Movie Date with Keane (8): The Soul Of Bread

Half of the movie is spoken in English. Finally, a movie with less than half lost in translation. LOL~

He used the basic ingredients he could: warm hands and a sincere heart. ~Bread


The King of B-list actors, Han Dian Chen. This is his debut as leading male in a role.
Recently seen in the films, Monga & Love.

I refer to this movie as the Chinese adaption to Korea’s Antique Bakery, but you may know Koreans adapted their film from the Japanese manga lah. If you need a bit of comedy in your life then this is the movie you want to push out the recliner for. You won’t see this film be an exact replica to it’s neighboring country’s version, it has its own twist, so in order to fully enjoy this you have to appreciate the rural cultural background to get into the swing of things. This movie gets down to the core of your heartfelt memories, so put on your flip flops and channel your country bumpkin from within as you possibly can.


Chinese Title: 愛的麵包魂 / Ai De Mian Bao Hun
Cast: Michelle Chen, Han-Dian Chen, Anthony Neely, Janel Tsai
Date Released: February 3, 2012 (Taiwan)
Download Links: DVDrip+softsubs

Who knew? Michelle Chen wrote the lyrics to this theme song, called The Bread of Love [Download | lyrics]. Her first song was written and composed for You’re the Apple of My Eyes. She has an unbreakable pursuit for singing and composing music, however she was coached to start with acting first and keep music making in the back burner for now.


Plot: The heroine, Ping (played by Michelle Chen), wish her father’s bakery business can run better while her father rocks in his band (Never Die) all day and retire from baking after her mother past away. Xiao Ping entangles herself in a love triangle with her fiancé and childhood boyfriend, Gao-Bing (played by Han-Dian Chen), and food chef TV personality, Bread (sounds like Brad to me, played by Anthony Neely, singer becoming actor in his debut role), who have their own methods of running the business for her. One man’s proposal promises her a stable normal life alike her mother’s own. Another man showers her hope of fulfilling her mother’s dream living in Paris, France, under the alias Sabrina. Let the battle of the bread winner begin! Who will she choose?


GOT WINGS? Maxi pads as bandages, after a bromance tussle. ROFL~

Keane: I laughed so hard watching this movie, and it’s been a while since I cracked a lot of laughter within hours. If I were Xiao Ping, then I may develop a brain aneurysm choosing between two good men. It’s hard to choose. The movie does a really good job showing each guy off as the perfect soul mate for Ping. I know this may sound cheesy, but the movie is heartfelt and it touched my soul too. I was totally invested in every character equally, even down to the little kids breaking their piggy bank to order their mother’s birthday cake. Everyone had their moment to shine. It’s such a fair movie. Don’t forget to watch the very end when the credits finish, you won’t want to miss it.


Never Die band: Pineapple Bun’s Sadness

I just want to point out who the policewoman is, you may recognize her from recent Tdrama: Fondant Garden, actress Lia Lee. She’s cute, but Michelle Chen’s dimples overshadow her by a football field. Sorry Lia! I was expecting more scenes from Janel Tsai (playing Bread’s mother), and honestly, if it weren’t for her active roles recently in Office Girls and In Between then I may have overlooked her charms.

BONUS: You Are My Baby [The Soul of Bread theme song] by Anthony Neely feat. Han-Dian Chen. [Download] Leave a comment below if you have a soul, and report dead links below. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

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    … No! Don’t think dirty, I meant buns as in…. pastry buns! Not THOSE BUNS, get your mind out of the gutter! 😛

    This is my favorite song of his:

    Gonna be back to spazz after my upload/download projects are completed.

    Thanks Keane! ツ

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      I didn’t want to spoil the movie… just yet, so I held off exploiting Anthony Neely’s theme song MV for the movie:

      cr: HIM YT

    • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (8): The Soul Of Bread

      So bittersweet~

      cr: HIM YT

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    Oh lord, I want to watch this movie sooooo badly now… but for some reason both the fileshare links are down.. or so jdownloader tells me xP Keane, imma blame you for the luggage bags under my dark circles >.<;;

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      Uh-oh! LOL~ Can I install rollers under the bags and carry them off your pretty face? (✿◠‿◠)

      I just checked the FSS links, not using any dl-mgrs, and those work as they should be. FSS can ll dl, so you don’t necessarily need to put it in your dl-mgr, all right?

      Let me know how you like the movie.


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    thanks…looks like it’s something i’ll enjoy….

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    what happens after the credit? is it about the ring? haha *spoiler

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    Sis/bro, have you link to download ‘tempest of first love’ movies? I have done try search with google, but i can’t find link.

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      I’ll keep a look out but no promises, oh Tony Yang and Michelle Chen. Ivy Chen and Eddie Peng with Michelle Chen are a fluffy rom collab in “Hear Me” gonna watch that first.

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    Where can I find the movie soundtrack with the music score? I’ve found most of the songs except the one in the scene where Anthony is walking around with a camera taking pics, it’s a pretty piano tune. Oh and I’d love Never Die Band songs too XD. I love the movie lots!!! Got my favorites in it Anthony and food!

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