby kids think too far ahead. 😛

 photo RM172-9.jpg

But he’s found by Ji Hyo and she immediately calls for Jae Suk, who runs around trying to catch the smiley boy. Ji Hyo guards the door but can’t watch this merry-go-around any longer and reaches out to grab his sweater. He goes down quite simply.

 photo RM172-10.jpg

Next Morning, our Big Teddy Bear, Ryu Hyun Jin, makes his entrance after one year. It’s funny how he’s a softie when it comes to the ladies and picks Ji Hyo as his first team mate! YAY!! Usually, the guys rarely pick our Ace so I’m happy for her! Then he neck-grabs Sparta as his last choice, leaving Jae Suk complaining and being thrown to the side by Sparta. hehe.

 photo RM172-11.jpg

 photo RM172-12.jpg

 photo RM172-13.jpg

Gary finally gets to open A door. Poor our #1 Lover boy.

 photo RM172-14.jpg

But he and Jae Suk’s last member is none other than the Nation’s first love, Suzy! Listen carefully to Ryu Hyu Jin’s soft and gentle voice when he greets her. It’s adorable he’s a BIG FANBOY! Turns out he listed her as his ideal type (or is this conveniently made up?) Now we know why the PD invited Suzy specifically for his special RM episodes. I know people are complaining about her multiple guestings on the show but as the PD has said, she’s basically family now (8th member, I quote.) Like Yong Hwa. And the whole family adores watching her grow up every time she comes on. Are there other female idols? Yes, of course. But it’s Suzy they picked, so let’s just enjoy. I’m in a better position since I love the girl. 😉

 photo RM172-15.jpg

 photo RM172-16.jpg

 photo RM172-17.jpg

Couple ride, Blue Team and Yellow Team. Oh, look at you Sparta, asking Teddy Bear what he likes about Suzy and telling him not to be shy, when you are shy when it comes to the ladies too!

 photo RM172-21.jpg

Walking to the first destination, everyone is crowding in the front but our Monday Couple prefers a quiet, peaceful walk. You know, I think they match in that area, both doesn’t like chaotic warfare. And it’s sweet they’re by each other side. [/delusional fangirl talk]

 photo RM172-22.jpg

First game: Water Tank Shoutout. Shouting out the numbers in order.

Big bear batting his eyes waiting to meet Suzy’s gaze. LOL

 photo RM172-23.jpg

 photo RM172-24.jpg

Suk jin is already out within the first 10 seconds. Red team is just unfortunate today, followed by HaHa & Gwang Soo’s double suicide. haha.

 photo RM172-25.jpg

Big Bear’s angry shoutout: “They didn’t blow the whistle yet!!” when the members shout out the numbers before the whistling. He’s like family around here too. They make fun of his weight and size harmlessly.

 photo RM172-27.jpg

Suzy cracking up. I love her big laughs, no smile is hidden behind hands. 😀

 photo RM172-28.jpg

But when Suzy does the same thing incorrectly, Bear adds quietly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. That could happen.” This fanboy. 😛

 photo RM172-30.jpg

 photo RM172-31.jpg

2nd Game: Dodge ball. Since the betrayal team doesn’t have a female member, Gwang Ja appears once again, joking, “This is how I earn a living!” Hopefully, she doesn’t drink mud again.

 photo RM172-33.jpg

Once Big bear has the ball, everyone freaks out because he’s a monstrous pitcher!

 photo RM172-34.jpg

 photo RM172-35.jpg

 photo RM172-37.jpg

Haha Suzy is so playful this episode. When Gwang Ja has the ball, she claims to be his fan, to which he replies, “Are you kidding me?!” hehe. Honey Trap Failed indeed. But he throws the ball to the other team, not at her, so it worked somewhat?

 photo RM172-38.jpg

 photo RM172-39.jpg

Hyun Jin gets the ball again and aims precisely at Suzy’s leg. She falls and he rushes back to ask, “Are you okay?” You’re a totally marshmallow in the inside aren’t ya?

 photo RM172-40.jpg

 photo RM172-41.jpg

2nd round. Red team loses immediately when Big Bear hits Gwang Ja’s leg. Man. He’s so good. Funny that Sparta advises him to get Suzy’s team first but he lies and hits Red Team. Then he hops around the field, cackling at his own precision. LOL

 photo RM172-42.jpg

 photo RM172-43.jpg

But he rubs Gwang Ja the wrong way and we know what happens when the lady is mad? Dodgeball explosion on Big Bear. XD (Sidenote: Gary saying sorry before he aims at Ji Hyo. *pat pat lover boy*)

 photo RM172-44.jpg

Last round, Big Bear attacks Gwang Ja again. HAHAHA. This is gonna be a never-ending rift between these two.

 photo RM172-45.jpg

Blue Team wins this game but the writer’s love bone needs more food to feed the viewers and suggests doing a mixed round of Couple Dodgeball to get Big Bear and Suzy in one team, Monday Couple together (yea!), and Gwang Ja with Jaesuk since the cast complains it’s unfair to the Red Team. heh.

I just like how close Gary and Ji Hyo are, and how he’s holding her hands protectively. heeeeee!! (Note: Their little moment before the couple game. Gary says something corny and smiley Ji Hyo hits him.)

 photo RM172-46.jpg

Gwang Ja and Grasshopper crack me up. Jae Suk is trying to hide from the ball instead of protecting his queen while Gwang Ja hangs onto him like a bug. LOL

 photo RM172-47.jpg

 photo RM172-48.jpg

And now the main game. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I’m getting ridiculously giddy when they play “I’ll always love you” with Gary turning, twisting, and protecting Ji Hyo, whose hair is now a mess.

 photo RM172-49.jpg

 photo RM172-50.jpg

Of course, Big Bear has to show that he’s protecting his queen too, blocking the ball with his thigh.

 photo RM172-51.jpg

Last mission is cooking. But wait, there’s a catch. BIG BEAR IS THE SPY, here to take Yoo’s Bond role, eliminating everyone with a small turtle water gun. Dun DUN DUN!

 photo RM172-52.jpg

While snacking, Big Bear doesn’t forget to buy some snack for Suzy. But his sweet moment is interrupted by HaHa and Jae Suk’s petty argument. They ask for a redo and this time, Suzy dramatically cries out, “OMOOOO” which cracks the oppas up and has them curled up in embarrassment. hehe. I really do love hers and everyone’s rowdy laughter.

1st try:

 photo RM172-54.jpg

2nd try:

 photo RM172-55.jpg

 photo RM172-56.jpg

 photo RM172-57.jpg

haha Big Bear Jin isn’t very good at this (the scaredy cat’s faces he makes!! hahaha) and constantly needs opportunities presented by the PD to be alone with a few members.

 photo RM172-58.jpg

 photo RM172-59.jpg

 photo RM172-61.jpg

But he does successfully fools everyone. His last target is Ji Hyo and it’s just darn hilarious how GARY has no idea what’s going on even when he sees Big Bear shooting Ace’s nametag. Look what has happened! He’s now blank too!

 photo RM172-63.jpg

 photo RM172-64.jpg

And then of course, everyone goes MONGGGGG when the PD announces MISSION COMPLETE. Oh gosh, our Mong family. 😉

 photo RM172-65.jpg

 photo RM172-66.jpg

 photo RM172-67.jpg

The mastermind can’t hide his happy face.

 photo RM172-68.jpg

  1. 3 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 172 “Suspicious Big Bear…”

    I didn’t like watching EXO; y’all made the segment seem scripted. I know y’all lost on purpose being juniors fresh off nappies in the industry. That was such a boring segment for me to endure.

    That said, the first pic of RHJ is so funny. I love his dorky features throughout the entire episode. At first, I gotta admit I smirked at him for picking the tiny turtle water gun, reminds me of MiB when Will Smith got the cricket gun. Later, I thought RHJ made a wise choice picking that water gun ’cause no one caught him in action until late in the mission. I kinda felt sorry for Impala thinking he became chums with RHJ for a second there just ’cause RHJ had to wipe off the stain spilled on Impala’s back. LOL! Poor Impala for being the least popular RM.

    The funniest segment was in the dodgeball challenge. LMAO @Gary rolling away ejected by RHJ’s monstrous aim. Poor Kwangja sticking out like a sore thumb. (Where did they come up with that name? Kwangsoo + Yeoja = Kwangja?) LOL~ I think RHJ is one of the bravest guests this year to talk down at SpartaKook teasing his lame aims. Haha~ And who’s the one knocking RHJ’s mouth during introductions when the cast of RM went crazy attacking him? Was it indeed Sparta? The two must be extremely close.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 172 “Suspicious Big Bear…”

    “be happy” and “wassup” bear’s limited english. Lol.

    Look at keane being mean to the youngins. I thought it was quite good. Rm members are experienced in this game so they kjo the ins an outs quite well.

    Ryu hyun jins crush on suzy is adorable. Hes so gentle whn hes around her. It kinda reminds me of the love line of chilbongie and najung in am1994.

    Gary and ji hyo are soooooo.cute. Hehehe gwang ja Thats the explanation keane. Hehhehe
    Gary s always

  3. 3 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 172 “Suspicious Big Bear…”

    @keane, it’s JISUKJIN who hit Hyun Jin. LOL so funny. Sparta was busy protecting him.

    Great episode!! and I like Suzy’s friendliness and the ability to joke around with the cast! We have had BLANDER personalities on the show *coughSullicough* who didn’t even lift a finger/foot for anything. She’s really a big baby as the Korean media likes to call her (tall maknae of her group). lol. No offense.

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