Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

Voici notre premier film français de tous les temps. Amusons-nous!

Let’s continue to celebrate today, this 14th, is especially a magnifique day!

(left-to-right) The Break-Up Crew: Julie Ferrier, Romain Duris, and François Damiens

French Title: L’arnacoeur
Cast: Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens, Andrew Lincoln, Helena Noguerra, Jean-Yves Lafesse, Jacques Frantz, Victoria Silvstedt (cameo)
Date Released: March 17, 2010 (France)
Download Links: DVDrip hardsubbed 700MB | Split Mirrors 01 / 02 / 03
Watch trailer: here

Plot: Alex (played by Romain Duris) is a charming, funny, and effortlessly cool professional break-up artist with just ten days to sabotage the relationship of a seemingly perfect couple. But with one of his targets, the beautiful, feisty and independent Juliette (played by Vanessa Paradis), will he find that when it comes to love the perfect plan doesn’t always exist?

This is SO wrong! Using kids to get the chick. GRR~ I too am not immune to this trick. SOBS.

Keane: Ahhh, small files brings back the nostalgia of good ol’ days. I like small files, good enough to take on the go for your portable devices. Awesome to watch while lounging around or while waiting for someone to meetup.

A Dirty Dancing (the movie) homage.

This was my all time first French film I ever watched back in 2010 when it released on dvd, because blu-rays weren’t so popular then like now. And this was my first time ever seeing Johnny Depp’s ex-, Vanessa Paradis’, work… instead of always being Captain Sparrow’s armband XD. Envy much? I picked this movie up because of her. And, I didn’t know who Romain Duris was until after this movie. He has this je ne sais quoi appeal you know mother wants to lock you away up in a tower far from his grasp. (Cue Taylor Swift’s Trouble song.) Anyhoot, I liked the movie then and still do now, so y’all should know me well enough to say I’m that chick who likes to share rom-com’s. Hee~ let me know what you think about the cast and/or movie. I do love reading different aspect of opinions.

Sibling con-artists. Who taught them? Their parents? Grandparents?

He’s funny as well as the comedic anchor in this film. Tech savvy too. HAWT!

BONUS:Doing the Wrong Things
Thanks for your review of this nice movie. And here’s a token of my earnest affection, so enjoy the bittersweet music.

À bientôt~

  1. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Are you guys on the roll or what?! 😀

    This might be my first French film… I don’t recall watching them. I LOVE Johnny Depp! I don’t follow his love life but he seems a quiet and private man.

    Thanks for the share! Keane!

  2. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Ahhh, l’amour… did anyone like this movie’s OST?

    • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

      i haven’t watched this movie yet.. but the ost is good.. love it.. thanks anyway 🙂

      • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

        Yes, the OST is good… and I might share the full track of this song and some. Depends on how much y’all love me. Haha~

        • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

          i loveeeee youuuuuu! haha… but maybe not as much as i love wonbin oppa, emm.. joowonie, yunho oppa, gosoo oppa.. LOLs, kidding.. 🙂

  3. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Aww it feels so strange to see a french movie on this site… and heartwarming as I am french myself but a big fan of asian movies/tv-shows/culture.
    As for L’arnacoeur, it’s a really nice movie. Romain Duris played in a new rom-com this year (called Populaire) and I hope it will also be translated in english someday so you guys can enjoy it too!

    • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

      One of my cousins in France told me about RD’s new rom-com. It came out end of last year, I think. I saw that trailer for Populaire, and I like it already for the setting (is in the 50’s). The costumes look AMAZING! I can’t wait to watch that, and I think I don’t have to wait any longer. =)

      Thanks a lot for stopping in luci8le.

  4. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Just finished this one two minutes. A great movie, I’d have loved it better if she didn’t leave her fiancé RIGHT at the altar though. It’s just so mean and humiliating to the party left behind. He didn’t deserve it. 🙁

    I admit I didn’t find Romain Duris very handsome, but boy, he’s charming the more you watch him.

    Loved the part when he’s hanging in midair outside the balcony. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    The twist at the end is good. And the Daddy bits, “Don’t trash my daughter’s boyfriend!”

  5. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    my favourite movie with Romain Duris is “L’auberge Espagnol” !! If you don’t know it…Watch. Even if it’s not a rom-com.

  6. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Woah, didn’t know Vanessa Paradis is now Johhny Depp ex! *Jaw Drop* Thanks for the update…

    Watched this movie last year…. before repeatedly download several times until I got the one with english subbed… not a great french movie but still a delightful rom-com with beautiful scenery… and scenes with the tech guy around is always the zanniest..

  7. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

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    think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  8. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

    Me loves the bonus! 😉

    • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (14): Heartbreaker

      You are definitely one of the few who well deserve a bonus.

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