Cmovie: Love OST

Track list:

01. 愛的預告 Notice of Love – Hebe (S.H.E)
02. Love ! (Main theme song) – Hebe (S.H.E)
03. 愛新覺羅與葉赫那拉的相遇 Aisin Gioro Encounters With Yehe Nara (Inst.)
04. 飛鳥 Birds – waa (Wei Ru Xuan)
05. 愛的暖陽和煦 Love the Sunshine’s Warmth (Inst.)
06. 兩個女孩 Two Girls (Inst.)
07. 傻子 Fool (Main theme song) – Yoga Lin
08. 我也沒有爸爸 I Also Don’t Have A Father (Inst.)
09. 決心 Determination (Inst.)
10. My Love – Hebe (S.H.E)
11. 墜落 Fall (Inst.)
12. 初吻 First Kiss (Inst.)
13. 大太陽下的草地 Grass Under the Sun (Inst.)
14. 老男孩的反擊 Old Boy’s Fight Back (Inst.)
15. 我們 Us – waa (Wei Ru Xuan)
16. 愛的箴言 Proverbs of Love – Doze Niu
17. 等待 Wait (Inst.)
18. 愛 Love (Inst.)
19. 放輕點 Lighter (Ending theme song) – Faith Yang

Download full OST // Mirror [Buy the album via YesAsia]

Keane: Feel free to correct the song list for the community below ’cause you know my Chinese is lame, or report dead links herein page. If you love the movie, then show your love by commenting… to catch future flicks in my cineplex. =p

  1. 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

    jumbofile doesn’t work for me. any chance you can upload using mediafire?

    • 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

      Maybe… some fans can show some appreciation and share a mirror link?

  2. 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

    We love you keane!!

    Wo ai ni!!

    Ppl are taking you guys for granted here. One of these days the site is gonna disappear and then theyll regret not saying a simple thanks. Not me. 😉

      • 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

        I LOVE FLOWER!! She’s so adorable when she says to Bambi, “You can call me that if you want to….”

  3. 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

    how is the movie? good or..beyond good?
    i think i read in someone’s blog about the presscon but not the movie review *grin*

    • 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

      The movie gives fuzzy feelings by the end of credits. I dunno much, I just know I’m not immune to Love. (>‿♥)

  4. 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

    the link to downlaod OST doesn’t work any longer. Any chance for reupload?


    • 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

      ‘0 , o”… I know you’re having a hard time w/ this host/JF… OKAY… just for YOU… stay tune for mirror~

  5. 13 thoughts on “Cmovie: Love OST

    Both links aren’t working…can you please reupload??? Thanks!

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