Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

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Nerdy for Keane.

Seeing these spreads of Yuki made me realize that I haven’t finished Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo yet! How terrible. See the review tripped me up and slowed me down (FYI, I haven’t written a single word. Anyone wants to volunteer?) Anyway, Yuki Furukawa has been traveling around Asian countries because of the popular remake of It Started With A Kiss, a story I couldn’t get behind until this latest adaptation, which is full of heart and Miki Honoka makes me want to adopt her as a baby sis (and that’s saying a lot because I rarely want to share my toys!) Here he is in China’s Ellemen but gawd, would it kill for you to smile, dude? One thing that has stayed consistent is I never really support the male lead. For me, Miki Honoka is the star and light of this series.

Naoki is lucky he somehow caught her attention. Yep. I said it!

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The Black and White Set. Gorgeous!

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Funny pose.

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 photo Yuki18.jpg

His legs are soooo long.

 photo Yuki19.jpg

 photo Yuki14.jpg

Ill-fitting grandpa’s coat.

 photo Yuki23.jpg

 photo Yuki6.jpg

Bed Hair. Pshhh. As if he rolled out of bed looking like that?! šŸ˜›

 photo Yuki21.jpg

 photo Yuki20.jpg

The best for last. Yellow fits him VERY WELL!

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

    As much as I want to agree with Kappy on other matters in regards to ItaKiss Tokyo, with regret I’m too distracted by all the pretty to comment on anything else.

    > Āø <" He's so popular overseas. He receives a lot of love. The amount of gifts are astounding. He has this cute way of showing his appreciation too on his fb. He logs 'em by posting up pics. His favorite gifts get special selcas as he models for 'em. Love Nerds. Adorkable, like this... SMILE....

    [email protected] hair. I believe the wind wants to play with his silky locks. The weather is mostly bad over in Asia this time around, no?

    There’s no doubt, you are CORRECT about how yellow fits him.

    Pics credit as tagged or fb.

    • 5 thoughts on “Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

      His popularity is skyrocketing. Lucky dude.

      For a tall person, his face is so small! The yellow photo is going to be a banner since it’s very very pleasing to the eyes. šŸ˜‰

  2. 5 thoughts on “Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

    I agree, the yellow pics (both Keane and Kappy’s) are the best of the coloured lot (I also have a bias for the monochrome ones) :3 Haha, both are lucky to find each other Kappy~

    I seriously want to ask: in what world is he 26? Seriously, just how? I’ve seen guys in highschool who’re better at looking 26 than he is -___-;; and those legs.. and the tiny face.. goddamn good genes >.<;;

    I wonder when I'll be able to convert the whole AVV ship to all versions of ISWAK lovers~ At least Kappy likes the most recent one~

    Also, right about now I am wishing so badly for a personal tutor, especially one who has a sixth sense for what sort of problems will come T_T

  3. 5 thoughts on “Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

    the boy does look very good in yellow!! i like him in fluffy blue too. if it’s yellow, he’d be a yellow chick. lol.

    @nutella, i guess different people like different flavor by each adaptation. maybe because im younger but the old-fashioned quality of the tw version bored me to tears. i think she was the most dumb version of all adaptations and ariel nailed that role perfectly. but i couldn’t root for her because the male lead was such a jerrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk and she frustrated the hell out of me with her spineless pining. i was gonna go crazy. i don’t think i finished after like 4 episodes? the japanese one isn’t as laborious and draggy (thanks GOD!).

    and what what problems are in facing? let the girls here know so we can help!! šŸ˜€

    • 5 thoughts on “Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

      Maybe he looks good in pastel colours! Now I have an itching to PS that shirt into different pastel colours XD

      Oh no, I completely get your point! If not for watching with my cousins, I would have ffed so much of ISWAK, and when I watched ISWAK II, I definitely ffed like 50% of it at least. But the thing with the staff working together for so long (especially for an asian drama) made them actually behave like family even in real life, and that and the underlying of message of “even if you’re not smart, it’s not the end of the world” message never fails to make me feel better ^^

      Haha, not much, it’s just that I’m not doing as well as I want to in my calculus class, and I’m scared because I need to keep up my GPA to get my diploma and continue into SFU, so I wish I had someone to help me, but everyone around me is either so busy that I feel guilty asking them or doesn’t know enough *pouts*

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