Cdrama Updates: Sword Dynasty, Find Yourself, Lucky’s First Love, Dear Ma Yang Street, The Best of Times

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=======> ♦ Find Yourself (资深少女的初恋) with Victoria Song and Song Wei Long.

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=======> ♦ You Are My Sunshine aka The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart (山月不知心底事) with Victoria Song and Oho Ou Hao to air on 8/20!

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=======> ♦ Sword Dynasty (劍王朝) with Li Yi Tong and Li Xian.

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=======> ♦ New modern drama Dear Ma Yang Street (亲爱的麻洋街) with Tan Song Yun, Xu Wei Zhou, and Niu Jun Feng.

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=======> ♦ The Best of Times (最好的时代) with Hu Bing Qing and Chen Xing Xu.

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=======> ♦ Conspiracy of Love (谋爱上瘾) with Chen Yan Qian and Meng En to air on 8/12.

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=======> ♦ New stills for Liu Li Mei Ren Sha (琉璃美人煞) with Crystal Yuan and Cheng Yi.

 photo liuli-1.jpg

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=======> ♦ Behind-The-Scenes Video for Li Yi Tong and Xu Kai’s palace drama Ode to Daughter of Great Tang (大唐女儿行).

=======> ♦ New stills for Lucky’s First Love (世界欠我一个初恋) with Bai Lu and Xing Zhao Lin. Yay! Bai Lu in a modern drama! =D

 photo lucky 6.jpg

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 photo lucky 4.jpg

 photo lucky 1.jpg

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  1. One thought on “Cdrama Updates: Sword Dynasty, Find Yourself, Lucky’s First Love, Dear Ma Yang Street, The Best of Times

    I’m so EXCITED for Find Yourself! Zhang Yujian has a minor role but from the snippet in the trailer, his character there seems to be quite similar to his real-life character (fun-loving, hilarious). Victoria and Song Wei Long are weak actors to me but they seem to have improved and romcoms shouldn’t be too hard a challenge.

    The other dramas look good too! Finally, something to end the drought post-Le Coup de Foudre.

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