Dance of the Phoenix with Yang Chao Yue and Xu Kai Cheng confirms broadcast in August

Time travel romcom Dance of the Phoenix (且听凤鸣) stars Xu Kai Cheng and Yang Chao Yue as the main leads. Based on the novel written by Su Xiao Nuan about a female prodigy who is given a second chance at life after she is rendered useless by her enemy. A modern student studying traditional medicine accidentally travels back in time and takes on her identity. Her character then gets a surprise in a marriage with a prince, our male lead.

Airing 8/10.

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Seven Chinese Models strut down Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in China

I am a plain jane when it comes to Fashion so I never watch these fashion shows. Lol. The first Victoria’s Secrets (VS) Fashion Show in China is held last night in Shanghai with seven Chinese Models strutting down the runaway in elaborate lingerie that no one would wear on a normal day. XD

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