Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

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With the wrap up of Lady And the Liar, and the news of her latest drama, Yun Zhong Ge, airing in June, Yang Rong is free to sign on a new project with Shawn Yue. Looks like our batch of young actors are tired of the heavy wardrobes and tacky headgear, as each is participating in a modern drama. Lots of new dramas are beginning to film this month, but gosh, can you at least release a logical one where I could watch and not snicker in contempt?

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The new drama, My Love To Tell You, started to film a few days ago, promises to tell the warring nature of politics behind large corporations and how the young, aspiring entrepreneurs battle both in work and in love. Shawn Yue plays the leading hero, who has been through countless blows, shaping him up to become a cold, calculated man. The heroine is given to Yang Rong, a girl born with a silver spoon, and the third leg in Zhu Yi Long, a wealthy man returning from overseas.

This man looks much older than his age. Born in 1988!

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Actor Zhu Yi Long

And now Yang Rong in her pink glory. Is she using extra help or is the girl naturally blessed?

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Not sure how I feel about this pairing. Shawn has never struck me as an outstanding actor because I can’t single out one project of his. Yang Rong was magnetic in Female Prime Minister, so it depends what personality they want her to project. Most importantly, the storyline sounds boring. Wahhhhhh…….

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

    Beautiful cast alert!!! While I’m happy that we get to see Yang Rong in modern attire for once, I’m also doubtful about Shawn. He is good looking but that’s about it in my honest opinion. I have never heard of Zhu Yi Long but he is not bad looking. I have low expectations for the drama but I will give it a try.
    Oh believe me, that is all natural! If you go way back and look at some of Yang Rong’s first dramas you’ll see that it has always been the case. Yang Rong acts the roles of complex and calculated semi-antagonists/villains exeedingly well so it will be interesting to see how well she fares in this 180 degree character.

    • 4 thoughts on “Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

      LOL! You know, I might have been fooled because of all the thick layers in ancient costumes. You never know they have precious “babies” until you see them in revealing modern outfits, like Joe Chen Qian En’s lingerie endorsement (her babies are on fire!)

      Zhu Yi Long is a pretty new actor. He’s been a few dramas but nothing that has catapulted his name to stardom yet. He did collaborate with Yang Rong before in Qing Ding San Sheng 2013.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

    Exactly! Joe Chen is the only other example I can think of. It’s quite rare to naturally possess such a combination of bust size and overall body such as those two ladies.

    Oh, I never realized that was the same guy. I’m guessing he will be pining for our heroine in both dramas.

    • 4 thoughts on “Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

      Yep. Our Qiao En is voluptuous. =P Poor him. He’s a looker!

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