Discussion Corner: The Flash & The Originals (2014-15, US)

These two American Tv Shows (along with The Big Bang Theory) are the only shows that I follow from week to week. If only an Asian drama could get me this excited on a weekly basis (still waiting for my crack.) These two shows are not without faults, but I enjoy them immensely despite one being cheesy (The Flash) and the other being dysfunctional (The Originals). What does that tell you? I love cheesy and crazy relationships! 😀

Will be adding my thoughts to the comment section as new episodes air so join me with your opinions!

As always, you can find these discussion posts on the upright tab according to the year.

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Music Videos of The Week 2

I wish I could be more consistent with this feature but life gets in the way. Maybe other members would like to lend their music choices. Time to meet new musicians that might have a spot in your playlist. Share your recent favorites and open up your heart to other talents. 🙂

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