Reincarnation of The Super Star (Revive): Episode 1 Recap

Hi there! I’m a long time lurker, first time recapper. Kappy was kind enough to let me try this out and I’m super excited. Now onto the drama.

I haven’t read the novel this is based on, so I’m coming in with almost a blank slate. So far, I’m liking it. It’s fluffy, it’s dark, and everything and everyone is just so beautiful. And I’m always up for a little revenge drama.

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Dramatic trailer for Ma Ke’s Reincarnation of The Super Star

YES! What a crazy ride! Very exciting trailer with a lot of emotions and drama for the hottest new face of 2015 Ma Ke to tackle! And it’s all the actors’ real voices (well, the Chinese actors at least)! A good start for 2016. Reincarnation (Reborn) of The Super Star is a webdrama adapted from the novel written by Qing Luo Shan Zi. Our Sha Jie Jie is a player in here, for he has both girls and boys running after him after his new face transformation. Are you ready?

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