Stellar cast for Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

As always, I have never read the novels before. Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (海上牧云记) is the drama adaptation of the novel written by Jin He Zai. It’s the first series set in Novoland, a period in Kevin Cheng’s Hua Xu Yin: City of Desperate Love. I don’t have time right now to translate the synopsis but it looks like bromance is the main theme among the men: Huang Xuan (a lonely half-human half-spirit prince who is under house arrest), Shawn Dou (a general son who is abandoned and lives on the streets), and Zhou Yi Wei (a fearless heir of a dying tribe). They will rise and seek revenge for the wrongs done against them.

Meet the Cast:

Huang Xuan (Les Interprètes) and Shawn Dou (To The Fore).

 photo Tribe 26.jpg photo Tribe 27.jpg

Janice Man (The Legend of Zu) and Xu Lu (The Wife’s Lies).

 photo Tribe 11.jpg photo Tribe 10.jpg

Zhou Yi Wei (The Red) and Yu Hao Ming (The Empress of China).

 photo Tribe 6.jpg photo Tribe 9.jpg

Wan Qian Shi and Li Zi Feng.

 photo Tribe 15.jpg photo Tribe 20.jpg

Zhang Yan Yan and Karlina Zhang Jia Ning.

 photo Tribe 7.jpg photo Tribe 8.jpg

Wei Da Xun and Wang Qian Yuan.

 photo Tribe 12.jpg photo Tribe 13.jpg

Wang De Shun and Oscar Sun Jian.

 photo Tribe 14.jpg photo Tribe 16.jpg

Re Yi Zha and Peng Guan Ying.

 photo Tribe 17.jpg photo Tribe 18.jpg

Lu Fang Sheng and Li Xin Ai.

 photo Tribe 19.jpg photo Tribe 22.jpg

Nian Li and Adi Kan Qing Zi.

 photo Tribe 23.jpg photo Tribe 25.jpg

Setting Posters.

 photo Tribe 1.jpg

 photo Tribe 2.jpg photo Tribe 3.jpg

 photo Tribe 4.jpg photo Tribe 5.jpg

In charge of directing is Cao Dun (The Sweet Burden) and he will also be working on the drama scripts with Jin He Zai (novel author), Wei Jing Na, and Tian Yan Juan. Filming started on August 30th and plans to have 50 whopping episodes.

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    Will this be Shawn Dou’s first drama series?
    Barbie Hsu is almost unrecognizable o__o or is that just me?
    I like the cast so far so hopefully the drama delivers! 🙂

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