Jdrama: Bitter Blood Episodes

English Title: Bitter Blood
Japanese Title: ビター・ブラッド
Cast: Sato Takeru, Watabe Atsuro, Kutsuna Shiori
# of Episodes: 11
Airing Days: Mondays
Broadcasting Station: Fuji TV

Synopsis: Sahara Natsuki is the new rookie at the Ginza Police Department First Division. His father, Shimao Akimura, is a veteran in the same division, and Natsuki is assigned to be his new partner. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Video files are raw 480mp4. File Size= ~300MB (500MB for just the first episode).
Subbing Group: DramaFever

Episode 1

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Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

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xyz: Welp. I’ve not been here for a pretty long while. I do come back lurking and browsing through posts I missed once in a while though.^^; Kappy was going to upload 720 raws, but she allowed me to take over when I said I’ve already downloaded all of them, albeit in a lower quality. You’ve gotta settle for less then. 😛

This was one of my favourites in the season. Love it when Sato Takeru plays dorky roles, and especially loving the father-and-son chemistry between Watabe Atsuro and him. They make a great pair! The first scene is a flashback of the past, but after that, it’s pretty hilarious. I have a thing for detective dramas, even better when it includes comedy. But it’s not all just hilarity either, it’s got the serious parts. Just like any other Japanese drama, there’s always a slice of life in every episode. My favourite episode is one of the last ones, where it literally had me crying and laughing every time in every other scene.

I think that the cast is pretty fantastic too. Each of them plays really different roles, but come together as a team, and complements each other well. Because they’re all so different, it’s a really fun watching their interactions with each other. The actors all did a great job portraying their roles too. The main villain especially so. I dont remember hating another bad-guy-character so much before. He appears only a little bit in the first few episodes, but more and more as the drama goes along.

Also, Furukawa Yuki is in it too, for those of you who fell in love with him after Itazura na Kiss. It’s not a major role, but he appears in every episode, also as a detective. The theme song is from Mayday, the Taiwanese band. The official MV for the song also stars Sato Takeru. For those who did not know, Mayday has been collaborating with Japanese artistes the past few years, and even coming out with their own Japanese songs.

Overall, it’s not like it’s a very thought-provoking drama that has very high reviews, but I think it balances comedy and seriousness very well. The CG and sound effects all add very well to the overall result too. One of my favourite dramas of all time, and definitely recommend those who love the comedy and/or detective genre!

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    You literally robbed the grave to bring this drama back to life, XYZ. I thought my eyes were playing tricks so early on a Monday Morning.

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      Hehehe. Well. I did already have a few episodes uploaded already anyway, and thought I’d let the rest upload overnight and get this post done with. And it was my Monday night. xD Doing this so late though, I feel like this ship wont sail very far from the dock. ><

      Watching any Jdramas this season, Kap?

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        I just finished Nobunaga Concerto. Very funny! Gonna write a post about it. Hopefully, I can pick up my lazy bum. 🙂

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    excuse me, do you have the ost?

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