Cdramas To Air: A Dream Back to the Qing, To Get Her, The Mysterious World

It’s December already…

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=======> ♦ A Dream Back to the Qing (梦回大清) with Li Lan Di, Wang An Yu and Xin Yun Lai. Same story as Bu Bu Jing Xin but the love story is between female lead, 14th, and 13th. Airing soon.

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=======> ♦ Webdrama To Get Her (惹不起的殿下大人) with Tang Xiao Tian and Huang Ri Ying begins airing on 12/7. The story is quite interesting with our heroine entering a historical game to save her trapped boyfriend!

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=======> ♦ The Mysterious World aka Secret Twelve Palace (天机十二宫) with Song Wen Zuo, Hu Yi Xuan, and Zhang Xiao Ang began airing on 12/4. Such rich contrast and colors! The girl looks like a mini Yang Rong. 🙂

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  1. One thought on “Cdramas To Air: A Dream Back to the Qing, To Get Her, The Mysterious World

    I’m glad that for once, this Qing-under-Kangxi drama is focused not on the 4th prince and the 8th prince but on the 13th and the 14th. More original and I also think that, as novel characters, they have more potential

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