Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

Track list:

01.偷偷的愛 Love In Secret  (Opening Theme) – Della Ding and Yen-J
02.醬菜女的平凡真心 Pickled Veggie Girl’s Ordinary Sincerity (instrumental)
03.相忘不等於遺忘 Forgetting Doesn’t Mean Forgotten (instrumental)
04.平凡相依 Ordinary Companion – Della Ding
05.接近真相的圓周率 Close To The Truth of Pi (instrumental)
06.多多 Duo Duo (instrumental)
07.知足 Contentment – Jia Jia
08.愛是最好的降落點 Love Is The Best Landing Point (instrumental)
09.你的笑瞇瞇,我的小秘密 Your Twinkling Smile, My Little Secret (instrumental)
10.讓我罩著你 Let Me Cover You – Magic Power
11.重要的東西放在心裏 Important Things In The Heart (instrumental)
12.小襄的美麗人生 Xiao Xiang’s Beautiful Life (instrumental)
13.明年情人節 Next Year’s Valentine’s Day (Closing Theme) – Della Ding and Peter Ho
14.平凡相依 哼唱版 Ordinary Companion (Acapella Version) – Della Ding

Download Full OST // Mirror [Buy the album via YesAsia] *REUPLOADED on 8.29.13

Keane: My favorite track has gotta be Jia Jia’s Mayday cover “Contentment,” sounds like a lullaby. Which is your favorite track? R/U.120524

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    Me like “Contentment” too. Someone should sing me to sleep using this song. Hear that Kim Hubby? 😉

  2. 8 thoughts on “Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

    thanks thanks Keane! you’re appreciated! like the rest of the virtual team. =)

  3. 8 thoughts on “Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

    could you reupload this album? whenever you’re free is great. THX!

  4. 8 thoughts on “Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

    Sorry to inform I no longer have this album. Accidentally wiped clean from one of my hdds.

    I really despise those reformat pop-ups. Grrr~ I don’t remember how many files I lost from that darn thing. Better that way actually, so I can keep my sanity. XD

    I wonder if I flash the bat signal up in the skies, will one of our teammates care to back me up on this one? Hahahahahaha~ (RE: Triumph In the Skies II code names)

    I think this one is more funny:

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      I think I have it. But I will have to check one of my HDs when I move my next batch of dramas in a few days. Laptop HD getting full. DURN!

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        OMG thank you for all the hard work guys! Its okay if you still don’t have it, but I’ll love you guys forever if you do!

        • 8 thoughts on “Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

          I guess this love is forever. 😉


        • 8 thoughts on “Tdrama: Ring Ring Bell OST

          Love and Hugs forever!! Thank you <3

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