KMovie: Play OST

Track list:

— Mate’s Full Album —

01-늦은 아침 Late Morning
06-그대 때문이죠 Because You
08-너에게 기대 Looking Forward To You
09-난 너를 사랑해 I Love You
10-그리워 Miss (Movie Ver.)
11-이제 다시 Now I’m Back (Movie Ver.)

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— Extras —
01-Impro (Movie Ver.)
02-Real (Movie Ver.)
03-Be Mate Vol.1 album …tracks, click here
04-With Mate mini-album …tracks, click here
05-Transform mini-album …tracks, click here

Keane: LOOK! It’s Shut Up Flower Boy Band nostalgia all over again. Rock. Me. Baby.

Thanks Nutella for recommending the movie to an AWESOME band. This trio reminds me of the Brit band Keane, once a trio, back when not like now +1 (still EFFING SUPREME, nonetheless). And if you haven’t noticed it, I’m Hyun-Il (pic above, in the middle) bias =p so I ripped one of his lovey dovey songs (“Impro”) and one of his heartbreak (“Real”) songs to share them here. Any requests regarding this Indie band, Mate?

  1. 4 thoughts on “KMovie: Play OST

    Their songs are quite peaceful. Somehow it feels like songs that I’d listen to when it rains and I’m staring out the window. Just quiet thinking.

    Thanks for the share Keaneeee!! =)

    • 4 thoughts on “KMovie: Play OST

      Or while listening to this band do stare out onto a glistening lake/beach. I only get to do that once a while however I can head out to my upstairs patio and overlook the night lit city resembling fireflies anytime. If only natural events led an opportunity for me to catch some actual fireflies… then my bucket list will have shortened. After watching the Classic (KMovie), the firefly scenes just rearrange my priorities. =p

      I’m happy some of you find a liking to their music. XD

  2. 4 thoughts on “KMovie: Play OST

    Ahmahgawd, I can finally comment~ Thankies Keanie for taking up my suggestion… I find Mate and the Royal Pirates are very underrated in international circles.. I feel especially happy that they, along with Lunafly are getting more attention <3 Now all I have to do is find download links to the movie, and my collection will be complete~

    Also: yes, Keane is awesome ^u^

  3. 4 thoughts on “KMovie: Play OST

    Watched the movie yesterday and love the music. Kindly reup the download links. Much appreciated! 🙂

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