Deng Lun and Krystal Jung confirmed for Graduation Season

Another modern drama coming your way. I guess Lay is too busy with EXO’s activities to follow through with this project. He was first announced and then they jumped through a few actors before getting to Deng Lun. He was the second lead in Fifteen Years of Migratory Birds, and looks like he’s one of the new rising faces in the industry. Besides Graduation Season (毕业季), he has a modern drama with Sun Yi, and will also play a supporting character in Zhao Li Ying’s The Legend of Chu Qiao (more on this later). Quite busy! His leading lady, who was confirmed last year is Krystal Jung, from Korean girl group, F(x).

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The Inheritors: Wear the Crown, Bear the Snerk

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Sheldon: “Really? That’s the best you’ve got?”

Here’s the long-awaited discussion post for The Inheritors (Heirs). You can find all drama discussion posts under the Discussion Corner tab below the banner. Hypersensitive fans, be warned. This is basically a Snark-Snerk thread with only one rule: no personal attacks. Respect another’s opinion and prepare to embrace the feisty sauciness of some drifters. 😛

Agree to disagree. One’s bitter tea is another’s sweet hot chocolate.

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My questions for ‘Heirs: Wear the Crown, Bear The Weight’

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That was the mouthful name a few weeks ago (not really, I shortened it) but the name has recently been updated to The Inheritors. I think I might be the only one not hyped up about this drama… Maybe because of school, maybe because of my fear of being disappointed, but I don’t actively chase after the news for this baby. I generally like the cast members but my brain has a few questions…

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