The boys in Destined to Love You vie for your attention

June is gonna be a restless and sleepless month for many of us. I almost forgot about this drama! The premiere date has been changed to the 16th of this month. KRAZY, I KNOW! They are starting the promotional session with an amusing teaser today. All the hot boys fighting for your attention. I watched this clip with a shallow face and giddiest laugh. XD You’re cute! Wait, he’s cute too!

I’m torn but I’ll go with the guy who stole my attention first! Leon! ♥♥♥

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Chen Qiao En’s Destined To Love You drops 12-minute trailer

SAY WHATTTTTTTTT. Holy krap! The speed of filming in Mainland China reaches another level of ridiculousness. No wonder why their abs shrank. Lol. Feed my men, please!

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Soldiers and beauties walk the press conference for Destined to Love You

The handsome pilots and pretty flight attendants are here! Destination? Eye-Candy Land. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Lol. This drama is totally flaunting its gorgeous cast at every chance it gets. A press conference this early? YEAAAAAAAA. Whyyyy not? My, my.

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Changes and additional casting decisions for Chen Qiao En’s Destined to Love You (+ Official Stills)

They look like hot flight attendants. heh.

Since the last time I wrote about this drama, Tony Yang’s name has been replaced with HK actor, Bosco Wong. The lucky lady involved with Bosco and the male lead, Jia Nai Liang, is Joe Chen Qiao En. The unlucky lady who plays the supposedly dead fiancée, Zheng Shuang, rounds out the four-legged love square.

BUT OMG!! The men cast in the roles of officers/soldiers are freakin amazeballs. All my recent favorites.


POST UPDATED >>11.20.14.

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