Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

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Oh feelings. Sometimes fragile, sometimes confusing, and rarely are they crystal clear. So I’m glad our heroine is resolute in her decision and actively shows it. Ping An finally draws the line with her former crush on Zi Wen and symbolically places his present bow pin away into her bag. How neat is that? She’s thinking about Ye Chen’s fear of bows when she puts it away. Sweet heavens! I adore PingChen together. Did I tell you that? I love how their relationship is progressing in the story. It’s slow and I like that because their path to mutual attraction is a process built on trust and not those flimsy love-at-first-sight hot messes (I don’t buy that!) And those hugs? Gah. So big, so comfy, so sincere, with each one packed with meaning and flowing emotions. Just look at Ping An’s face above and there’s your answer.

Ye Chen, can you give me just one hug?

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

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Aw! I missed my PingChen babies so much! So behind in this drama, it’s not even funny. All thanks to Viki New Interface, causing delays in my viewing enjoyment. Now that I’m back, so glad to see Ping An sporting a slightly altered hairstyle. It’s a simple swept of the bangs, making her features softer. She looks less bumbling, though still clumsy in motion. We have a new addition to the cast, and one I wish to see less of. That’s a fair warning, no? 😛

Like always, please do not spoil if you’re ahead. ^^

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 5 “I’m your big pervert!”

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Nope, I didn’t say that line. No one says it directly, but one of our beloved characters does think that title only belongs to him. And his idea of a dinner date is watching the girl with an injured hand fumbles around in the kitchen with a sharp knife. And what does he do? He watches her in amusement. 😛

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 4 “Revenge begins here.”

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I was bored and went to research about this drama. Apparently, the writer, Lin Ya Chun, has penned The Outsiders 1 & 2. Including this drama, she has a total of 5 projects, four of them featuring Dylan Kuo as the leading man. She must be really fond of him so I’m sure she won’t sabotage his character for anything less than 3D. Surprisingly, Amanda Zhu is married to Alyssa Chia’s brother, with a son no less! My shipper heart dropped 70 miles/hr. She’s famed for playing the villain in The Fierce Wife, and I can’t imagine her being evil…

As for Zi Wen, the actor has the same looks as my brother’s lanky, pale-faced friend. I can’t take him seriously. 😛

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 3 “A mother’s choice.”

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Oh….This drama is hitting all my right buttons. It’s shaping out to be a heart-tugging drama. The characters are likable with palpable chemistry. Our mother hen makes a big, twisted decision this episode, and it’s 50 shades of grey. Can you forgive her? You guys need to watch this drama and spazz with me. Ignore the krappy recap because my heart is about to burst with joy. KEKE!!

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 2 “Hot Pepper vs. Evil Witch.”

He’s so mean. heeee ~~

Ah! SO GOOD!! This might be my Tdrama crack of this season. And guess what? Episode 3 aired today so I can watch it soon. HAR-HAR! 😀 Thanks Viki subbers! We lub you. ♥ I thought my annoyance with the female lead would be on and off but she’s utterly relatable. Yes, she’s reckless at times but she’s someone you can reason with. Story-wise, I’m so glad they didn’t drag out the lost daughter-mother situation. All we need now is a DNA test. The title is Borrow Your Love, which makes me worry about the other meaning…

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 1 “A day of troubles and boys.”

What’s up with the hair? Korean trend tumbling your way? ~~ 😆

Heee! I’m on the roll lately! Our ship is heading to Taiwan today and I pick up a new drama that aired two weeks ago. Fully subbed on Viki, if you’re interested. I can’t say much yet since it’s only episode 1 but I’ll say this: it’s entertaining and I was pleasantly surprised about half way through. That’s always a good sign.

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