Two movie adaptations for one novel: Ghost Blows Out the Light

Why? A drama version and a movie, okay, I’ll take that with a bitter face. But TWO movie versions of the same novel filmed at the same time? Just you wait, they are gonna announce a drama remake soon! The first adaptation I had talked about is called The Ghouls starring Chen Kun, Shu Qi, and Angelababy. The second one is called Ghost Blows out the Candle: Demon’s 9th Tower/Floor (roughly translated) starring Mark Zhao, Yao Chen as leads, and Tang Yan and Jerry Lee in supporting roles. Yep. You saw that right. TANG YAN. Bloody heck! You guys can’t say I’m crazy now…..she’s definitely a robot.

I guess they can’t get enough of tomb stories nowadays. Maybe the novel is long and each production focuses on a separate story? Whatever! Looks like dead people’s resting grounds are bound for adventures this year. 😛

Some character posters of The Ghouls. Release date: 12.18.15.

 photo ghouls 23.jpg

 photo ghouls 24.jpg

 photo ghouls 25.jpg

 photo ghouls 22.jpg

 photo ghouls 21.jpg

And first stills for Ghost Blows out the Candle: The Demon’s 9th Tower. This one is directed by Lu Chuan (City of Life and Death, The Last Supper). Release date: 10.01.2015.

 photo ghouls 31.jpg

 photo ghouls 32.jpg

 photo ghouls 33.jpg

 photo ghouls 34.jpg

 photo ghouls 35.jpg

 photo ghouls 36.jpg

 photo ghouls 37.jpg

Press conference! Tang Yan is there. I don’t know how. Lol.

 photo ghouls 26.jpg

 photo ghouls 27.jpg

 photo ghouls 28.jpg

 photo ghouls 29.jpg

 photo ghouls 30.jpg

Look at her arms! I refuse to look at her twiggy legs.

 photo ghouls 39.jpg

 photo ghouls 38.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Two movie adaptations for one novel: Ghost Blows Out the Light

    It makes sense now. So this was the movie, Tang Yan was secretly filming. I remember her posting some photos of her in similar (movie) attire at a super cold looking place.

    I kind of like it that she’s making many small appearances in movies and not taking big gamble to totally command the lead role. This way, it would be a smoothing transition to the big screen for her. Plus at this stage in her acting career, she need to be more natural at her characters. I still find her awkward acting in some of her latest dramas. On to more positive, Tang Yan seem to be looking more and more gorgeous every time I see her.

    Is it just me or is Yao Chen’s hair style very annoying. It makes her look older for the Mark.

    • 2 thoughts on “Two movie adaptations for one novel: Ghost Blows Out the Light

      Now that you mentioned it Lil, I remember those weibo pictures of her standing in white snow! Mystery solved!

      Agreed about the transition and honing her skills. Her jumping around frequently doesn’t help either with getting “into” the characters.

      Yao Chen’s poofy hair does not help her at all. Mark looks the same as he does in Black & White….

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