Su Mo’s Agarwood Like Crumbs finally confirms female lead Yang Zi, weeks after Cheng Yi’s confirmation

My gut feeling was true after all – something was wrong! When it was announced that Cheng Yi was the male lead weeks ago, I found it odd that we only get confirmation of our male lead and only bad quality unconfirmed pictures of the female lead at the time – Jing Tian. She was rumored for months with Cheng Yi but backed out and those initial photos were costume fitting of another ancient drama. Then just a week ago, Yang Zi‘s name became involved in the drama, with Yang Zi’s fans denying the leaked photos of her costume fitting as photoshop materials and calling out Huan Rui’s bad treatment of Yang Zi, forcing her to pick up this drama. And today, it has been confirmed by Yang Zi’s studio, Huan Rui, and Youku that Yang Zi was the actress they approached first, but she backed out due to scheduling conflict, and now is offered the role again and has accepted the deal.

What a mess huh? In any case, now that the seed has been planted, let’s support the actors and their project. I almost forgot, they were in Legend of Chusen too!

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Cheng Yi’s confirmation 2 weeks ago. He looks ethereal.

Yang Zi’s leaked photos. The styling is in tune with Jing Tian’s costume fitting as well, so I believe both ladies at one point, did try out.

Cheng Yi’s white hair. Why is his eyes covered? Read on about the synopsis!

What is the story about?

Agarwood Like Crumbs (沉香如屑) is adapted from the novel written by Su Mo. The story sounds quite tragic too with the past, present, and future intertwining. The story follows our female lead, Yan Dan (Yang Zi), who is a lotus flower fairy; her “owner”, Yu Mo, is a fish who has cultivated for many years. The two travel around to many places, consuming evil, weak souls to nourish their power/bodies and calling it “doing one good deed a day”. However, one day, they encounter a Taoist Master, Tang Zhou (Cheng Yi), whose goal is to eliminate the evils of this world and protect the humans. The three travel together to find four ancient artifacts which leads to the discovery of their twisted past together – 800 years ago. Our female lead was an exotic four-leaf flower (not sure how to describe her…Lol) in heaven who also had a twin sister. Her body was considered extraordinary herbs with great healing powers. Yan Dan fell in love with the god of war, Ying Yuan, who was terribly injured during the battle with the demons and lost his eyesight. To heal him, she willingly gave up her petals, and even half her heart to cure his eyes. Alas, once he could see again, he didn’t appear to remember her…. To forget him, she gave up her immortality and just like that 800 years went by. Her fish friend escaped heaven to search for her and the two share 20 years of peace together.

800 years later, she meets Tang Zhou, who turns out to be Ying Yuan’s reincarnation. Ha. There’s a lovely twist to this story as you have to figure out the REAL male lead. There’s another guy who’s a god too but he comes and goes. 😛

Spoiler: The fish is the guy who gets the girl at the end. So I’m not sure if the drama is gonna change that so Tang Zhou/Ying Yuan becomes the male lead AND gets the girl. His love story with the female lead is described as a regretful one, it was too late and she has moved on from her first love.

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    Well, I’m not disappointed. I like both actors a lot and think they portray their roles well, regardless of the genre/setting. I hope this will turn out to be a good drama. The costumes certainly look pretty so far!

  2. 2 thoughts on “Su Mo’s Agarwood Like Crumbs finally confirms female lead Yang Zi, weeks after Cheng Yi’s confirmation

    actually excited for this pairing

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