Xu Kai and Guli Nazha confirmed as leads for Xue Ying Ling Zhu (Snow Eagle Lord)

Xue Ying Ling Zhu aka Snow Eagle Lord aka Lord Xue Ying (雪鹰领主) is adapted from the novel written by I Eat Tomatoes (Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi). Our hero’s name is Xue Ying which means Snow Eagle, and he’s raised in a small city peacefully with his parents and younger brother up until he was eight years old. His dad is a commoner who bought a baron title and his mother was a noble lady who escaped her clan to live with his dad. But when their family is torn apart, our hero must take care of his younger brother while trying to save his parents. He’s then lured into the battle for power.

There’s an animation (donghua) available too! Incomplete novel translation @ Cosmic Translation.

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First trailer for Hawick Lau’s The Legend of Jade Sword

If that thing with many sharp teeth were chasing me, I wouldn’t look that calm and elegant. Lol.

Based on a popular Chinese Xianxia web novel, Desolate Era (莽荒纪), written by I Eat Tomatoes, the story follows a young man plagued with illness all his life and eventually succumbed. Due to his kind nature, he is reincarnated, given a second chance at life (without having to drink the bowl of forgetful soup) and enters the immortal realm. He realizes he’s meant for bigger things, yunno, like avenging for his family and saving this clan/world from extinction. He trains hard to become a power player in this world.

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