Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

English Title: Les Interpreter,
Chinese Title: 亲爱的翻译官
Cast: Yang Mi, Huang Xuan
# of Episodes: 42
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: HNTV
Synopsis: A genius translator encounters an aspiring French Interpreter and romance begins in the land of France. [Credit: Me]

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  1. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    Yayyy! Thanks for the uploads!

    So far, this drama is quite fun, lighthearted and easy to watch. Very interested in the growth of both YM and HX’s characters. The ratings started off pretty solid, debuting at 1.7 nationally. Hope it gets even better~

  2. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    teary eyes.. im looking for this dramaaaaa. thank you ^^ THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

    i enjoyed watching the first 2 episodes, without sound unfortunately, so i didnt hear what they said neither in Chinese nor French
    im glad that you upload it here. fighting!!!!! once again, thank youuu 😀

    btw :

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪½
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪½
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪½
    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪
    – Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪½

    i wish to give them 5 stars, but i save it for later. too much expectation is not good. 😀

  3. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    I am conflicted. The first 4 episodes are okay but this has such a great potential to be long-winded with 42 episodes and a limited story line! I was asked to help translate and edit but I am not sure if I should pick this project up. What say you ladies? Anyone read the novel? Was it any good?

    • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

      I read the novel quite some time ago and remember recommending it to friends so I must have liked it. But the tone of it is not as lighthearted as the drama. Qiao Fei was also not as optimistic, very demure.

      The novel also had a lot of sex, but from the looks of it the drama will not have that.

  4. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    I watched the first episode and thought it was watchable but I had to cringe at the many false facts they had in there. Like the fact that albert einstein never was part of university zurich like they tried to say, he is an eth alumni. Also people speak german in zurich not french.

    • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

      Yes it’s Swiss German but apparently French is also spoken there too. So they’re not entirely wrong.

      • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

        No they don’t speak french there, they learn it in school but that’s it. People speak swiss german in zurich, you’d have to go to the french speaking regions for people who speak french. In fact the white guy they got to speak french in the first scene had an obvious german accent.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          Huh, I’m just going by what my Swiss friend tells me since I don’t speak German or French lol.

  5. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    The script is pretty bad. I don’t mean story wise. I sort of knew what I was going into when I started watching plus I think I read the novel before so I can’t complain, it’s like a guilty pleasure. However, the lines suck. The flow is totally weird. Sometimes they repeat what they say in the previous line too, which makes it uncomfortable to listen to. Also, YM’s acting is a little lacking, partly because the script is poorly written IMO. It just feels messy to me. I’m still going to watch it though, just to see how the romance pans out.

  6. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    I was looking for a new drama to watch and since so many were looking forward to Les Interpretes, decided to give the trailer a try. HX’ character seems to be an ass 🙁 At least, YM’s French is good so it does give her credence. Haven’t heard the others yet though.

    Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer for reviews and episodes before jumping in the drama.

  7. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪
    – Directing: ✪✪✪
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

    I agree with kitai on the script and the lines. It just feels unnatural. It doesn’t help that it doesn’t remind me of the novel which has a much more serious tone. But strangely, I can tolerate this. No explanation there.

    Huang Xuan and Yang Mi’s characters remind me of Lu Yi and Bai Baihe in Grow Up. He is an ass that takes his job seriously and expects the same of people who work with him. The stricter he is, the better his students will become. (Or whatever that Chinese saying is. =P) There’s growing up for YM’s character to do and yes he’s going to be the one to push her forward. Eventually he will see what she’s capable of in a professional setting.

    Now the supporting characters I find unnecessary and boring. If you think Jiayang is an ass, then I don’t know what to call his older brother Jiaming who shoved a girl aside, threw a picture in her face and outright insulted her in front of her father. Meanwhile this girl Wen Xiaohua is a complete doormat. Plus she’s living in her own world and completely ignores the fact that Jiaming has made it clear multiple times that he’s not interested in dating her, ever. Girl, move on.

    The others, Qiao Fei’s and Jiayang’s BFFs, have yet to meet but from they look rather entertaining from the trailer.

    Btw, this is just my two cents but if you ever want to convince someone to watch this drama with you, DO NOT show them the theme song. Super dramatic with shoves, pushes, hugs, kisses…more shoves and pushes. Not exactly fitting of the drama’s title. Reveals very little about being an interpreter.

    But overall, I will be watching for Huang Xuan. As I said somewhere on this site, I don’t find him attractive at first glance but he is smoking when his acting is on point. And his banter with Yang Mi. So funny. I just want to see how their romance will unfold and whether or not karma is going to come back and bite him for all the things he’s said to her. LOL.

  8. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    I’m mostly watching this for Huang Xuan and Yang Mi. Been a fan of YM for years, and I was dying to see her back on the small screen. As for HX, I love him in Miyue and Imperial Doctress.
    So far, it is enjoyable. I agree that the script is meh, so is the dialogue, but there are instances where the witty and funny dialogues cracked me up. I’m mostly captivated by their characters, their growth (it seems that they both will mature and learn a thing or two from each other, which is a great thing) and how their romance will unfold. Their chemistry is quite good. As for the supporting characters…I too think they most were unnecessary and boring. Except the best friend. She is quite entertaining.
    People have been mentioning how YM is more natural on this one and that her line-reading have improved, and I can’t disagree. So far, it is doing quite well in ratings. 1.7 ratings for Ep 1-2 and 1.5/1.7 for Ep 2-3. I can see it reach the 2.0 mark.

  9. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    Asian mentality in learning any language: demanding people speaking French like french. Even french doesn’t speak one accent. We’re all learning English but too afraid to even try to speak just because the accent sounds weird. Only British Ex-Colony dare to speak English with their own unique accent.

  10. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    let me know when the romance kicks in!! hehehe

    i really don’t expect perfect accent or accuracy. it’s a fictional drama and they are bound to change and and make mistakes about the numerous languages, don’t have to be so harsh.

  11. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes


    Do you know if the novel was translated in english ?

    Thanks 🙂

  12. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    why do I feel that Cheng Jia Yang’s step bro is foreigner? He has weird Chinese accent much like European trying to speak Chinese.

  13. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    I don’t believe there is an English translation of the novel.

  14. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    Updated impressions with spoilers!

    I’ve watched 1-12 and I can pretty much say the script is still poorly written. You’d think they would focus more on developing Qiao Fei’s abilities, but no, all of a sudden she can interpret on the same pace as Cheng Jiayang, her mentor. And it’s not like she struggles with anything as an intern. We have a few scenes of her working late at night, reading from the dictionary and attending a seminar or two. But there is no substance to these things. The most we get to see her being a tour guide to a group of tourists. That’s pretty much it. It’s a shame because this line of work seems so interesting and yet the scriptwriter decides to waste time on annoying supporting characters rather than the leading lady. But you know what? I’ll give it some time. There’s still about 30 episodes left, so she has that much time to grow. Plus there are things that I do like.

    Some of the things that I really like:

    Qiao Fei’s character. I’m no fan of Yang Mi’s and have always thought of her as stone-faced, but she is absolutely adorable here. Quite surprised at how much I’m enjoying YM’s performance. Qiao Fei is thick-skinned, kind-hearted and like a ball of fire. Though sometimes she’s running around like a headless chicken. And very shameless. To me, the only unrealistic thing about her is that she’s quite poor but still manages to switch handbags and wear some expensive-looking clothing, haha.

    Wu Jiayi, Qiao Fei’s BFF and roommate. I love how sassy she is and how she always has Qiao Fei’s back when shit happens. (Except for that one brief scene of them arguing over Gao Jiaming though. At least she got over it pretty quickly and over Gao Jiaming lol.)

    The banter between Qiao Fei and Cheng Jiayang. They have the kind of chemistry that keeps me hooked, even if the script fails.

    Huang Xuan. His character is a bit immature, what with all the yelling he does when Qiao Fei meddles with his affairs with Xiaohua, but can’t seem to hate him despite that trait.

    French! Okay, there’s a decent amount of it for my ears. From what I read, their lines in French are dubbed by the actors themselves? Or maybe it’s only Yang Mi’s.

    The things I don’t like:

    The script, as mentioned. I hope they amp up all the work scenes. I need to see these people in action and not gossiping away in offices!

    Gao Jiaming. The most annoying second male lead ever. Super passive-aggressive and deserves a few slaps to the face. I’m actually surprised the father hasn’t slapped him yet for all the disrespectful shit he’s said so far. He may be a doctor but his behavior is equivalent to that of a five-year-old. Also, Vengo Gao cannot carry this role. At all. His facial expressions are painful to watch. Unless he’s in something else I’m anticipating, I’d rather not watch him act any time after this drama ends. I mean, there are second male leads who are jerks too (Zhu Yilong in Qing Ding San Sheng) but at least they can act. This one…no.

    Wen Xiaohua. I can see why she’s so obsessed with Gao Jiaming – she’s the perfect match for him as they are both annoying and live in a different reality than us. She thinks they’re in a relationship, but no because he never committed to her. When things blow up between her and Jiaming, she falls back on Jiayang but insists that she treats him like a brother, even though she knows (or I think she knows) how he feels about her. But when Qiao Fei gradually changes Jiayang, this woman starts to get insecure and tries to hold onto him. Like, girl, what are you doing? You don’t like him romantically. Let him be and go get a life. For someone who went overseas for her master’s and graduated from the “strict” interpretation internship as Jiayang, she is awfully fragile as a doormat. She has no purpose in life except to be with Gao Jiaming. I just can’t.

    • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

      Couldn’t agree more, the plot doesn’t seem to take work in serious way. Even Gao Jiaming as a doctor isn’t pretty convincing either. Or maybe the writer simply: Doesn’t even have knowledge about how should Interpreter work in a diplomatic professional settings. Such waste for Hunan, they should hire better writer than this!

      • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

        Gao Jiaming as a doctor is also a serious joke. The fact that he’s taking care of both the father and son is a little unbelievable to me. I would assume he has to be trained as a pediatric doctor first — unless that’s been mentioned and I missed it — in order to care for the son. And him flying to Zurich with his young patient? That’s a bit irresponsible. I don’t know how the hospital hasn’t intervened. Instead, his boss just watches him do it.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          I believe he’s already trained as pediatric doctor. Did you watch E18? As for him flying with a patient to zurich without any preparation: I wonder if it’s also written in a novel? I don’t find Jiaming taking care of the patient is unbelievable, but the actor here doesn’t act so well that’s why you will see his character is a bit inconsistent. He’s acts a bit over the top with his line and face expression almost all the time.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          No, I totally missed that. I also can’t remember if this was written in the novel as it’s been almost two years since I read it. But you’re right about his acting. It’s very unconvincing.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          On E18 we can see that dr. Gao is actually a dedicated and passionate psychiatrists. You can see how he passionately help his patient Qiao Fei overcome her stress with eventually turn his simpathy into love. Even in that flashback moment, I always feel that the actor is fail to deliver such emotion and his line speech is just making the impression worsening.

    • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

      I didn’t read the novel, so I can’t be sure. From the series, Huang Xuan is charming as Cheng JY, but there are a couple of annoying or superfluous characters, which doesn’t make me want to read the novel. But I suspect the novel has some of the problems where Gao JM and Wen XH are concerned. (1) WXH suffers from the “homely wedding bridesmaid” treatment in the writing process. The novelist wants to make Qiao Fei look great, and make WXH look bad to make QF looks really great. QF gets to be “the beautiful bride of the wedding”. WXH digression: I personally don’t understand the fascination of holding the torch for someone who treats me badly for years. (Is there a logic to that? WXH just loves GJM’s looks? Why else would you like someone who treats you so badly?) But given that premise, it may make WXH insecure and even more annoying or pathetic by clinging on CJY. It may offer a boost to her low self-esteem to interact with CJY. (1) above is overdone in the writing. It turns QF into a bigger “Mary Sue”. QF seems quite saintly all around.

      The series is ok as an idol drama. Shouldn’t take some facts seriously. I’m glad Mainland makes more occupational-based series though. Hope it will be a trend. Watching occupational digressions and details is better than watching characters having problems with annoying and incessantly evil relatives; characters bickering over various financial issues; characters gossiping about other character’s personal lives. These things still comes up in this series, but at least they get less screen time.

      I suspect a lot of directors, producers, never had major non-film, non-entertainment career. So whenever there are plots involving technical aspects outside of film industry, they tend to find them boring and want to sensationalize some aspects to increase the entertainment value. And in the process, “technical aspects” that they present in series and films tend to deviate farther away from facts. Hollywood does the same things.

      I hope Vengo Gao is taking acting lessons. He shows a lot of the same smug facial expression and speech. The same level of knitted brows. His line delivery is all the same. The magenta lipstick they put on him is too bright. The makeup artists don’t do that to Huang Xuan. I also dislike the actress who often wore a white blouse. Qiao Fei’s female classmate who was always afraid she’d be eliminated from the program. I hope the series is done showing that character.

      As for GJM being a jerk. Some people really don’t take it well when they are adopted into another family. I know about 8 acquaintances, each with one adopted kid. In most instances, the kid is rebellious. There is a bit of “I resent the world for ……”? A bit of hurt. And I don’t know what else.

      • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

        WXH isn’t in the novel. There’s an equivalent to her, but she’s not as important and she pretty much tells Jiayang she’s getting married in the first couple of chapters. There’s no dramatic mess like in the drama. But I agree with you on making Qiao Fei a saint when compared to WXH, haha.

        No idea why WXH would love someone like GJM. The emotional abuse is too much.

        Yes, I know about some kids who were adopted. My grandma babysat for a family that had two adopted kids for years and I spent a lot of with them. One of them was rebellious and put his adopted parents into a lot of pain. It’s really sad for both sides. In GJM’s case though, I think he turned even bitter after Qiao Fei left him. We see a flashback of them together and he seemed entirely different back then.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          Ah. I see. Thanks, Polaris. WXH is one of those “enhancements” they created for the TV series.
          BTW, if they are not so formulaic, and let WXH also have a BFF, then WXH wouldn’t have to be so annoying and clinging to CJY full time. 😉 The scriptwriter is kinder to QF and let QF have a BFF, Wu Jia Yi, to live with. This is almost always the case with Mary Sue’s. Must have at least a BFF. Usually have a lot of family problems that are not their fault. Like coming from a poor family and having a sick parent.

          Most people I know don’t change habits and character that easily, so it’s hard for me to imagine GJM was a much better person, though it is possible. I do realize, bitter life experiences and disappointments can turn one into a cynic over the years. Most major pricks have tell tale signs early on. Some viewers insinuate that GJM may have mental or psych problems.

          Many people don’t realize, if your parents have doubts about their ability to raise you, you’re probably better off living with someone else who really want you. I myself have a parent comparable to Jiang Xin’s Fan Sheng Mei. Wen Xiao Hua’s parent. So I don’t feel like living with biological parents is necessarily a plus all around. But most people do not have this experience, so they don’t know “better”.

          The script is weird. GJM has the intellect and EQ to qualify as a psych intern/consultant at a hospital, but not enough common sense to realize that he is turning psychotic from obsessing over QF and is scummy to WXH. Best not try to make too much sense out of fiction.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience, gv.

          GJM seems to be slightly better now after admitting to WXH that he was a prick to her. His obsession with QF is still progressing, but it’s also funny to watch CJY get jealous when he knows there’s zero chance of QF really falling in love with GJM.

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          If WXH isn’t there, then would GJM is actually 2nd lead with nice and good personality? Or is he still resentful to his adopted parents and also a jerk?

        • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

          CORRECTION: Sorry for the confusion. There is a WXH in the novel but she’s actually the one clinging to CJY. The one he initially likes is Fu Mingfang.

          I should go back and reread the novel sometime because I really don’t remember much.

    • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

      I read somewhere thatt the novel ends in a happy ending 🙂 hopefully that is true! (please please enlighten me :))

      as QF (Qiao Fei) seems to have obtained some sort of illness (inherited from her mom). The opening theme is a massive spoiler indeed 😀 her being dressed in hospital suit and the weird hat.

      the plot itself moves at a snail pace.. Jiao Yang mom’s disapproval will drag on for 10+ episodes. quite annoying to me.

      • 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

        Yes, the novel does have a happy ending. The thing is, the drama is nothing like the novel. :/

        I actually think the plot’s pacing is just right. Like the relationship between CJY and QF, for example. The buildup was quite nice and not too unrealistic given there was some time in between having his heart broken by WXH and him realizing his feelings for QF.

        Right now I feel like we’re going to start hitting all of the Kdrama cliched scenarios, starting with the mom’s disapproval, then the illness, the breakup…

  15. 34 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Interpreter Episodes

    The ending.. I have nothing to complaint beside the ending, even after watching the actor acting as Gao Jia Ming, it was cringe-worthy acting IMHO. I need a few more episodes to tie up loose ends. And there’s a lot of them. How can the cut short the ending like that?? It’s like they rushed the ending or they don’t have any budget left or something. The mom, both of their parents, Xiao Hua, Jia Ming, their BFF’s wedding, their colleagues wedding, Hao Zhe???? I love everything about this drama except the ending.

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