Li Lan Di and Zhang Xin Cheng lead youth drama My Huckleberry Friends

From the writer behind the successful and highly-rated youth drama With You, another one of Ba Yue Chang An’s novel is adapted onto the small screen. Youth drama, My Huckleberry Friends (你好,旧时光) stars Li Lan Di (Wu Xin 2) and Zhang Xin Cheng (Shuttle Love Millennium 2) as the leading pair.

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Synopsis: Yu Zhou Zhou (Li Lan Di) and her mother are mutually dependent for life. The first day she went to elementary school, Yu Zhou zhou met a boy named Lin Yang (Zhang Xin Cheng) because of a fall. With Lin Yang’s help, she survived her indisposition at the beginning of school. The two people became good friends. However, because of some gossip, Lin Yang’s parents requested him to distance himself from Yu Zhou zhou. As to Lin Yang’s distance, Yu Zhou zhou learned how to pretend she didn’t care.

In the beginning of middle school, Yu Zhou zhou ran away from Lin Yang and her former friends, gradually having free rein like a fish back in water. Ultimately, her goal of testing into Zhongdian Zhenhua High School was fulfilled. When they meet again in Zhenhua High School,she doesn’t know if their meeting is sad or happy. Because of one coincidental phone call from Lin Yang, Yu Zhou zhou’s destiny changes again. Lin Yang’s guilt makes him anxious to make up for a deficiency, and he is unclear whether he is happy, making Yu Zhou zhou not know how to face him. His older brother, Chen An, takes care of him while Zhongdian High School becomes intensely competitive because of a chance to get into a recommended group for an institution, and his good friend, Mi Qiao dies. Yu Zhou zhou has always used her sunshine and kindness to actively forge a path for herself. Facing an accident that happens to her, she quickly matures. Everyone graduates, and scatters. Youth is not immortal. [Credit Tranzgeek@AVV]

Posters and Stills:

Li Lan Di. She’s born in 1999….. So many 9s…

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Steven Zhang Xin Cheng. He’s four years older than her. They look mad young!

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Zhou Cheng Ao.

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Liu Jun Qi.

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Xu Meng Yuan.

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Tang Meng Jia.

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Chen Peng Wan Li.

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Li Qian.

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Jiang Yuan.

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Cao En Qi.

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They do look quite adorable.

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Directed by Sha Mo (Black Fish, Honey Trap) and written by novel author, My Huckleberry Friends has 30 episodes. No air date yet.

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    I liked this book the least. Imo 暗恋.橘生淮南 is her best novel out of the trilogy.

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