Nobunaga Concerto: Episode 1 “A hero who runs away.”

Firstly, let’s get the obvious aging itch off of our chest. Shun, man. Next time you receive a script that calls for a teen role, hand the script to me. Lol. I’d find an age-appropriate Japanese actor to take the part and spare you the ongoing laughs by your peers (I’m seeing Nino’s tiny fingers pointing.) 😀 Anyway, now that we are done with the complaint, I have to say I enjoyed the premiere episode of Nobunaga Concerto, a drama adaptation of the manga series, “Nobunaga Kontseruto” by Ayumi Ishii. I found myself laughing hysterically in certain scenes and I went in NOT expecting it to be funny at all.

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The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

 photo LC4-81.jpg

A much better episode, in that we have many genuine character interactions and less teeny-popper Sakura pining after Hiroto. A different topic arises, one that is relatable to many women that age, and we see that love might not be Sakura’s greatest dream. Age catches up to everyone and whether one is ready to transition to the next stage or not depends on their outlook of life and what treasures they have right next to them.

It’s not far, Sakura. Just look past that barbed tongue of his.

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Sennyu Tantei Tokage: Episode 1 “He’s a lizard?”

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Or if you’d prefer the English title, Undercover Agent Tokage. Maybe because my expectations were unreasonably high, thus I’m left slightly disappointed with the premiere. On the up side, it has Shota Matsuda, whom I have seen (and swooned) in the Liar Game franchise, hence my excitement to see him venture into something that requires more than thinking from him. The hour was tediously long, spending over 30+ minutes setting up a throng of many characters, leaving the action in the last twenty minutes, and boy was it nice to see our crafty swindler, Akiyama, in action (though he gets punched by someone. ha!)

Funny how I had Toda Erika in the winter, and Shota in the Spring. When are these two going to unite? Drama gods! I’m counting on you!

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The Last Cinderella: Episode 2 “Never know until you try.”

 photo LC2-20.jpg

Not a lot of action happens in this episode because our girl is hovering between 2 options. 1) She could try and date the younger guy or 2) Stay away from the ‘child’. She does make a decision by the end of episode 2, thanks to the encouragement of many. As for the whole drama, there are stuff I can’t wait to see blossom and there are elements I want to see less of. Fair enough.

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The Last Cinderella: Episode 1 “Oyaji-gal is here!”

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Our Cinderella is not your typical beautiful flower cast to the side of the road by her selfish, greedy relatives. As a matter of fact, we aren’t introduced to her family at all (yay!). Stressed-out by the naysayers, she’s literally harvesting a beard, comparable to that of Justice Bao. Episode 1 is fast-paced and beautifully shot, placing us right the middle of her ordinary life. And how magically complicated it’s about to become, flanked by a young, handsome pursuer, and a snarky middle-aged man.

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Nobunaga no Chef: Episode 8 & 9 Finale “Your life. Your choice.”

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Surprise! You thought I forgot about this one, didn’t ya? Not! Like a petulant child, I didn’t want to part ways with gentle Ken and lovely Natsu. Thank goodness, I have PingChen to cover that loss in my shippy heart. Chef is not a must-watch, but something light to help you forget the arrogant chaebol guys. And for once, the three ladies are sweethearts right to the end. Each has their own way of loving and letting go.

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Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

Side profile – Jae Joong!

Is shippable a word? Don’t care, I’m about to make it one.

I’m actually not sure of what to say about this drama. They introduced the main antagonist in Episode 1 and then timely shoved him somewhere, probably saving his story as the drama’s final arc. That leaves me fuming because the interaction between Ken and Akechi is far more interesting, just based on the few minutes we have seen of them. Episode 2 & 3 can be pretty much summarized in one sentence: Nobunaga is angered by his enemies and sends newly appointed genius chef, Ken, to their kitchen, making him the instigator for peace/war.

For me, I’m continuing to watch this for the adorable chemistry between Ken and Natsu. Ah, my first OTP this year.

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