Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

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Which is basically today on Hunan Tv. It’s another novel-to-tv adaptation of the same name. If Zhao Li Ying was the breakout star of 2012-2013, then Li Qin is the latest contender to take the spotlight cause this girl has several dramas under her wings, to film and to air. The newest one, Flowers Pinellia, depicts Xia Ru Hua (Li Qin)’s life with a brotherly figure, Wei Ru Feng (Lin Shen) as the two struggle to cope after Ru Hua’s grandma’s death. Their loss is further exacerbated when Ru Hua is raped by a hooligan (Spoilers!) To seek revenge, Ru Feng dwindles down the path of temptations and emotional turmoils.

Some stills:

To clear confusions, these two are not siblings. He was brought up in her family.

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But boy, she looks adorable with second lead, Yang Yang, too. Gosh. Did I break your heart with that line? He plays a sharp-tongued, rich lad in her university.

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The big boss that Ru Fen gets involved with is played by Hong Kong actor, Michael Miu!

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  • Compared this trailer to that of Return of the Heiress, I like this one much better. The tone is mature and somewhat dreamy with a stroke of sadness bubbling in the scenes. Plus, the characters here don’t act like they’re villains in cartoons. *phew*
  • Interesting tidbit: The producer is actress Li Xiang, Wang Yue Lun‘s wife, and as we all know, he’s busy trying to learn the basics of hair-tying for our little princess, Angela, on Dad, Where Are We Going. He’s lucky, and they’re rich. heh.
  • The script is edited by the original writer of the novel, Jiu Ye Hui (九夜茴), so I have high hopes that she knows what she wants out of these fresh-faced actors.
  • Director is Li Shao Hong, who did Hong Lou Meng 2010.
  • I think we’re in good hands with this project. *crosses fingers*
  1. 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

    ^ what is nutella doing up there with her NOPE? gurl, explain yoself!!! lol.

    the lead actor doesn’t look as appealing as the rest of the gang, they are much younger than him. as a matter of fact, the romance reminds me of am1994. let’s hope the brother isn’t like that……..slow like a snail……….!!!!

    yang yang is the second lead!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO that cutie looks snarky in the trailer. can’t wait until he starts falling for her. i agree, this trailer is better than return of the heiress with the slapping gone too far and too often. 😛

    angela’s mom is rich. her father IS a director so the princess is definitely spoiled and it shows. 😀

    • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

      Haha frea, it’s just that I’m so done with dramas that tempt me with adorable leads and then put me through the emotional wringer. Like, I came and watched to take the stress away, not add to it.


      In addition to that, I’m also very upset at this point about the use of rape as a plot device. From a literary standpoint, it’s so overdone, and rarely handled well. Like, I literally know only one drama that handled rape well and that was MARS, and that was because it was based on a manga. Like every other show just uses it as a source of angst. And that’s my second point: from a real life standpoint, around 20-40% of viewers have had a rape/molestation incident happen to them, so every time you show this to an audience, you’re reminding 2-4 of them of what is probably their worst memory. And all so that your hero can go on his quest of revenge and have broody shower scenes and be all angsty. And don’t get me wrong, I like those scenes as much as the next drama watcher, but to use such a traumatic incident for something that could easily be caused by something else seems really insensitive to me. And to be honest, you can tell how lightly they treat the incident just by reading the summary like “yeah, the hero’s grandma gets killed, all their milk is stolen, the foster-sister is raped, and all their clothes get spoilt~” like milk, eggs, bread and blood. So casual. Just one more reason on that list to kill the evil people. Like, really now? You think that killing the grandma that took them in and raised them wasn’t enough? You had to raise the stakes cos that was too little? So yeah, it gets me all upset. What’s worse is that I really want to watch this show, if only for Yang Yang and Li Qin being cute with each other.


      On a shallower note, my heart just about broke when they said Yang Yang was second lead. First they make him gay, next second lead, like seriously, can he get a good love line and some screen time already please? Most preferably in an ensemble drama with Eddie Peng, Zaizai and Wang Lee Hom (omg he got engaged squeeee) so that I can feast my eyes? Yes yes?

      • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

        Did you watch the full trailer? The girl was raped the night of her grandma’s tragedy because the hooligan barged in and slammed her onto the floor, hitting her head, then went and molested the poor girl. The egg, bread, and blood analogy does not work here as the summary only emphasizes those parts. This could be a potential good character arc for the girl because while she grieves over grandma’s death, she hasn’t coped with her own depression about the incident.This is a family that is not rich to begin with, the leads still share a room with only a sheet in between.

        I think you should be open-minded and not judge a show based on the a trailer. Watch a few episodes and then decide to stop or continue.

        If anythig, this drama looks better than the fiasco that is Return of the Heiress, and trust me the leads are soooooooooooooo cute together in there. It hurts the show s**** balls.

        • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

          Hey Cindy, yes I watched the full trailer, and I know that she was raped the same night, did I say anything to the contrary? My point stands in that it was unnecessary.

          Yes, it could be developed beautifully, as she grieves over the grandma’s death, and I think “depression” is a bit too light for that. Rape is traumatic. She might be depressed in addition, but that’s not the primary thing she’ll have to get over.

          Yes, maybe I was too harsh with the written summary, but I was comparing the way the novel was written to the way it turned out in the trailer, so I had somewhat higher expectations. What I’m most scared of is them not playing out the scenes as well as they were written.

          Yes, I agree that I need to give the show a chance, but this is a discussion over the trailer, not the show, and it was the trailer that I’m not happy with and wish to give my opinion over. Because, right now, to me, the trailer seems nothing more than an audience grab, promising broody angst and tears, when it could have been much more.

          I do see where you’re coming from, I just wanted to state my opinions ^u^

        • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

          One has to worry since all you said in the first comment is “Nope”. That is pretty definite and concise about your opinion.

          If the rape happens after the grandma’s death, then that is unnecessary. But it happens together at the same time, which makes it more plausible – than say the grandma went out to grab a snack for her (have seen this happened before).

          And what kind of depression are you referring to? Depression is not something “light”. Its the road to many suicidal thoughts and psychotic behaviors if not treated correctly and soon. And of course, it’s a given that it shouldn’t be the only effect of that night.

          All trailers is a gimmick to grab the audiece, are they not? Cdramas just prioritize these scenes over others, which is not great tbh. While Kdramas show posters and collages of expressions. I think Twdramas have the best trailers.

          Ditto, I just voiced my opinion because you seem dead set on not watching with your nope and angry response to frea above. (Honestly, I just wanted more people to watch this show since I like the cast.. lol)

        • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

          The nope was lighthearted, tbh. If you’ve been on tumblr etc long enough, then nope is a playful “I… can’t… gaahh.. asdfghjkl” in meaning. I could see how it’s confusing since it was without any emotes or anything.

          I’m so sorry if I seemed angry while answering Frea. I am rarely angry at anything (especially frea, she’s this gigantic sweetheart), since if it irritates me I just ignore it, because why waste time on hate? The fact that I answered in of itself means that I actually care, else I would take the same route I take with most c-dramas and not watch them.

          Plausability and being necessary or unnecessary are two completely different things. While it’s plausible, I still don’t think it’s necessary, and I’m not going to say anymore on this topic because I would just be reiterating myself which is quite useless.

          I am not saying depression is anything to scoff at, but you have to deal with trauma before you can get to the depression, since the trauma is much more immediate and debilitating, while the depression is a slow burn that eats your life away.

          You just pointed out my own thoughts at the trailers, so I needn’t say anymore~

        • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

          lol…………..see what happens when you lose your temper and coolness Nutella?!! 😛

          wait wait, so the rape and grandma’s death happened on the same night? how terrible. ( i didn’t watch all the trailer okay, don’t judge me. or maybe i did but don’t remember)

          she’s probably going to be in denial for a while before realizing her own pain and loss of v-card. how tragic.

          actually, the only dramas that use rape as a form of love expression (YUCK) are thai lakorns. seriously. what a turn off and negative impact on society.

          And nuttie, Lee Hom is MARRIED! DUDE!! so many confessions this year!

        • 9 thoughts on “Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

          Butbutbut I didn’t lose mah temper!! I’m just really opinionated sometimes on some things… Seriously, you should see my house.. #1 sentence when I’m in the room is “Nana, who asked you to butt in?” followed by “Nana, shut up!” and finished with “Nana, who asked your opinion?”. Special mention goes to “Who appointed you -insert name’s- lawyer?” XD

          Yeah, Mr.R needs to stay away. It’s like saying murder is a form of love -____-;;

          Leehom’s married? I thought it was just engagement.. Congrats to the dude ^u^ One more crush taken off of the singles list XD

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