Yang Zi Shan and Matt Wu’s quiet Wedding Ceremony in Taipei

Another couple and their pretty wedding ceremony! This one is pretty quiet as the two have tied the knot back in 2015 and only now decided where to host their party. Actress Yang Zi Shan and Actor and Director Matt Wu met in 2011 when they worked on a short Taiwanese web series called Female Zodiac Stories.

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Wedding Photoshoot Revealed Last Week:

 photo YangMatt-8.jpg

 photo YangMatt-10.jpg

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I love these shots in the theater, casual yet very classy and down-to-earth.

 photo YangMatt-9.jpg

 photo YangMatt-4.jpg

 photo YangMatt-11.jpg

 photo YangMatt-5.jpg

Wedding Day on June 10th:

It was held in Taipei at The Grand Ballroom. Love this pre-wedding gown she has on when the groom and his friends need to pass the test to see the bride. Hehe. I love those games. Doing push-ups, dancing, guessing lip print!

 photo YangMatt-13.jpg

 photo YangMatt-14.jpg

 photo YangMatt-15.jpg

Matt Wu is adorable carrying the heel in. *__*

 photo YangMatt-21.jpg

It better fits her! Lol.

 photo YangMatt-18.jpg

 photo YangMatt-20.jpg

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Her official bridal dress.

 photo YangMatt-23.jpg

 photo YangMatt-22.jpg

Aww them years before and on the wedding date. He looks like a baby without the stache! Good decision. hehe.

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You may kiss the bride!

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Friends at the wedding.

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Peek of the Wedding:

Congratulations! They looks so in love and ready to build a nest together. 😀

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