Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

Track list:

— Part 1 (EP) —
01. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet – 吳奇隆 Nicky Wu (solo version)
02. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet – 吳奇隆 & 嚴藝丹 (duet version)
03. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet – 嚴藝丹 Cecilia Liu (solo version)
05. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet (伴奏 karaoke version)
06. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet (鋼琴配樂 piano version)
04. 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet (吉他演奏配樂 guitar version)

Download Part 1

— Part 2 (Singles) —
01. Mayday – 步步 Step By Step 《Opening Theme Song》[MV1, MV2] 02. Nicky Wu – 如果緣只到遇見 In The Brinks Only To Meet 《Subtheme Song》[MV] 03. Della Ding – 身不由己 Beyond Lose Myself 《Subtheme Song》 [MV] 04. Victor Wong – 无关善良 Nothing To Do With Kindness 《Subtheme Song》[MV] 05. Jiajia(of Hao-en + Jiajia)- 塵埃 Dust 《Closing Theme Song》[MV1, MV2]

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— Part 3 (LP) —
01. Mayday – 步步 (電視劇《步步驚情》主題曲)
02. Jiajia – 塵埃 (電視劇《步步驚情》片尾曲)
03. Richie Jen – 不在乎 Don’t Care
04. Yen-j & Puff Guo – 結巴 Stutterin’
05. Della Ding – 身不由己 (電視劇《步步驚情》約定版主題曲)
06. Victor Wong – 無關善良
07. 再續前緣 (配樂-無關善良PN版)
08. 哪個亂世沒有離別 [配樂-STEP MUSIC Bass AG WAVE (Cola)] 09. 愛如穹蒼般壯烈 [配樂-STEP WARM PIANO WAVE (Cola)] 10. 我們認識嗎?(無關善良絃樂版)
11. 去你的世界找你 (配樂-a new world)
12. 相依相愛難相忘 (配樂-Floating)
13. 再見的奇跡 [1985] (配樂)
14. 今生今世 (配樂-mystic)
15. 未來的幸福 (配樂-October)

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— Video —

Click: Making 如果緣只到遇見 MV

BONUS: ♪ Nicky Wu – 三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven ♪

Keane: Oh man, the premiere is next week (04/22nd) and the production can’t wait to unleash the music to its soundtrack. Just by viewing all five different music video teasers, you can tell the story is gonna get nasty (metaphorically speaking) and heart wrenching. I guess everyone is excited about this show, especially the hardcore fans… ahem, like me-self.

Y’all know my bias….

Fourth Prince version teaser:

Swoons! (。✪‿✪。) Oh wait, he’s taken… TT_________TT”

Say what!?! Yup, start spazzing people.

And, BE KIND…. Link back to here. No stealing please. ‘Cause it seems like it took me an eternity to get these songs all organized. So I’ve decided to keep traditions alive, and will keep this entire post password-FREE like AVV had done for BBJX. 😉

  1. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    You beat me by a day to post up the soundtrack! heh! I was so tired from clinical yesterday that I slept immediately upon getting home around 6.

    Is this a positive sign that our Keane will be taking up this project? 😉 Unless the community here decides to stay mum throughout the spazzing process. Not so much incentive then. Bring the power drifters!

    I think I’m wired to like Della Ding’s songs. It has highs and lows, and I just feel sad listening to it (good way).

    Thanks for the recent compilations dear Robin!! On fire lately!! I’ll be the first to say it! ^_^

    • 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

      I can try and help Keane out if she wants, although I doubt she would. I cannot wait!!!!

  2. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    my favorite is Della Ding song as well. Very fitting to 4th prince and Rouxi….but come-on the entire soundtrack is all 4th prince and Rouxi. what do you guys thing. I can’t wait to be honest…it will be a love triangle and i wonder if fans will be torn between Rouxi with 4th prince or her new suitor

  3. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    Thanks for the OST!!! Hoping for more epic songs like the prequel!!! 😛

  4. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    Sigh, I love BBJX so much. Thank for the OST, it’s so early oO
    I remember when this site was almost all about BBJX and I used to come here to read the recaps.
    I’m definitely intrigued, curious, fearful and expectant. I know it’s crazy to have hopes but I saw the first 3 episodes long sneak peeks and I got excited!
    What’s more, I’ll watch BBJQ to relive Ruo Xi and 4th Prince’s love story and this time…I pray that they get an happy ending :3

  5. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    Thanks a million for your OSTs.I have been searching for along this day.I am ssoooohooked to this drama. Thz again…

  6. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    Thanks for the OST. But I had a problem to download part 3,
    It linked to download page of ilivid automatically.

    I am user of Win8 version.

    Would you please help?

  7. 12 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Qing OST

    hi may i know the instrumental ost that is playing in episode 1 @ 36:07? My Chinese is not that good. would be appreciated if u have a link too thanks!!!!

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