Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

Check out Love OST.

小淩: The funniest part was watching Shu Qi’s BTS scared of lightning strike when she said (responding to Director Doze Niu’s caution to be careful of the Lightning God), “I’ve done too many naughty things in my life. (She’s thinking, “I’m gonna get hit.”) Let Ruan Jing Tian film his part first.” 哈哈~ BTS segment of other main actor/actress on Love YouTube.

I’m going at it like a fiery bull sees RED. My Trifecta! Last installation of the triple play (see Monga & The Soul Of Bread), thus in recognition to my Taiwanese roots, herein enjoy the boba tea, m~mmm boba, and make yourself at home in my cineplex. Adieu. 再见。

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