Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 6: Episodes 71 – 74 (Finale)

Another drama comes to an end! One tough summer we had. I hope you enjoyed this one. I’m also trying to put together a team to provide subtitles for this drama, so if you can help in any way, please contact me!

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Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 46 – 60

Our heroine is pretty lucky, she has many great men in her life. I think the trope of having many guys fall for the same girl is definitely overused but a good writer knows how to make the heroine work and a good actress will make you believe she’s the golden catch.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 3: Episodes 26 – 45

One character that is gaining quite a lot of love is Butler Wang Shi Jun played by actor Li Ze Feng for his “acting eyes.” He was in quite a number of good-of-mouth dramas: Lu Yi’s Grow Up, Wallace Huo’s Battle of Changsha, and Han Xue’s War Flowers. And looks very handsome with a head full of hair too. Image 01 // 02

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Nothing Gold Can Stay Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 12

So many dramas I want to watch but no time! How to find the door to the 4th dimension. Or the clone machine.

If you’re curious, this drama airs every single day of the week, 2 episodes per day, one episode on Sunday. The ratings kicked off really well, both stations over 1! If it keeps increasing, this might be the next big drama in cdramaland.

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Air dates confirmed: Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Zhang Yi Jie’s King Is Not Easy

Sorry for the site downtime guys, I’m gonna expect more sudden downtime until I can get this sorted out. On the one hand, I don’t feel like AVV has grown, but on the other hand, resource is being eaten like hotcakes. Building a community is hard, building an active community is even harder.

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New Promos: Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Dilreba’s The King’s Woman, Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud of Han Dynasty

It’s hard to focus on one drama per post when they churn out news endlessly throughout the day. Of the three dramas featured in here, I’m not sure which one I will watch. Nothing Gold Can Stay have weird coupling chemistry going on, The King’s Woman looks twisty and I don’t like mean lead guys even if he’s Zhang Bin Bin, but Dilreba looks stunning in all the stills, and Xuan Yuan Sword: Cloud of Han Dynasty…. I’m iffy about everyone’s okay acting. Lol.

Am I too hard to please? Or too jaded for dramaland?

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