Cinderella is Online: Japanese Remake of Love O2O with Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki

Cinderella is Online (シンデレラはオンライン中) is the joint production between Fuji TV’s FOD and Youku with a total of 10 episodes. It’s the Japanese remake of popular Cdrama Love O2O which starred Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang back in 2016. The adaptation stars Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki and the story seems pretty similar with our female lead not interested in real-life romance but is all about playing the online game Tenkyo, where her character is dating the top player. They meet in real life and he turns out to be the Campus prince, even owning his own gaming company. They get close and start dating, but our heroine also begins to get attack from people who are jealous of her.

Begins airing on 1/12 ~

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Imperfect Love: Chinese remake of Japanese drama Mother with Zhou Xun and Kara Hui

Holy smokes! This is one hot tamales train! I didn’t watch the original Japanese drama Mother but have heard of numerous praises about it, spawning countless remakes from different countries. The latest one from China is Imperfect Love (不完美的她) with a line of acting powerhouses in Zhou Xun, Kara Hui, and Angie Chiu. The original story follows a substitute teacher in first grade who doesn’t really like kids. A particular little girl clings to the new teacher, awakening her maternal instincts, as she realizes the child is subjected to abuse at home. Taking matters into her own hand, our teacher decides to take the poor girl away and start a new life together.

Have you watched the original or remakes from other countries?

Set to air 3/27.

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Chinese Remake of Midnight Diner drops emotionally stirring trailer

The Chinese remake of Jdrama Shinya Shokudo, which was also based on a Japanese manga series by Yarō Abe has finally let us peek inside its characters and their moving stories. It’s rare to have a modern Cdrama trailer that is this quiet and yet still effective in stirring one’s emotions. The adaptation boasts a solid casting, inviting big names from both Mainland China and Taiwan. For the full list, please visit its previous post here.

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Huang Lei leads extensive cast in remake of Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner (深夜食堂) is the Chinese remake of Jdrama Shinya Shokudo, which was also based on a Japanese manga series by Yarō Abe. The story follows a mysterious chef and his late night diner open from midnight to dawn, featuring ordinary stories from his patrons every night as they chatter and eat the one requested dish. Various stars from both China and Taiwan will be making an appearance including Mark Zhao, He Jiong, Janine Chang, Hu Bing Qing, etc.

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Lay and Chen Dou Ling in Chinese Remake of Operation Love

Another case of remakes making its round across Asia. It’s the remake of Japanese drama Operation Love (プロポーズ大作戦) which aired in 2007 with Nagasawa Masami and Tomohisa Yamashita as leads. The Chinese remake stars EXO’s Lay (The Mystic Nine) and movie actress Chen Dou Ling (The Left Ear). I’ll say that I was worried with the news since neither impressed me with their first big acting project, but now the stills and the first trailer show them being adorably harmless and cute, I feel much better! It’s basically a second-chance at happily-ever-after with the hero being given the opportunity to travel back in time and right his regrets.

If only we all have Julian Cheung as our second-chance guardiam angel. Heh.

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New J-Drama ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- Trailer and Air Date

ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- (絶狼) is an upcoming Japanese series, while being standalone, it’s also part of the long running GARO franchise dating back to 2005. It deals with a secret group of warriors known as Makai Knights who searches the night, hunting demons called Horror. Dragon Blood will focus on Rei Suzumura (Ray Fujita) aka Zero, the Silver Fanged Knight, who is given an order by Makai Priestess Rekka (Mary Matsuyama) to find and protect the “Ancient Dragon Egg” from falling into the wrong hands.

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Oho Ou, Zhang Hui Wen headline film Crying Out In Love

Adapted from Japanese novel Socrates in Love (恋するソクラテス) written by Kyoichi Katayama, Crying Out In Love stars two rising faces, Oho Ou Hao and Zhang Hui Wen, in a mournful love story. 20 years after his high school graduation, our hero receives a parcel in the mail that prompts a short vacation back to his hometown, where he recalls the days of youthful folly. While the heroine remains only in memories, this trip down memory lane encourages the hero to open up his heart (move on) and understand the world outside of himself/his existence.

The trailer is so cute, why is this a melo?!

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Mars: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Episode 1 “Light.”

Finally got the chance to sit down and watch something. The new adaptation of popular Manga Mars! As you know from my earlier post, Taiwan made a version of their own with the winning combination of rawness and chemistry from Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu in 2004, so my bar was already at a high place. This Mars is different; and whether it is a good difference remains to be seen.

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