Undercover drama with Zhang Jia Yi, Lin Shen, Liu Yi Jun, and Li Qin

Whoa! Badass opening themevideo with solid casting! Upcoming police drama, Undercover (卧底归来) features 38 real crimes exposed by undercover agents against narcotic drugs and drug dealers. It gives me the same vibes as old TVB cop dramas (Detective Investigation Files franchise, anyone?) with the undercover agent (Lin Shen) stealthily getting into the gang run by drug Lord Jiu Ye (Kent Tong) and falling in love with his only daughter (Li Qin), because we love complicated relationships. heh. Zhang Jia Yi plays his handler, our police chief, and Liu Yi Jun plays chief director of the Anti-Narcotics team. It looks exciting and and I’m pumped!

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Li Qin’s Flowers Pinellia to air November 30th

 photo Fpen9.jpg

Which is basically today on Hunan Tv. It’s another novel-to-tv adaptation of the same name. If Zhao Li Ying was the breakout star of 2012-2013, then Li Qin is the latest contender to take the spotlight cause this girl has several dramas under her wings, to film and to air. The newest one, Flowers Pinellia, depicts Xia Ru Hua (Li Qin)’s life with a brotherly figure, Wei Ru Feng (Lin Shen) as the two struggle to cope after Ru Hua’s grandma’s death. Their loss is further exacerbated when Ru Hua is raped by a hooligan (Spoilers!) To seek revenge, Ru Feng dwindles down the path of temptations and emotional turmoils.

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