Yang Zi Shan and Matt Wu’s quiet Wedding Ceremony in Taipei

Another couple and their pretty wedding ceremony! This one is pretty quiet as the two have tied the knot back in 2015 and only now decided where to host their party. Actress Yang Zi Shan and Actor and Director Matt Wu met in 2011 when they worked on a short Taiwanese web series called Female Zodiac Stories.

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Alec Su and Ariel Lin fight bad guys in new film

 photo SA4.jpg

The upcoming Taiwanese film is cutely titled Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機) and I’m just waiting for the amusing excuses these bad boys are gonna spin out. It’s so nice to see a macho-looking Wu A Ge again. Age has done him good but of course, wrinkles aren’t healthy on anyone. It’s gonna be fun to see pea-sized Ariel Lin against the slew of big, bad criminals. To play their roles convincingly, the two actors underwent some basic police training in Taiwan, which is always a good thing to do research. The 1-minute preview is fun and feels quite old-schooled. Our hero and heroine are fresh out of the police academy and they just can’t wait to show everyone their skills, clumsy and all.

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