Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

 photo cee2699d-c7f0-445d-9c4c-0ee2a1d517f9.jpg
Nerdy for Keane.

Seeing these spreads of Yuki made me realize that I haven’t finished Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo yet! How terrible. See the review tripped me up and slowed me down (FYI, I haven’t written a single word. Anyone wants to volunteer?) Anyway, Yuki Furukawa has been traveling around Asian countries because of the popular remake of It Started With A Kiss, a story I couldn’t get behind until this latest adaptation, which is full of heart and Miki Honoka makes me want to adopt her as a baby sis (and that’s saying a lot because I rarely want to share my toys!) Here he is in China’s Ellemen but gawd, would it kill for you to smile, dude? One thing that has stayed consistent is I never really support the male lead. For me, Miki Honoka is the star and light of this series.

Naoki is lucky he somehow caught her attention. Yep. I said it!

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