Star of Tomorrow’s Child Actors continue cuteness with Hua Mu Lan

And you thought The Legend of White Snake was cute? Wait till you see the kiddie version of Hua Mu Lan (花木兰)! I couldn’t stop smiling at the kids in soldiers uniforms! The same group of child actors from the program Star of Tomorrow. I think it’s a genius idea for the kids to have a feel of acting and simply enjoying the sets, equipment, and making life-long friends. It’s precious!


Our legendary female warrior who takes the place of her sick father in the army is played by Liu Dai En (9). She was Green Snake in Madame White Snake.

 photo Child 27.jpg

 photo Child 25.jpg

He’s the Grand Chancellor, played by Yang Bin Kui (10). He was one of the kid actors on Taekwondo Girl with Yang Yang!

 photo Child 26.jpg

The art of side-eying. LOL. Grandma (Peng Chu Ya) and Hua Sister (Li Xin Yi).

 photo Child 35.jpg

Xiao Yang Bo Han.

 photo Child 32.jpg

 photo Child 29.jpg

 photo Child 28.jpg

 photo Child 30.jpg

Trailer and Themesong:

  • They played a lot of old songs in the trailer (in Chinese). I caught “My Heart Will Go On” and the evil hyenas song from The Lion King? Lol!
  • Dad falling ill and daughter cutting her long hair scene is really well done!
  • Are you guys following the Disney remake of Mulan? They launched a global searching for a Chinese actress to play the part. Gonna be a big push for any new face if they land the role. I’m hoping for a new, talented young woman to step up!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Star of Tomorrow’s Child Actors continue cuteness with Hua Mu Lan

    They are so cute! -dies-
    I love the little one who played the grandma. Wanted to touch her adorable cheeks.
    Was expecting Reflection song but I guess the Titanic song will do lol.
    I remembered when Disney announced the remake news, the director, and so forth because it started trending and people were really bent on wanting a Chinese actress and no non-Asian actors or actresses (which is understandable).

    • 2 thoughts on “Star of Tomorrow’s Child Actors continue cuteness with Hua Mu Lan

      they had the nerve to release a script where they wanted a white man instead of an asian man to play mulan’s love intrest

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