Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

Another red carpet event by Cosmopolitan. Giving out awards for being pretty….??

Who is the best dressed of them all?

Angelababy in her shimmering blue gown, showing off some cleavage. 😉 She’s my favorite!

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Ying Er in a simple white dress.

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Ada Choi rocking her short hair like a boss!

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Maggie Jiang showing off her collar bone and a dangerous split up to there!

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 photo Cosmo 11.jpg

Model Liu Chang. So tall. He should only be standing next to Ma Ke!

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Ivy Chen blends seamlessly into the background board.

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Ren Zhong arrives with Zhang Li. So what we thought might happen with Ruby Lin…didn’t happen at all…. ? =(

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 photo Cosmo 17.jpg

There it is! Thanks fans! Lol.

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 photo Cosmo 19.jpg

Haden Kuo in an interesting piece of layered dress. I think she pulled it off.

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 photo Cosmo 22.jpg

Amazing Race’s ex brothers – Show Luo and EXO’s Lay (Zhang Yi Xing). Their fingers pose. Lol. Alright, alright, I’ll call so you guys can sing me Happy Birthday. =D

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Korean actress Gong Hyo Jin looking flawless in her short hair. Love it!

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Zhou Dong Yu being adorable.

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 photo Cosmo 35.jpg

Leo Wu is all grown up. Look at him accompanying his GuGu (Michelle Chen) since adult Yang Guo isn’t around. Kiddo filling in the shoes. They look adorable!

 photo Cosmo 43.jpg

This shot is ridiculously cute.

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 photo Cosmo 42.jpg

Nick Wang arriving with Su Mang. I want to ruffle his hair. There is a way for him to look younger right? Lol.

 photo Cosmo 41.jpg

Smiling is magic.

 photo Cosmo 40.jpg

 photo Cosmo 39.jpg

Nick got photobombed by a fan. Look at the girl above his head. LOL!

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 photo Cosmo 36.jpg

Sneaking off to take a selfie with Korean beauty Hyo Jin and Mr. Red Pepper!

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 photo Cosmo 31.jpg

Ma Ke surprisingly pulled off the sulky green without looking old! Points!

 photo Cosmo 47.jpg

 photo Cosmo 48.jpg

He’s still taller after 11 years. hehe.

 photo Cosmo 37.jpg

Qiao Zhen Yu showing off his eye bags! You need sleep!

 photo Cosmo 49.jpg

 photo Cosmo 54.jpg

Kim Hee Chul.

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  1. 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

    wah wah wah… Wang Kai is hawt as always.. sorry for being sooo biased, haha…

    and uri diva heechulie oppa.. hahahaha… you have no comment on him besides ‘red pepper’?? lols… his pose… well.. such a diva, hihi.. im speechless. oh well, since suju has their ‘own’ management, sub from SM, so.. uri heechul would be the coordi oppa??? 😀

    i really envy Angela’s hair. it looks healthy and good. ah.. what shampoo she used actually? lols.

    So pretty and handsome, especially Leo Wu… this boy gets handsome… one day, he’ll get the main lead title… i think 🙂

    • 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

      I’m always envious of Angela’s healthy shiny hair. It’s bouncy and long… unlike the hair loss issue I’m having. Lol.

      Leo Wu will be a fine leading men in no time. Hee Chul is a red pepper without a filter. hehe.

    • 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

      LOL nah you’re not biased cuz I think he’s pretty damn hot too! 😀

  2. 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

    …I have to admit…I hate Qiao Zhen Yu’s shoes. No. I love Qiao Zhen Yu. I love his suit-outfit. I love his sneakers. I hate that he wore those sneakers with that suit.

    Anyways. I agree, Angelababy’s look is my fav. The dress is beautiful and it really fits and compliments her. I esp love how the dress folds at the end. It’s like the fabric is really heavy and rich, like it doesn’t just crumple and flow. It sort of folds and sits really full-like, if you know what I mean.

    I also really like Zhou Dong Yu’s dress style. It really suits her, she looks uber cute, but also elegant. I just don’t necessarily like the colors, but it doesn’t detract from the look. Just personally don’t prefer those colors.

    Idk, I liked Michelle’s dress the least. With the right styling and dress, she can look uber cute and young and super pretty and sunshine-y, but here, I feel like it made her look older and…kind of fluffy and shapeless (not fat or skinny, like she just looks shapeless)

    Leo’s definitely looking good. Love his suit jacket! Leo and Nick REALLY pulled off the bowtie look well. That takes skill, a charming smile, the right figure, and an amazing face. Lol not everyone looks good in a bowtie, but I feel like they look great in a bowtie. 😀

    btw, no comment on Ada’s dress (it looks great on her, but I don’t personally love it), BUT I love how sophisticated and fierce her hair makes her look. Really a sharp cut. I loved her outfit with the hair styling in Up Idol when they did the runway show thing.

    • 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

      I admit I was distracted by Leo’s cute chemistry with Michelle to notice her shapeless dress. Lol.

      Ada’s been rocking that short hair. Her and Rainie do short hair justice through and through!

      • 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

        Ada and Rainie look so hot with short hair they make me smile just looking at them! I LOVE ladies who rock short hair!!! 🙂

  3. 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

    LOL that photobomb pic is the BEST! 😀
    Wang Kai is looking like a million bucks and totally like a star LOL 🙂 The fluffy hair is cute! He looks so handsome in both ancient costume and modern suits! And that brilliant smile! <3

    Wu Lei is SO CUTE OMG. I loved him in Taekwondo Girl and love him even more in Nirvana! He's totally leading man material! 🙂

    Qiao Zhenyu I love you but WTF are those shoes with that suit??! The shoes by themselves are fine but why the hell is he wearing them with a suit??? And he needs more sleep.

    Ma Ke is totally rocking that outfit. Would we expect anything less from Sha Jiejie? 😀
    And yep, still taller after 11 years! Ma Ke must be REALLY TALL in real life cuz Wang Kai is pretty tall himself and even he is shorter than Ma Ke by half a head!

    I love Ada's short hair. So funky! I love ladies who rock a short 'do 🙂

  4. 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

    Leo looks like he’s grown!!

    Love Angelababy’s hair, it’s always so gorgeous! And Gong Hyo Jin looking stunning as usual 🙂

    I thought Ying Er looked a bit scary in her photos ahah

  5. 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

    Whoa. First glance at Angelababy’s dress and I thought I was seeing susuwatari aka dust bunnies from My Neighbor Totoro. *hides face in shame* I do like the color though.

    I love Ying Er’s dress. It’s not over the top and I love that belt.

    WANG KAI! I’m glad he finally knows to keep his hands out of his pockets. Last time he was at an event, photographers kept asking him to show off those digits. He just looks amazing here. That’s all.

    Leo Wu Lei is adorable. Hope his career continues to flourish and that he gets to work with Hu Ge again.

    • 11 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

      I think Ying Er could use better make-up so she doesn’t look too ghostly with the white dress on. hehe!

      Hu Ge is practically Leo’s mentor now. ^_^

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