Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25


A name that matches perfectly for this photo: It’s us against the World.

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Episode 25

After the mother-daughter’s greeting, they turn and head to their destination. Baek Sul comes up from behind In Joo and mocks her, “Isn’t it interesting? The mother and daughter struggling to beat each other?” In Joo is sensitive today, barking, “It would be if they were evenly matched.” Baek Sul couldn’t care less, truly believing that Joon Young is the victor of today’s battle.


Although Young Bum might have grabbed at Fake dad’s collar in the last episode, but now we see him totally defeated, settling down at a bench for support, with Fake Dad following behind timidly. His first words are to verify that Joon Young knew about her identity. Fake dad: “I didn’t want to get in her way, so I told her. Why is she not living with you?” Young Bum bites down his lower lip in distress, “We pushed her away, I didn’t let her approach.”


Young Bum turns to him and asks about Joon Young’s life as she grew up, and gets a tearful confession from fake dad. She didn’t have a marvelous childhood, after she came to live with them, his wife died, and he subsequently spent money on treatment and gambling. She didn’t have pretty clothes to wear, or enough to eat. Points for honesty, but way to break the old man’s weak heart, Fake daddy.

However, Young Bum is way beyond blaming anyone at this moment. He could only blame himself and thus lived each day wanting to meet her at least once. If she weren’t alive, maybe they could meet there. He stands up and bows to Fake dad, thanking him for supporting Joon Young in all these years, and rushes back to the competition.


Joon Young and Doo Hee head on stage, the theme for their dishes is “Arirang”. Er, I’m not sure if this is a good thing, they’re both making a dish based on the lotus flower sauce? Soon enough, everyone comes to the same conclusion and looks on curiously. According to what Joon Young said last episode, her dish should carry a bitter taste, if she wanted to lose. Let’s see where this goes.


As the women chop their veggies, Young Bum pushes past the entrance, and stares up the stage, where his beloved wife and daughter are competing against each other. He swallows down a ball of guilt and regret. In Woo arrives right behind him, but he chooses to let his dad continue, and closes the door from behind. Losing his self-control, Young Bum steps forward to the stage but In Joo’s pleading gaze catches his attention. He agonizes over his two daughters, choosing one now will dramatically hurt the other, so he ultimately moves backward, out of the room.


Once he’s on the other side of the door, Young Bum faces In Woo, who seethes in silent anger and demands Dad to go back inside, “Reveal they’re daughter and mother. Reveal it. Master Sung Doo Hee is a pitiful person that she can’t even recognize her own daughter. Reveal it!” With his blood-shot eyes, Young Bum looks at In Woo, and begs, “In Woo-ah…” Still, In Woo is firm, “Because I overlooked your wrong choice, I couldn’t even call out her name when she was right in front of my eyes.”

Young Bum sticks with his decision and walks away.

Back to the ladies, they’re now done cooking. Doo Hee used her lotus sauce to improve the taste of her seafood dish while Joon Young prepared a bowl of Lotus Noodle Soup, using the same sauce. Everyone widens their eyes, both competitors are using Arirang’s symbol, lotus flower? What’s more is that their dishes have the same taste. Doo Hee whispers to Joon Young, “Have you perhaps tasted my sauce?” No. Grandma couldn’t believe that Joon Young has replicated the same sauce without being taught.

Now, In Joo stands up in the audience and declares that Joon Young has copied the sauce. Doo Hee is given a dish to try. After she’s done, she turns to Joon Young, “You have definitely seen me make the sauce.” Joon Young: “I have seen but you never told me how. I made it on my own.” Doo Hee sneers, “You’ve probably remember how it tastes. God gave you too many talents.” She stalks off the stage, leaving everyone murmuring about Joon Young’s plagiarizing the sauce. Oh man, this is new to me!

So Joon Young’s plan wasn’t the bitter taste (it’s probably one of the ingredients to finish the sauce), but she’s going for the plagiarizing angle using her natural talent while playing with the judges’ taste buds, who have all tried out Doo Hee’s lotus sauce before. Not bad cookie.

I’m happy but…Baek Suk is not, demanding for an explanation. Joon Young innocently explains that she didn’t know, she merely thought of Lotus as Arirang’s symbol and made a sauce. Sketchy reason so Baek Sul barks, “You have never tasted that sauce?” Joon Young pretends to look apologetic, “I was surprised too. I’m sorry.” Although her brain is stuffy, Baek Sul can’t do anything else but let it go as Do Yoon spots them outside and comes over, “Why are you scolding her again?”

Baek Sul sighs, “A woman you live with and a woman you follow around. My son has skills.” OMG. This kinda kills me.


After the huffy-puffy mother is gone, Do Yoon reminds Joon Young that it’s not the end yet, and she knows, “I’m prepared for the worst.” There’s a quiet moment where he sorts of verbally pats her on the back, “You’ve worked hard to lose (so don’t worry…great job.)” He gives her a small smile and she returns one back. Jae Ha sees this them like this and sighs. I hope you see what I see, buddy.

He isn’t the only one sighing though, because we cut to Grandma, sitting in her room, her face stoned. Jae Ha comes into the room per her request and she wastes no time for interrogation, “Tell me everything you know about Go Joon Young.” He doesn’t tell her the plan but reveals that Joon Young is fighting for Doo Hee, not against her. He hopes that Grandma believes in him and just wait.

Doo Hee broods in her office, a hand to her head, until an employee arrives with good news. The judges all side with her, so no employees would be fired. Doo Hee is relieved with the news but she isn’t worrying about that. The nagging issue right now is how the heck did Joon Young make that sauce?

On her way back, Baek Sul believes that they (DYxJY) are up to something, and orders Assistant Kim to find out. Is it me but this whole work-with-mama ordeal is ridiculous? Both parties clearly know the other is up to no good. It feels like the writer added this storyline to have our beanie couple together in more scenes.


Young Bum sits in the living room, a drink in hand, his brain sorting out the today’s messy event. In Joo tries to cheer him but he ends up thanking her for giving him so much (comfort?) in the long run.

In Joo also has a confession to make: she has recently visited the bar where her biological mother used to work. She went to show off how well-off and happy she is now. In Joo: “My mother gave birth to me, but it was you who gave me a family.” She cries, thinking possibly about losing him, while he smiles at her warm-hearted confession. These two, in their own twisted minds, do love each other.

Cut to Do Yoon working in his office, and in comes the troublemaker, In Woo, here to meet President Baek’s son, the kid who he never met as a kid. He reaches out to pat Do Yoon on the back but the latter is quick to block the contact, “Who do you think you are?” In Woo explains that he’s here because he has learned the whole truth from Jae Ha and decides to make it clear to Do Yoon, “You should leave. I don’t understand why President Baek’s son is with my sister. I don’t get it. I don’t like it.”


Do Yoon says coolly, “I don’t have to care about your feelings.” Stumped, In Woo suggests Do Yoon takes them into consideration whenever he’s free because he has a lot of time on his hands right now. To bug slowpoke. In Woo casually plops down on the sofa and snuggles comfortably in the softness. Do Yoon shakes his head, smiles wryly, and leaves the room, shutting the lights in the process. In Woo jerks up, pissed at the lad’s nonchalant behavior.


At the same time, Joon Young hurries to her friend’s workplace. Turns out a new delivery came in and she needs an extra pair of hands to set up everything. Joon Young thinks her boss should hire another helper but Da Eun beams, “I have a part timer today.” It’s Jae Ha, doing what he does best – a gentleman. Joon Young isn’t pleased with the idea, so Da Eun tells her to think straight, “You’ve been hanging around that weird Do Yoon too often nowadays. I’m on Jae Ha’s side.” Okay, you make things easier for me. I should throw you off my ship first… the list of DY haters in this drama is getting pretty long. Someone explains this dilemma.


After the work is done, Da Eun delivers some citron tea for the two and leaves them alone. Joon Young apologizes first, she has told Da Eun about them but her friend might have thought she’s joking. Jae Ha shamelessly confesses that he has bribed Da Eun to be on his side, that’s why. The truth is he came to say this: “You’ve worked hard today.” Joon Young thanks him, takes the cup, and walks inside the store. Someone has moved on, and Jae Ha senses the distant feeling too, judging from his wistful expression afterwards.


Next morning, Jae Ha comes to warn Baek Sul regarding her management rights because she has published an article about the accident. And that said article brought down Arirang’s prestigious image. Baek Sul sees through the trio’s plan though, “Isn’t it odd? One person unnecessarily copied while the other person went and threatened me?” Well, Jae Ha counters that her opinion isn’t important in the story, it all depends on the Inspector’s warning. She guesses that means there are 3 strikes then? But Jae Ha warns her, “Depending on your action, it could be just two.” I don’t know. This storyline is so silly.

Assistant Kim then brings important documents on Do Yoon’s desk to Baek Sul. It’s a report of Sanarae’s branch, including its structure, sales, etc. Baek Sul bulges out her eyes, “So this is it…”

Meanwhile, Boo Joo and another three kitchen members are out on break, more like gossiping about Joon Young. They wonder why she’s not fired for plagiarizing. Joon Young and Do Yoon overhear the gossipers and head over, and she tells them, “Taking unnecessary breaks is included in punishable actions.” This shuts the crew up despite Boo Joo’s ongoing babbling.


Joon Young and Do Yoon then go straight to the kitchen. Joon Young notices that Soo Jin is still grating carrot with her bare hands instead of using the processor/blender to save time and manual labor, and instructs her to use it. However, Do Shik steps in, “I told her to continue using hands.” Why? The flavor is better. Okay big man. Joon Young retorts, “I know the flavor comes out better but this isn’t your personal restaurant, please follow orders.” Standing up for her man, Boo Joo immediately starts grating her potato, forcing Joon Young to bring the blender to her table. Do Shik angrily grabs Joon Young’s wrist, and she asks indignantly, “Are you now resorting to violence?” Do Shik: “No. For foolishly trying to believe you until the end, I want to beat myself up.”


Well, that doesn’t sound right. You need both of your hands for that mission big man. Thankfully, Do Yoon grabs Do Shik’s wrist with his eyes blazing out intense rays. It’s hot.

But the camera cuts away showing the showdown between Baek Sul and Doo Hee in the hallway. Really, editor? Psh.


Anyway, Doo Hee speaks first and requests that Baek Sul takes Joon Young away from Arirang. Baek Sul: “Why? You don’t like my best student?” Doo Hee: “Because she’s just like you, who is good at stealing other people’s dishes and making people angry. Her natural talent, I won’t stand it anymore.” Nodding her head along, Baek Sul translates it out as condemning Joon Young for plagiarism. Their conversation is interrupted by an employee, who races to Doo Hee’s side and tells her about the heated argument elsewhere.

Back in the kitchen, Do Yoon advises Do Shik to let go and talk, but Do Shik balks, “How dare you, the lowest ranked kitchen member, grab the chef’s arm!?” Hello? When there’s potential violence, screw the ranks!


Do Yoon unclasps Do Shik’s fingers off of Joon Young’s wrist and pushes her behind his metal body. Do Shik feels disrespected so he grabs Do Yoon at the collar just as Mama wolf barges him and bellows, “Do Yoon is my son! How dare you place your hands on him. Let go!” However, Do Shik refuses to let go, not until Doo Hee orders him to. Anger flaring from her ears, Baek Sul stalks out, with Do Yoon and Joon Young following right behind.


Doo Hee faces the kitchen crew, disappointed that they had let Baek Sul see what she wanted to see – them acting unprofessionally. Do Shik apologizes for his overreaction, and Boo Joo hopes that Doo Hee won’t fire her Do Shik because of it.

Outside, Baek Sul breathes rapidly and recalls the day’s events as an embarrassment to her. She thinks it’s better if they quit this infiltration mission but Joon Young pleads for more time. Baek Sul reluctantly agrees and suddenly regains her calm self, “Do better from now on, don’t disappoint me.” Because she says it with a wry smile, Do Yoon smells something out of the ordinary.


But that’s not important at the moment because he takes Joon Young’s hand, pushes the sleeve up a little bit to see the finger marks left behind. Jesus, so dramatic. Looking at her with his gentle eyes, he says, “From now on, don’t meddle (with them) when I’m not around.” *swoons* This is the equivalent to “Don’t drink when I’m not with you.” 😛 Joon Young doesn’t respond but her eyes follow his back as he walks down the hill….

Jae Ha is at work, fussing around with his assistant until he sees In Woo, smiling and kissing the credit card he gave him.

The two buy coffee, and Jae Ha asks about Young Bum. In Woo looks down in shame, “He’s not the type to do anything first. I’ll have to arrange it for him.” At this, Jae Ha suggests that he acts carefully or else his sister would get hurt. In Woo waves off his friend’s concern.

Later that day, we see the Arirang boys having a foot volleyball match to clear the stuffy air. A net is placed in the middle and the team that can’t pass the ball back, loses. As they’re playing, Do Yoon and Joon Young walk by but Joon Young feels bad about what happened today, so she backs off, allowing them to enjoy their break. Do Yoon goes along with her until the soccer ball hits him square in the shoulder.


Mi So apologizes for the unintentional hit and requests that Do Yoon join the other team since they’re short of one player. Joon Young shakes her head but Do Yoon feels that his masculinity is challenged, so he takes off his shirt jacket.


I’m sure they say it’s 4 Vs 4 but it feels like 4 vs 1 as Do Yoon manages to score like a true sport player, reducing Mi So’s team to groan and sigh. Mid-game, he unbuttons one friggin button. Jeez. Way to be stingy peeps. Raise your hand if you whisper: “All the way down!” 😛

However, being the sole player drains his energy as the game goes on. He finally crumples to the ground, panting for air. Joon Young wants to rush to his side but Mr. Jae Ha once again interferes, holding her back, and declaring, “One side is too skilled. It’s no fun this way.”


He joins Do Yoon’s team as they…..wait for it, wait for it…as they compete to kick the ball. hah! It becomes a cute fight over who gets to the ball first. The best part is when either one scores a point, they both smile ear-to-ear and move in for a bro-hug, but both quickly dismiss the bond, returning to their poker faces. Aw.


Joon Young gives up watching from the sideline and instead stalks her mother. In Joo sees Joon Young’s longing stare and takes the chance to rub it in, “If someone saw you, they’d think you’re looking at your long lost mother.” Joon Young turns around to face her and In Joo notes that she was merely joking. Composing herself, Joon Young returns the joke in a better way, “It seems like we’re both one person – my facial expression, the way I talk, how I walk, and even the way I breathe. Isn’t it tiring to watch me all day?”

The match is over and the only ones left are our boys, as Jae Ha passes a bottle of water to Do Yoon. He thinks that President Baek has caught on to their plan. Do Yoon nods.


Jae Ha: “Joon Young can’t take much more.”
Do Yoon: “She won’t endure it alone.”
Jae Ha: “What if you make things harder? I told you I gave up right? And you said you’d stay by her side.”
Do Yoon: *nods*
Jae Ha: “I thought about it a lot. But it won’t do.”
Do Yoon: “So you’ll go to her again?”
Jae Ha: “No. I’m saying that I can’t leave Joon Young to President Baek’s son.”

Ah. Again. The writer incorporates Do Yoon’s identity as the main obstacle for this budding romance. Jae Ha is no longer in the game.


We have a quiet moment with Baek Sul as the mother replays what Assistant Kim found on her son’s desk – reports about Sanarae’s branch. There’s this look of pained betrayal on her face as she realizes the irony of her plan. Instead of making the enemy’s suffer alone, her son is planning to attack the career she’s built. She lets out a crazy laugh before taking a look at an article that she’s been writing. It’s about Doo Hee switching daughters and pretending not to remember. Oh dang!

The sun is setting and Do Yoon and Joon Young get ready to leave. Young Bum paces back and forth in front of the entrance, unable to make the first move. Do Yoon senses that they need time alone and excuses himself without a word.

Dad faces Joon Young and musters up all his courage to call out, “In Joo-ah.”

Do Yoon crosses path with In Joo. When he’s asked how much he knows, he replies with a sharp tone, “Everything you know. So don’t try any of your petty tricks.”


The father and daughter situate themselves in a near bench, tears flowing from their eyes. He apologizes and asks whether she blames him for the unhappiness in her life? She answers honestly with a firm yes. Initially, she wanted to be angry at him but she can’t stop herself from liking the words “In Joo, my daughter” that she’s stunned speechless. Young Bum keeps his head hung low, ashamed of facing her. So Joon Young asks him to look at her. He looks up, the years of misery and distress clearly taking a toll on his face, and she whispers, “Appa.” He gasps for air and reaches over to squeeze her hand. She covers her hand over his.

After the tearful reunion, Joon Young walks down the road alone. Guess who is waiting and watching her from afar? That slowpoke.


Fortunately, this time he shows up next to her as she pauses to observe a family picture. He wonders, “Why do you think all people in a family have the same expression? ‘I’m happy‘. It’s all a scam.” Joon Young disagrees, they are all truly happy. She then thinks about her own family and how she thought dad would be uncomfortable knowing who she is. When he called her In Joo, she instantly stopped worrying because this is what a family is. Hate stands no chance as the devil in between. Do Yoon listens with his undivided attention and they both continue to stare at the family photo, each hoping for their own.

Next morning, Young Bum broods in his office. We see more of his conversation with Joon Young from yesterday. He asks her to stop but she explains that it won’t help anyone if she stops now. She will only stop when President Baek gives up on Arirang.


His train of thoughts is interrupted when In Woo rudely steps inside his office, curious to know whether Young Bum has confessed to Joon Young yet. When In Woo hears he did, he asks, “So what are you doing next?” But Young Bum suggests that this issue requires more time and consideration, “I also can’t step forward as a father because I’m not qualified to be one.” In Woo grows impatient, “How come that sounds like an excuse? Fine. If you’re not going to do it. I will.”


In Woo heads straight to Arirang as Joon Young and Do Yoon arrive to work. He glares at Do Yoon, wondering why the dude is still here after he has told him to leave his sister’s side. Joon Young then turns to Do Yoon and asks him to leave. He does and In Woo struggles to say Joon Young’s real name. The words finally come out of his mouth and he awkwardly suggests they have lunch today. In Joo sees this exchange and her face falls.


Turns out it’s a family gathering and Joon Young innocently crashes into…Young Bum is clearly not in the plan as Doo Hee spits out, “What are you doing here? Please leave.” She continues to be her mean old self even to the point of calling Joon Young a s*** for hanging around “Jae Ha, Do Yoon, and now In Woo? You’re really!!” until Young Bum finally bursts out, “Enough! You can’t do that! Joon Young….she’s your daughter.” Collective shocked expressions.

Alice: Do Shik’s violent behavior is very telling of the strong belief the workers have on Arirang’s leaders. Since the chefs are taught/trained by the same group of people, they all share the same stubborn arrogance that they are the best. If Sanarae represents the new modern mix of Korean cuisine, Arirang is this deteriorating restaurant, led by pride and old-fashioned thinking. Isn’t it bizarre that no one questions why the sales keeps decreasing over the years? I wouldn’t care if Arirang is still at its glorious days but the jarring news of its fallen reputation should’ve opened Doo Hee’s eyes to a whole new way of management, no? Doo Hee, as a leader, needs to lead her crew in improving her dishes and not stay stagnant in one place, while depending on their various sauces. The reality is, customers get bored with the same dishes. Being at the top simply means that you have to fight harder to stay there.

Arirang needs a change. Thankfully, we have Do Yoon and Joon Young, these two kids who were blessed (in one way) to grow up outside of the traditional setting. It broadens their view to many things and pushes their creativity outside the box.


Such a poignant moment. This is my favorite scene tonight guys. These two grew up with much hardship and deep down they both yearn for the same type of love, the same warmth from their loved ones. What’s interesting about this scene is Do Yoon’s change of expression, as it dawns on him that the power of family rises above all odds. What he lacks in faith, Joon Young is there to fill it in. When Joon Young loses the strength to fight, he offers her his abs (mkay, I joke). If there were 2 types of people in this world, these two would be the first kind – they create their own family. And hopefully, they will build a happy nest with the love and strength they gained from each other.

  1. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    I simply loved this episode. But, because the drama is almost ending I find it hard to accept. It was a beautiful trip (another 2 weeks, right?).

    The scene with them two looking at those pictures was touching. One more super moment was the ball playing – refreshing. I need more of its.

    The kitchen staff – I started to dislike them from the beginnings, especially BJ.

  2. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    @daniela i believe it’s another 3 weeks, but still, i don’t want it to end! 🙁

    Anyway, the last screencap is really beautiful kap 🙂 but i’m not satisfied with the DY-JY moments in this ep. Shouldn’t the writers be putting them together already since there’s only ~6 more eps to go? A little feeling in me tells me we’ll only get to see lovey-dovey scenes from our couple in the last ep 🙁

    and talking abt head chefs, i’ve always been biased towards sanarae’s head chef cos HE’S FREAKING EDWARD KWON!! i’ve had a girly crush on him and his food ever since i saw him in his cooking shows and yes chef. i was wondering if anyone else knew him before FOTG? cos i got a feeling he’s popular internationally but not in korea…hmm

    • 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

      Alex, I didn’t know Sanarae’s head chef is a real chef until recently. The incompetent writers shouldn’t waste his talent.

      Have him battle it out with Haemil please. 😉

  3. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    hi there! been new here following your FOTG recaps ^^
    well i love this episode a lot, and the family photo scene is also on my favorite scene for this episode.
    i think IW will soon change his mind, ’cause actually I found the two of them are similar in a different way. LOL
    well I do hope the beanie couple gets they’re happy ending! 🙂
    thanks for ur recap 🙂

  4. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    its a definite beanie couple ending!!! ep 26 kinda confirmed it…:))))) Oh and DY looked sooo hot playing ball! i watched that part like 10 times!!:P

  5. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    @alexandrite: right, it’s a 32 eps. drama.
    ” Sadly” I’ll be in Budapest this week-end and I won’t be able to see the episodes immediately 😀 After ep.26 I need to say that I’m a little disappointed about the writers. They didn’t need to follow the rules of mostly every drama concerning OTP. That makes the differences b/w this drama and ”Kimchi family” (if you have watched it you know what I am talking about). Anyway, I like them both.

  6. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    Ayyy this drama is sapping my energy and my tear ducts are turning dry .Why couldn’t the writer give some happy moments,even in a dream or imagination.

    Some discrepancy though. Originally JY was to make her sauce taste bitter, then she instead made the sauce taste the same to bring out plagiarism issue. Why the sudden change of tactic and we were not forewarned ? Actually , to make JY compete with DH means they have the skills at par with each other .DH had actually lost her supremacy in cooking by being in the contest. Then to save her face they jumped to conclusion JY had copied ( plagiarized is for written works) DH recipe .

    I have always felt some people have treated Arirang as their personal kingdom , fortified and untouchable. With Arirang losing sales and the arrogance of the Kitchen staff Dh should have her lost her position long ago. What is her tenure , like that of Supreme Court justices ? Wow ! And what does she do during the whole day -recreate her recipes , those she knows so well ? No wonder Arirang is on the decline.

    Ahh , the drama is starting on the Romeo and Juliet angle. This must be tiring to JY . Whoever she likes,there is always someone opposing . Haemil should just offer her a slot in his show ,open a resto and together have their family and kids. Give them peace . Don’t forget to invite us in their wedding .

    Also the shift now of the drama will be on the DY-BS family . I hope DY will be healed of his wounds with JY ‘s help . Oh JY give DY a hug -or give each other that much needed hug.Also at least another kiss. Writer and director don’t be stingy .

    Btw, JH ,you better stay on the sides for good .Stop appearing where DY and DY happens to be .Just take care of the fake IJ. Marry her pronto so she can get out of the Ha family . Okey Mother Amnesia get back your memory fast and be a good mother in-law to DY . Inwoo stop pestering DY , go get busy with Jane.

    Ayyy, this drama is tiring me.

    • 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

      haha seattlebabe, I love your last paragraph, I was nodding along and cracking up. This show has indeed become tiring ~~

  7. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    Btw,Edward Kwon worked or works in a 7 star hotel. Was it in Dubai ? I’ve watched him do his shows .I think Sanarae has real chefs working in the kitchen , unlike the chefs in Arirang who are are all actors .

    • 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

      Yeap. Edward kwon worked as one of the senior chefs in burj al arab and other luxury hotels before. He now has 3 restaurants in korea and i believe the site of shooting for sanarae’s restaurant is one of them (:

  8. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. Arirang is driving me crazy! Imagine a world free of Arirang and their imaginary empire. 90% of the problems in this drama could be solved! I am totally with Baek Sul on this one. Down with Arirang and her ridiculous staff and master chef. I am sick and tired of seeing the immaturity of their kitchen and their ridiculous pride. I can’t believe they aren’t already out of business. Why must most of the focus be on Arirang? I would be completely happy if it were on DY and anyone else wholly unrelated to Arirang. I’m glad JY didn’t have to grow up in that wretched place. IW also ought to consider himself lucky on that account.

    I get the feeling the initial stirrings of love from JY will try to be squashed by President Baek coming really soon. Just when our couple is starting to unite, they will be forced to play the noble idiot card and break up. If and when they do, the writer better not waste too much time on it. They barely have a start on their budding relationship already! Drat the drama in this drama. And yes, Sanarae’s kitchen has always been a favorite of mine. They operate like an actual kitchen, go figure.

    Again, poor DY. Cursed just because he is the son of a devil. Not his fault! Bring out that Haemil card really soon, k? You deserve to be loved and adored! Please don’t break his heart, writers!

  9. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

    HI!! I’ve been following your recaps to this drama ever since I stopped watching it (i.e since ep 7) and I’ve never commented. But thank you for recapping it! It was really promising in the beginning but became too dragging, plotwise, so reading its recaps has been the only thing tying me to this drama. Thank you 🙂 Also, I was prompted to comment because of your add-ins at the end, about keeping to tradition and it reminded me of this BEAUTIFUL jap drama called Osen, don’t know if you hav watched it, but its content is about the idea of whether a traditional setting can actually last long enough to accomodate the ever growing population demands and preference to instant produced meals. It’s a really good watch! Definitely recommend it! 🙂

    • 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

      You comment at the right time Lemon! I’m craving for some Jdramas these days. Am currently watching LIFE. Will definitely check out your recommendation. 🙂

  10. 14 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 25

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