Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

As reported earlier this year, Taiwan will remake It Started With A Kiss one more time because you know it’s just so unique (LOL). The remake is called Miss In Kiss (恶作剧之吻) and it features rising stars in Dino Lee and Esther Wu. I recognize our lead actor in various movies and from the promo videos, he appears to be the most expressive of the actors so far. Good or bad, you would have to check in to know!

Short and long trailers and songs are posted after the jump.

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Taiwan to remake It Started With A Kiss with Dino Lee

What is the appeal of this story anyway? Everyone chases to make their own adaptation. No one can appear as clueless as Ariel Lin, feel as spunky as Jung So Min, and look as adorable as Honoka Miki. The girl is the heart of the series and I find myself not as drawn to the female lead as the past versions. Playing the ultimate high IQ robot boy is Dino Lee and you might remember him in the hit movie Our Times as the perfect handsome student. His loyal, dim ladylove will be played by Esther Wu. Nope, I have nothing concrete about this young actress. *shrugs*

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Thai Version of It Started With A Kiss drops stills and teaser

After the success of Full House, the pair of Mike D. Angelo and Aom Sucharat will reunite in another remake of popular Japanese manga series that we all know too well, Itazura na Kiss. The official title of the new adaption is Kiss Me and is slotted to hit broadcast in September. The teaser is quite cute, not overdone, and I think the addition of a new member might just make this version a winner. But don’t hold your breath on me watching it. Lol. All of the guys picked to play the intelligent and dino male lead has yet to convince me they love the dumb girl… even if the girls are cute and kind as a bunny!

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