The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

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Not a lot of action happens in this episode because our girl is hovering between 2 options. 1) She could try and date the younger guy or 2) Stay away from the ‘child’. She does make a decision by the end of episode 2, thanks to the encouragement of many. As for the whole drama, there are stuff I can’t wait to see blossom and there are elements I want to see less of. Fair enough.

Episode 2: Not a recap, just jumbled thoughts.

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Hiroto: “Sakura-san, will you please go out with me?”

What a nice thing to wake up to, confession from a candy boy, wearing nothing but his black boxer. Now, it would be perfect if he’s more buff. šŸ˜› Slightly embarrassed, Sakura walks home in hasty, dodgy steps, trying to divert attention away from her bed hair and old school outfit. She comes home and bumps into Rintaro, who is currently moving in his stuff to the apartment next to hers. Neighbors? AHA! So typical but it never gets old. I love neighbor hijinks! Somehow, she ends up being his coolie, obediently carrying his boxes inside, while he sits at a counter to read the newspaper and munch on some nuts.

They go out to eat later, which is when Sakura’s intention imparts on us. Like a mind-reader, Rintaro tells her to pay for the meal as consultation fee because he knows she wants to talk about her date last night. He tells her honestly that the boy might be after her money, those lame excuses from dramas. She jumps out of her seat when her phone rings and ‘Hiroto’ is shown the caller. She meekly rejects him.

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But our young boy is persistent in his mission. He sends her sweet text messages all day, bringing a glow to her face even when she’s adamant about not dating him. Receiving text messages from someone is enough to warm her heart at this point. She knows they won’t work out anyway. “What do you like about me? There are younger and cuter girls after you.”

Hiroto: “Young girls are boring. Adult women are way better.”
Sakura: “Then…you could go hit on some other adult women too?”

Aha! She got him there.

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What I didn’t like: Shima-Miki-Husband storyline. I’m glad Shima didn’t sleep with Miki’s husband, Kohei, last episode. We were fooled when the screen froze during their passionate make-out session. Luckily, Miki called her husband in time to stop further immoral act. They try again in this episode and still fail because Kohei confesses that he’s nervous about doing ‘it’ when he hasn’t done ‘it’ in years. Shima: “Do you feel guilty towards your wife?” He replies nonchalantly, “No.” And I’m raging behind the screen because he deserves to be kicked in the head. Consciously making the decision to cheat. Ugh.

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And surprise surprise, Shima finally meets Miki’s husband and the two are flabbergasted, awkwardly trying to eat dinner while Miki cooks more dishes in the kitchen. It’s such a silly scene when they duck their heads under the table to carry on the conversation. Like that would make them seem less suspicious? Shima can’t continue eating in this messy situation and begs to leave, citing the excuse that she’s already drunk. The husband, Kohei, has the nerves to pout at her exit. Man, I’m not sure what the director is trying to convey because cheating is horrible but a happy song is played in the background, rendering the whole scene out as a joke.

This storyline I’m not fond of, unless the writer has some twist about the trio in which Shima shifts and plays the advisor, helping to rekindle the dying flame between Miki and Kohei. *fingers-crossed*

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There’s also the mysterious background of Hiroto, and his secretive connection to Chiyoko. Are they past lovers? Since this is a Cinderella story, I’m guessing he’s a rich boy, out living on his own because he wants freedom. Chiyoko’s parents’ reaction to Hiroto says as much. If he were poor, I doubt the mother would ask him to stay for dinner.

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Sakura petal on her hair. The director did this purpose. Contrasting the men in a simple way. While Rintaro allows her to rely on her own hands, Hiroto personally picks out the petal. And of course, we know which way makes the butterflies flutter.

Another scene which reinforces this idea is the baseball scene below, which is also my favorite moment!

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They continue to my favorite thing about this drama. Usually in scenes like this, where the female lead has troubles hitting the ball, the male lead would move over to her side and hold her hand, adding a touch of skinship to cater the audience. But Rintaro stays in his cube and directs her instead. She then successfully hits the ball the next time it comes at her. I like that Rintaro encourages her to do things on her own and be bold when it comes to trying out new things (dating Hiroto.) Yet, when the fingers are pointed at him, he can’t carry out his own wisdom.

Rintaro: “You’ve just gotten used to being hurt and giving up, haven’t you?”
Me: “Same can be said about you Mister!”

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Lordy, the kisses in Jdramas…their lips barely touch!

And because this is cute:

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  1. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    During the scene where Naohito and Miura were on the screen, I had to pause it for 1 minute to flail at seeing the both of them together on the same scene. Ohhhhhhhhhmahgaaaaaawd. *A*

    Loved the baseball scene too! I was hoping that he’d go over to teach her, but of course, Rintaro being Rintaro taught her from the sidelines. Still as sweet. šŸ˜€ I was so happy when she actually did manage to hit the ball! But I was also wondering at the same time how many takes those scenes might have taken because she might not have prior experience in baseball, since most girls dont play. On top of that, scenes of both of them hitting the balls together. I’m curious.

    I think it’s meant to be a comedy love story, thus the music during the scene between Shima and her friend’s husband. I personally thought it was really funny when they hit their heads against the table, but yes, I was also appalled that he was disappointed when she called for a stop.

    The feeling I got of the relationship between Hiroto and that girl is that they’re actually siblings, but because his parents disapprove of his interest in biking, he left home. I’ve been looking closely at the biking scenes to see if Miura is actually doing it or they’re using a stuntman. Cant figure it out, but I reckon he’d probably have had a few scenes of his own, and had to learn a little at least.

    The tennis scene between them was so cute! šŸ˜€

    Previews for next week’s episode is exciting! I’m seriously hoping the Rintaro will name the girl he likes, but I dont think so. Hahahaha.

  2. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    Omo luv yr last gif. Ryoko is so cute even cuter than Miura. Cant wait to watch tis ep tonite. Enjoyed reading yr thoughts.

  3. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    HAHAH!!! The last gif is indeed very cute!!! their faces are hilarious!! agree with Joy, Sakura is the cutesttttt!!

    hmm if hiroto and yoko are indeed siblings, then is he like a step bro or something? cause the mom and dad’s reaction are pretty cold (the mom doesn’t even want to look at him), like they don’t want to associate with him but has to because he’s someone of importance? but if they’re lovers, then hiroto is hiding his feelings well.

    and what’s up with the girl he’s sleeping with? she never has a bra on? lying around all day with just her panties!!! LOL

    miki-shima-kohei storyline is quite weird with the music…japan has a thing with cheating don’t they?…they make it look so normal…lols.

  4. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    Just watched ep 2 n i actually enjoy Ryoko’s sidekick gfs n their sex life antics. Although Naohito who definitely is in love with Ryoko n they both do look cute together, but i hv a hunch she’ll end up with Miura cos (1) title Last Cinderella title perhaps suggests Miura is a hidden rich prince (2) i think Ryoko n Naohito r both too much alike to match as it takes 2 diff characters to click like a piece of puzzle.

  5. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    XYZ, heeeeeeee!! I love the face Rintaro shoots at Hiroto when he walks past. Like, “He’s such a little baby!”

    I don’t know about other girls, but I’m pretty good when it comes to hitting stuff. šŸ˜› I watched the bike scenes carefully too, the simple tricks appeared to be done by him (?) but the jump-over-the fence is difficult, unless he’s done it before.

    Preview of next week shows someone kissing someone *ahum*. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! 720p is posted at D-addicts! Enjoy!

    Frea, haha@ girl w/o bra. I didn’t notice that.

    Joy, nooooooooo, I want me some RintaroxSakura! Please let the old guy get the girl. šŸ˜€ haha!

    I like the girlfriends too, not when Shima is smooching Kohei, though. Let’s collectively hope we’re going somewhere positive!

  6. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    I can’t believe you’re watching this too! Yay! Just had a week of exams so i’m trying to relax and find something to watch. One thing that ticks me off about Jdramas – only once a week!!

    So far so good, although don’t like how she acts around the toy boy considering her age.

    Love love Miura Himura – such a cutie. Have you seen Samurai High School? So so funny you have to see it if you haven’t. I first saw him in that drama

    • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

      Yep, Annette. Her meek voice when speaking to Hiroto annoys me a bit, but from her pov, I understand that she’s trying to sound young, so I’m not too harsh on her. When she’s comfortable being around him, I hope she loosens up and speaks with her confident voice. šŸ˜€

      Nope, haven’t watched Samurai High School yet! What’s with all the craze on this boy? And why the heck am I immune to him?

      Someone, give me a shot of anti-Haruma-immunity. šŸ˜›

      • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

        LOl! Himura is a cutie but what won me over were not his looks – i really liked Samurai High, it was so wacky, hilarious i.e. all the good things we love about Jdramas – quirkiness just done right. Now i have not seen him in anything else and i’ll admit his performance in this drama is somewhat lack lustre, so at this point its purely my positive reviews from the previous drama that i’m carrying over to this drama. If you ever watch it you’ll know what i mean

        Also wanted to give you a heads up so you can start shopping for a lakorn to watch, as per our deal. I started watching Hello Stranger yesterday – this movie is funny and good!!! The clubbin scene! Lol! As it is two hours long i watched only an hour cos i was tired, will finish maybe today or tomorrow

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          haha You cracked me up! Can’t believe you finally did it! 10/10 points for you Annette! šŸ˜€ See! I knew you’d like it! HAR-HAR. I’m ecstatic you like it ’cause I keep wondering maybe your stalling is because you don’t like the cast or something! But whoa, you stopped after one hour? Talking about control, you have it down, girl!! šŸ˜Ž

          Shopping for lakorn begins! ^^

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          Alice i was thinking to myself why did it take me so long to watch it!!!! Totally not what i was expecting – its awesome! Well, i haven’t finished it so i shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I totally like the lead girl – her character in the movie. I’m watching her lakorn and she’s serious in that one, like her better in the movie

          I was just too tired i knew i would not pay attention to the movie and i want to watch till the end cos its a good one. Do you have any other recommendations in regards to Thai movies or any good movies you’ve seen so far?

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          I like the lead girl too, she’s so pretty in that dress. I still remember. The guy’s hilarious! šŸ˜€

          I’m not really a movie person, I rarely watch them. Keane is the expert around here. But if I do see something similar, you will see me spazzing about it. šŸ˜‰

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          YES~ You rang.

          I am? I’m no expertise. I stumble upon some films while I can’t spare time for some zombie action (mii re-enacting) with drama series.

          Hmmm, have you watched Shin Min-ah’s My Mighty Princess, Annette? I’m not sure if you screened my post about a French film called Heartbreaker. Take a look see. It should give you a few chuckles here and there.

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          Keane is the Shin Min Ah movie good? I came across it but i wasn’t sure, hadn’t seen any reviews and after a disappointing foray into Kmovies i shied away. Is it a nay or yay?

          The heartbreaker movie is the one with Vanessa Paradis right? I saw your post on it, i’m not familier with french cinema so was a bit hesitant. I have seen one french movie and it was absolutely delightful, its called Amelie with
          Audrey Tautou – a must watch!!!
          On a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate Heartbreaker and My Mighty Princess?

        • 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

          My Mighty Princess is up there w/ My Sassy Girl, and MMP’s OST is awesome. A “10” to me.
          Heartbreaker is constant entertainment in it’s rom-com genre. A “9” to me just because the official OST was compiled with scores no vocals. Boooo!

          Up to you Annette. Oh, I’ve been meaning to watch Amelie. Maybe I have and forgot. I’m not very good w/ movie titles. I’ll check it out.

  7. 15 thoughts on “The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

    do u know the ost of this drama???
    i am really love the song~

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