First Character Stills for Qing Yu Nian with Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Qin, and Song Yi

Alrighty, things look good. Everyone has neat, pretty hair. Clothes are not too bright to compete with Yumama’s older projects. Lol.

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Zhang Ruo Yun’s drama Qing Yu Nian confirms Li Qin, Song Yi, Li Chun, and more!

Wow, what stellar casting, both in the young and older generation of the ensemble! After confirming Zhang Ruo Yun as the male lead a few months back, the production finally releases a bunch of posters for the remaining cast with Li Qin taking the female lead role. Qing Yu Nian or known in English as Joy of Life or Extra life in Qing is a novel written by Mao Ni.

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Zhang Ruo Yun’s next drama is adapted from novel Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian)

And it’s confirmed! It’s been floating about for a few weeks and now we know what Zhang Ruo Yun‘s next drama is still a period one based on the novel Qing Yu Nian or known in English as Joy of Life or Extra life in Qing written by Mao Ni. Tencent Pictures will announce its major investments next year, which includes Joy of Life, Chen Fei Yu’s Jiang Ye, Xia Yu’s Mystery of Antiques, Song Yang’s Pathfinder, Fighter Of The Destiny 2, and Tibet Code. I will write about them in separate posts (buying time to find more info on them here! Lol.)

A movie version will also be in the works.

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