Godfrey Gao’s last drama We Are All Alone with Qin Lan is set to air

Sometimes, I would see an image of Godfrey and my fingers would move to weibo to check what’s going with him, then I would realize he’s no longer with us. We Are All Alone (怪你过分美丽) is his last drama and it’s based on a novel written by Wei Zai. I thought it’s a little bit ironic how the drama is about actors and the entertainment circle. Our heroine played by Qin Lan is a strict and successful agent, while Godfrey is a lawyer. The trailers raise up a lot of interesting issues, especially roles that older actresses are limited to – involving the talented Kara Hui no less! It is a cutthroat occupation. You need the right combination of timing, luck, and hard work to shine and stay shining.

Airing 6/8.

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