Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

For a drama with 70 episodes, I didn’t think they would let Peter Ho go so early in the drama. T___T It was a career surprise and he rose to top search! Thy are so cruel, Show.

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  1. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    Finally…I can see the latest post and can comment. I had been on vacation but I can’t help myself and watched it every night on my phone in the hotel lol I find this drama to be very refreshing…I mean the story is nothing new but everything about it makes it right. The actor/actress are soooo good in portraying their characters, the storyline is not draggy, and every scenes (directing, color, editing, execution) all feels good (especially after suffering from poor producing drama for a while lol)

    Sun Li is really an amazing actress…I only saw her one other drama The Legend of Miyue and I like her but didn’t focus on her acting, more on the overall drama but this time I really appreciate how comfortable her presence is onscreen. There are actresses you know they are acting and they may be good or bad but for SL I do not feel any acting but just her character and that itself is really bringing the character to life. At first, I was hesitate to check out this drama because I don’t like these period drama and guys with ponytail really turn me off (I never finish Scarlet Heart) but the first 10 mins already capture my attention and I definitely will continue watching this drama.

    Chen Xiao really surprise me here. I really like his offscreen personalty but I never finish any of his drama and I felt he overact sometime but this character is perfect for him. He is soooooo spoiled and a big meanie but it is in such an adorable way. I have a love/hate feeling for him at first, but now he completely charmed me. If it is any other similar type of characters, we usually hate them directly but here, we see much more realistic and layered type of spoiled brat. He is pretty honest what he want in life, to eat, drink, play, and enjoy. He is this way because he had a capable brother to shelter him from everything and once this ‘tree’ fell down, he is pushed to replace him. He didn’t resist this and try to live up to his father expectation but he really is not his brother. He is too use to his old way and the old times to adapt to this change and all the pressure on him. In addition, we get to see that no matter how spoiled he is, he is a very kind-hearted man (stealing rice to give to the poor, standing up and protecting a little girl when she is bullied) and that makes him such a likable character. Plus, his scene with SL is sooo cute, he likes her but he is sooo mean to her as well lol

    Finally, Peter…Didn’t really watch any of Peter’s drama but he is so comfortable to watch. Typically, these type of character is a bit boring but I find WP to be soooo sweet and gentle, it is no wonder ZY fall in love with him. He is sooo perfect. I didn’t expect him to be gone sooo soon but I understand if he is still here, ZY will forever be under his protection and care, only when WP is gone will ZY become the strong woman to built her own business empire.

    I only watched up to esp 13 and building myself up for the tear-jerking in the upcoming eps 🙁

  2. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    This is very good – both production and acting wise – which is nice. Subtitling would give it a broader audience, though.

  3. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    CX is perfect as the spoiled rich son. It reminded me of his past performances in Yumama palace dramas, but major improvement in his acting. I thought his career was rather lackluster in the past years. Here’s another hit for him. Oh, the power of Sun Li lol

  4. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    This show is excellent beyond words and I just love it!
    Wu Pin’s death was very very sudden and that is going to be such a huge life-smashing for SL’s character to deal with till the rest of her life, I love how realistic that is though, things like that do happen in real life, and it’s something so hard to take, such a sweet person like him, and he’s gone just like that, whoever is left behind to remember him will suffer a lot.

    Because Sun Li and Peter Ho has been such a sweet-sweet couple together, and they were so in love, it really makes sense to me if she decides not to accept Chen Xiao later on. That is one of the most valid reasons not to move on if you don’t feel like it, no matter how cute I find Chen Xiao is. He is the very top adorable male character I find this year, and I hope he doesn’t chase anybody else ever other than SL, but too bad I will accept SL rejecting him though, so he’s quite pitiful. As if I just want to torture him, I prefer the goofy him over Wu Pin and don’t want to lose him, but I can’t have him with the female lead either. I hate being wishy washy like this as a viewer, but this is a very special case, in which it is very appropriate to be this indecisive.

    In some ways, this drama actually reminds me a lot of TVB Sweetness in the Salt (one of my top favorites, except how I wish they would change Tavia’s hair style). There are certainly some similarities (same era and people doing business), but as far as characterization goes, none of the character’s personalities in there match up with NGCS, and the storyline is totally different. But one comparison, I really hated how Raymond died at the end like that, I’ll say it’s realistic too, people die quick and easily, yeah, but it’s nerve-wrecking! He was so, so so so adorable and never received any love from Tavia and just die like that…I didn’t like Tavia’s wishy washiness in there as much, although it was reasonable, both guys were totally too GREAT & charming in their own ways, but I actually wanted her to just commit to Raymond if she truly regards him as her husband, or just completely ignore this innocent guy if she wants Steven (Wink, I preferred vulnerable Raymond in that story). Or, like she joked, she should just keep convincing them until they agree she’ll marry both. She made absolutely “no decision” at all, and then Raymond dies without her really choosing anything. That was an unsatisfying ending, we don’t know what she wants, fate just helped her. But in NGCS, we will seem to know and understand WY choices well.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      I feel you about Sweetness in the Salt. I wished Tavia was more worthy of Raymond’s affection or there was another girl he could go have a happy family with. I hated how he died I dropped the drama and only picked it up later to see the ending.

      In this drama though, I thino Chen Xiao has to do a lot of groveling and years has to pass before I can accept his character with Sun Li. Peter was such a good husband and man that losing him left a whole in everyones heart.

  5. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    Forgot to mention Myolie Wu, I am glad to see her too. I’m surprised she took on a role like this, she’s been on main leads so many times and this made it seems as if she lowered herself this time, but I am actually so glad that no matter what she is playing she is doing so well on it!
    I really hate when there are boring supporting roles that are there just to waste time, best example is that Ah Chai princess in LSS’s drama, I’m about to drop it because of her useless scenes that takes up 80% of the time, that is stealing the show away for no reason. She is part of the ruins in PA as well, all the supporting roles in PA ruined the whole drama because they all pop in and out like popcorns. These supporting roles, if they are played by boring people (doesn’t matter if they are new / popular / unpopular people), I simply don’t want to watch them if they cannot act or have Zero character development. Truly just there to waste time only.
    Myolie is just playing a rich girl, although the character doesn’t waste time, it is still a role with high potential to be hated or annoyed by viewers, so it does help me not to skip when I see that, hey, it’s Myolie! I’m her fan, or not her fan, but I know/seen her and comfortable seeing her again. If it’s not played by Myolie, it’s got to be somebody talented that wouldn’t make people want to skip, and it’s probably likely not that easy to find talented people that are so new. So I think it’s pretty smart and considerate that they took Myolie on for this role and she accepted it with hard work on it too.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      Myolie led 1-2 small Mainland productions in the past. NGCS is a big production. Of course, she’s playing a supporting character here.

      Ex-TVB or current TVB artists don’t get lead status in China unless you’re already active there (Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, etc.). Her acting career post-TVB have yet to pick up. She’s been looking for that opportunity to hit it big in China, but no luck. I don’t see her lowering herself when she’s not getting high profile offers since Scheme of Beauty.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      I don’t watch TVB series nowadays but Myolie left a great impression with me when I saw her series many many years ago. I’m so glad that she is in this series. I do hope that we get to see her more in the future episodes.
      My gosh, this series doesn’t hold back on breaking my heart. Since I have been watching alot of crappy series lately, it’s a truly refreshing to see a nice storytelling, pacing, and great acting. I really hope they’ll keep up this pace.

  6. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    I honestly couldn’t bear to see the last few episodes, after WP’s death. It was just too hard; my heart couldn’t take the amount of torture ZY had to go through post-WP. It’s all just very pain, esp since she’s gonna lose the baby too.

    I’m going to skip these few episodes and wait until the dust has cleared to continue watching. I’m in love with the drama, but not in love with part of the plotline, though I know why they’re necessary.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      I know exactly how you feel…I feel like I am going to be super piss off with every single person who believed/executed the wrongdoing to ZY and really hope she can just let them family rot and built her own life/business empire. I mean the only two person who are really kind and put their faith in her are already dead. Her last hope (her child) is gone. No reason to stay and take up this responsibility. I am totally in agreement with her dad on this one lol Go and be free and selfish. Love his perspective of life! Also really enjoy watching his scene with SXY…saw some posting on rooting for this 24K CP to break ZY from widowhood lol

      • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

        Finally by episode 23-24, the whole ordeal is over phew. I can now resume watching.

        Honestly with the crap ZY had to endure, I think only someone in a drama could still forgive the culprits. In real life, they would’ve had PTSD already and even if they are able to forgive the perpetrators, their future interactions would’ve been awkward as eff.

        But, because I am in love with the show, I can suspend my disbelief lol. ZY FTW!

  7. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    I didn’t think I would watch this drama, never mind liking it. But OMG, this drama has me hooked. I’m up to the part where SXY tried to kidnap ZY and got captured instead. Even during her intense grief, ZY never lost her sassy-ness. She has WP in her heart and he is her driving force. I believe that she stands with the Wu family despite how they treat her because she wants to protect everything that is his. That is true love.

  8. 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

    I’m actually super confused about something…so who poisoned Wu Pin? I thought it was the that guy with the birds by poisoning the wine cause Wu Pin may have found out who killed the older son from the Shen family but then the wife and her lover seem to be discussing how they poisoned him??

    (excuse the fact that I don’t know any of their names lol, my chinese isn’t that good and I have such a hard time registering these names)

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      Hey we are in the same boat together, my Chinese isn’t good either. My guess is that, it is still a mystery, and maybe he got poisoned by both parties. At first I thought it was Myolie who tried to poison ZY because she knew (I assume she knows) her WP ge ge doesn’t like sweets.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      It’s still a mystery. The third brother’s wife admitted that she poisoned Wu Pin and among other things, but Wu Pin never drank that tea. Everyone now just accepted that it was done by the third brother’s wife. I will not be surprised if the true culprit turns out to be Du lao ban since his mission is to get rid of the Wu family.

    • 17 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 13 – 25

      Phew, I thought there was some obvious answer and I just completely missed it! Thanks guys 🙂

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