Lost Promise: Drama Adaptation of Rouge Debt with Yang Ye Ming and Yu Wen Wen

Adapted from the novel written by Yi Du Jun Hua, Lost Promise (胭脂债) is an upcoming fantasy webdrama with Yang Ye Ming, Yu Wen Wen, and Yao Wang. The story follows Demon Lord who escapes from the Jiang’s mansion after 30 years and returns later imprisoned in a crate as a “female.” The current master of Wulin is Jiang Qing Liu and he’s shocked to find a pretty girl inside the box but he also knows she’s the demon lord. In order to conceal her identity as the Demon Lord, he pretends to be enamored with her to keep her close by. However, she has an ulterior motive – she wants to investigate a massacre that happened 30 years ago.

Airing 6/5~

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Two More Youth Dramas Airing: Wu Qian’s Le Coup De Foudre and Zheng He Hui Zi’s The Emergence of First Love

Both dramas look cute and the leading males and females are all adorable! More on your drama plate. =)

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