Undercover drama with Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, and Li Qin

Whoa! Badass opening themevideo with solid casting! Upcoming police drama, Undercover (卧底归来) features 38 real crimes exposed by undercover agents against narcotic drugs and drug dealers. It gives me the same vibes as old TVB cop dramas (Detective Investigation Files franchise, anyone?) with the undercover agent (Lin Shen) stealthily getting into the gang run by drug Lord Jiu Ye (Kent Tong) and falling in love with his only daughter (Li Qin), because we love complicated relationships. heh. Zhang Jia Yi plays his handler, our police chief, and Liu Yi Jun plays chief director of the Anti-Narcotics team. It looks exciting and and I’m pumped!

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Zhang Jia Yi. Police Chief. 😀

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Undercover agent, Lin Shen.

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Badass narcotic team leader, Liu Yi Jun.

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Zhai Tian Lin. He’s in the narcotic team and often butts head with our undercover agent, not knowing he’s also a cop. Slowly, bromance surfaces!

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Li Qin, daughter of drug lord. In the end, in order to protect her dad, she works together with the police.

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With Lin Shen. The two did star as OTP in 2013’s Flower Pinellia or Flower Blooms in The Mid-Summer.

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Yang Yu Ting.

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Fu Jing.

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Trailers & Opening MV:

Opeining Themevideo.

Directed by Liu Guang (Police Story) and written by Huang Jian (Police Story, Detective), Undercover premieres on May 12th with 43 episodes.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Undercover drama with Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, and Li Qin

    Flower Blooms in The Mid-Summer is a under rated drama, i enjoyed watching it a lot. Acting is bit weak since it’s full of new people and unknowns. But the story isnquite superb. Also while that drama aired in 2013, it was actually filmed in 2011z

  2. 4 thoughts on “Undercover drama with Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, and Li Qin

    lol. looks like they want to follow up in the name of the people’s success by releasing more government/cop-related shows.

    but this looks good, buoyed by good casting for sure!

    • 4 thoughts on “Undercover drama with Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, and Li Qin

      The series actual will only air in 3 regional (non satellite) stations, Jiangsu Cities, Shanghai News (yes, it’s a news channel…) and Shenzhen City. If the ratings are good, then perhaps a nation wide sat channel will pick it up.

      The fact is, few people expect this genre could be successful, Even in the name of the people couple of times before hunan picked it up. (even cctv, which normally airs this genre, rejected it)

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