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Prince Gang:
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Courtesy of Anonymous, I finally got a chance to watch this movie last night. If you are a fan of the uncensored brutality in Election and/or Young and Dangerous (Hong Kong) gangster series then you’ll enjoy this film directed and co-written by veteran actor himself, Doze Niu (playing as Grey Wolf).

The story takes place in Taipei a district called Monga (a.k.a. Bangka) familiarly to natives during the 80’s. Before the 90’s abolish prostitution and govern more reforms, Monga was considered the open red light and commercial center district selling fantasies and opportunities. Their old will never see eye-to-eye with their young. The now and then triad (or gang) operations haven’t differentiate by much, sectioning regions in Monga – front temples, back alleys, and feuds arise to conquer territorial expansion. Seems betrayal plays a large role during gang wars overthrowing traditions and their bosses who implement old rules to bring forth new order and a modern generation of bosses, so evidently this movie depicts its tragic art of treachery. Who will survive those deceits and stay alive in the end? Find out.


The face-off between Monk vs. Mosquito.
I saw this part and was like “OH NO! Don’t do it!”
Of course, my monitor would be a bestie and talk back to console me, right? *SOBS*

Chinese Title: 艋舺 / Bangka
Cast: Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Rhydian Vaughan, Alice Ke, Han-Dian Chen, Doze Niu
Date Released: February 5, 2010 (Taiwan)
Download Links: DVDrip+softsubs // Mirror Parts 01 | 02 | 03 | Chi/Eng softsubs


The love that started to end when it took too long for their first kiss to ignite.

Some great successes produced out of this film are the long list of award nominations and WINS, as so the awesome original soundtrack. I think Aziatix member Nicky Lee’s rendition to Air Supply’s cover, Making Love Out Of Nothing At All [Download], is swoon-worthy and does something to people. In a good way, of course. Even if there’s too much bloodshed in the movie, when it comes to first loves, the innocent romance between Mosquito (played by Mark Chao) and Xiao Ning (played by Alice Ke) wipes clear of the gore across the board. Another awesome track, is called Love Trap covered by Grasshoppers, original artist is Alan Tam. Oh man, I didn’t know a Cantonese song like this conjures up fond memories when I sat with my third uncle, aunt, and older cousins at nights watching Jade channel.

Ethan Raun & Mark Chao duet for the first time.
Okay, maybe Ethan and Mark shouldn’t quit their day jobs.
It’s like a bad karaoke night. Gees, thank goodness for all the pretty!


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

You have a winner! Why is he so beautiful when he looks the ugliest there (snot running miles down to hell)? I say that the enactment above swept an award, when I saw this segment last night, Monk’s (played by Ethan Ruan) soul being tormented by Dragon’s (played by Rhydian Vaughan) father’s murder, I had a tingling feeling something great was paved for Ethan’s big screen performance. So, he was named 2010 ‘Best Lead Actor’ Golden Horse Award winner for this picture. Cool find.


You can’t touch this………… Don’t… mess with me!

Mark Chao, a Canadian actor I didn’t really care for in the drama Black & White? I see him as a combination of Leehom Wang and Hawick Lau in looks. Do you not see it? I honestly don’t know where he gets his courage from continuing to vocalize tracks on a few OSTs he’s associated in. I just know he’ll fit right in with the TVB roster struggling juggling actor and singer all at once. Mark has been beefing up and busier year 2012. I’m actually anticipating his forthcoming Chinese movie, called First Time, a remake to Korea’s …ing (2003) to which I bawled my eyes out watching it ages ago. I dunno, he kinda is growing on me as the Asian Ryan Gosling; and you know how Ryan shoots cupid arrows on cougars, or shall I say noonas, in his reality love life. Mark went public with his forbidden romance (per se baba Allen Chao) earlier this year claiming his cougar, Gao Yuanyuan, too. Even though this film aims Mark as the star character narrating the story, but I have to say Ethan stole Mark’s thunder on this one. Better luck next time Mark.

To conclude, I actually watched this film because (Ethan) Xiao Tian was in it, not knowing he was actually awarded honorary credibility for it. I can’t deny I was swooned by his caterpillar eyebrows character in Fated To Love You, Ji Cun Xi, which skyrocketed his career. (I feel like marathoning the series again. Ji Nian Pin. Sobs.) I won’t hear much of Xiao Tian rest of the year, besides the release of his last film Love, till next year when he’s completely done his mandatory (Marines) military service. Too bad he’s taken and by a well deserving beauty too; Tiffany Hsu has a lot of patience for her man.

I’m about to start up the film reel of Love, another Doze Niu film masterpiece director and cameo by yours truly. A bunch of stars in this one, involving Monga M&M (Monk & Mosquito) studs, Vicki Zhao, Eddie Peng, Ivy Chen, Shu Qi, and Amber Kuo. And if you happen to miss Mosquito’s and Xiao Ning’s romance as much as I do, then you can find a Mark and Alice parody 2 years later (starts here @1:31). I won’t spoil it for you. Who knows? I may ask you out on another movie date with moi again real soon.

Enjoy the popcorn and beverage! Here’s a bonus, a little thank you note for being a reader herein escapade, Stand By Me (First Time theme song) [Download] by Mark Chao. Leave a comment if you feel like, or if links are broken report ’em below.

  1. 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

    Here’s another love theme song between Mosquito & Ning – Desert Chang – I Think You’ve Gone:

    cr: tagged as is

  2. 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

    hahaha. I, too, wonder where the boys get the courage to sing from. They definitely shouldn’t quit their day-time job. It’s where the real ching-ching comes from. 😀

    Mark Zhao did a fair job in Black and White, nothing spectacular since the role didn’t require that much; a just cop, unbending in breaking the rules. He has the tough looks for the part, and oh that mighty ripped back of his. *blushes*

    Gonna come back after I finish watching the movie. =D

  3. 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

    *********SPOILERS ALERTTT! Read on with CAUTION!***********

    Glad I gave this one a try because it changed my view of Ethan as an actor. I didn’t think that he could look so hot and commanding in such a short cut, he did. My eyes were constantly being drawn to him. Maybe that’s why his loving eyes on Dragon instantly sparked my gay-radar (I HAVE ONE! Was not aware). When they first laid eyes on Mosquito, who was busy scaring off the other boys with poo, I was like “He looks in love staring at his best friend.” Voila. I was right! *pats back*

    Overall, I loved the colors and tones the director used to enhance the cinematography.. It gave off the ambiance of a chaotic district in the 1980s Taipei (that I’m used to see in old-school movies). Gorgeous hues, the nightlights were amazing.

    What I wished was further elaborated is the relationship between Mosquito and the big Boss, who was seen as a father figure for the young lad. There was only one scene (the karaoke scene) where we see a fatherly affection he had for the boys. Then we switched to him brutally beating the crap out of Monk.

    The emotional punch wasn’t there for me to fully buy Mosquito’s intense feeling, enough for him to take matter in his own hands and avenge the deceased boss.

    Although the plot could use more development, I enjoyed this beautiful filmed movie for the cast performances, especially from Ethan.

    P.S I like that uppit allows preview of a song! Totally didn’t know!

    • 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

      Who ROCKED that mullet best? Dragon! (Well, he was the only one rockin it in the film but… so what?) I hope to see more of the actor in the near future. Dang, he knows more Taiwanese than I do (well, not by much but still). Shhhhh~ Don’t tell my grandmother that or else she’ll whip me.

      I know, I know, Monk is your manly gay friend. Did you check out the way he stared down at Dragon’s gf? It’s kinda sad how Dragon was too oblivious to how much Monk loves him in the bending arrows kind of way.

      I was so upset at Grey Wolf for telling Mosquito to leave town. What a set up!?! I like his right-hand man more, at least that guy had a conscience reminding his boss Mosquito’s mom is gonna be devastated, Grey Wolf was like, “So what? He’s NOT my son!” 笨蛋 (ben dan)!! There goes his family registry… blank!

  4. 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

    Part 3 is reup’d for ya.


  5. 9 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (7): Monga

    i cant downlaod subs from jumbofiles. can you please use mediafire?

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